Form follows nature

The design of a STROHBOID pavilion follows the gravity and natural flexibility of wood.

STROHBOID - Our vision of a sustainable construction industry

Why build sustainably?

40% of all CO2 emissions are caused by the construction and subsequent heating of buildings. All efforts to save energy are consumed by rebound effects. What modern buildings save on heating, they already consume in their production. Only by using sustainable building materials can we actually reduce these emissions. The energy needed for constructing buildings made of wood, straw and clay is shrinking by 80 to 90%. In addition, renewable raw materials bind carbon, which the plant removes from the atmosphere during its growth in the form of CO2.

The atmosphere is relieved of two tonnes of CO2 per tonne of straw used in buildings. Buildings can be constructed to store as much CO2 as would be released by conventional constructions. With a CO2 reduction of 20%, a consistent changeover would save more than electro-mobility.

Form follows nature

Everyone should live in houses that are free of artificial and harmful substances, that follow the ingenious design of nature and reinterpret centuries-old knowledge. Natural building materials are a decisive building block for a CO2-neutral future. 

The most sustainable house of the present is designed to become the house of the future. We want to show that ecological architecture can create spaces that we normally don't even dare dream about.

How sustainable can we build?

There is at least three times as much wood and straw available in Europe as is required to construct all the buildings needed. Consequently, a consistent switch to renewable, natural building materials is feasible at any time. Apart from the fact that sustainable homes are significantly healthier for our atmosphere, they are also significantly healthier for their inhabitants: 

Today, we know that clay combined with organic materials can create an optimal indoor climate without the use of expensive technology and that it can even filter pollutants from the air.

Why is this the future?

The 21st century no longer belongs to steel and oil, but to silicon. This is the material that our microchips and solar cells are made of. A material that does nothing but move electrons. It thus achieves amazing results: 

It produces electricity or allows computers to think for themselves. We have been using the same properties of the silicon naturally present in the clay for centuries to clean and regulate our indoor air. It is no coincidence that clay plaster is a real high-tech material. Today, young people are more likely to identify with microchips or solar cells than with the machines of their ancestors.

We believe that humanity can only overcome the great challenges of the future if it reflects on and realises the properties and benefits of silicon. More and more people are increasingly knowledgeable and want to take advantage of the benefits that sustainable construction has to offer. It is obvious that working with nature is much easier than working against it.

The STROHBOID vision with a timetable for a sustainable future

Why isn't that mainstream yet?

Being viewed as an archaic self-built endeavour or a hippie dream, sustainable construction today has the same image problem as the electric car had ten years ago. We are convinced that the same concept can be applied to architecture. But what is the sports car of architecture? What sets new trends and lets us experience the future in a built-up form? Iconographic architecture, the landmarks of our cities, buildings such as museums, libraries, train stations or exhibition halls are the trendsetters of the future.

That is why we have developed the first consistently sustainable building system for freely shaped iconographic buildings of all sizes and spans, from tiny houses to an Olympic stadium. Whether mobile, fabric-covered stage tents, flying roofs or straw-insulated passive houses: The STROHBOID building system offers the perfect solution for every application. With the STROHBOID freeform system, you can design organically curved spaces that harmonise with nature. We want to show that ecological architecture can create spaces that we normally don't even dare dream about. If you want to live in the future, live in a STROHBOID!

Sustainable building systems from natural materials by STROHBOID

Strohboid Chalet

The house of the future, developed based on the ingenious design of nature, is available soon.

Imagine having found the perfect place - somewhere in the solitude of the mountains, on a paradisiacal beach or just wherever you feel most comfortable. Congratulations! Let the magic begin! Your STROHBOID will be delivered, assembled and ready for occupancy within a very short time.

Not only have we made our STROHBOID chalets structurally extremely secure but you can also be sure not to expect any unpleasant surprises in your future house. That's exactly why we have chosen to work with elements. This allows us to guarantee 100% planning- and price security. You get far more than you'd expect, because the STROHBOID lifestyle is priceless anyway - and it comes free of charge!

In order to make our visionary chalets become reality, we are looking for an investor who recognises the immense potential of natural construction, shares our values and wants to change the construction sector with us in the long term.

The chalet of the future will be available in the near future.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thomas Maier

Thomas Maier

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