Glamping tent for sale - luxury tents

Hotel room flair in the midst of nature

Give your guests a luxurious camping experience with our CO2-neutral glamping tent. Quickly installed and absolutely unique.

65.123 € (71,290 $)

net | fully equipped, incl. canopy and terrace, excl. assembly & transportation | Leasing (60 months) or down payment

Glamping for the comfort like a hotel room

Hotel room comfort

Pavilion made of domestic beech wood

Made from domestic coniferous wood

Heatable outdoor rooms with infrared

Heatable up to - 25 degrees

Wind gusts up to 160km/h

Withstands wind peaks up to 160 km/h

Fast assembly of STROHBOID products

Quick assembly

Seal 25 Years Warranty
Glamping - sustainable luxus tent out of wood

Glamping tent application options

Food service industry
Luxurious glamping with the flair of a hotel room
glamping tent sustainable
Luxury glamping at night

Unique glamping experience

Luxury camping (Glamping) impressively proves that the comfort of a hotel room does not have to be forgone when holidaying in nature: Luxury tents with comfortable beds, power supply and much more leave nothing to be desired.

Made from sustainable materials and with a pioneering design, STROHBOID Glamping tent wows as an exclusive outdoor hotel room on the beach, as a safari tent or arranged to create a full-fledged glamping place - a glamping village.

Glamping tent product features

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Sustainable production meets iconic design: In an unmistakable way, STROHBOID  glamping combines all the things that are of increasing importance to guests. The economical use of renewable raw materials such as regionally sourced LVL wood provides our innovative lightweight and protected designs with maximum stability.

You have the choice between fully equipped structures with fully functional bathroom, kitchenette and bed, or just the structure to be furnished. 

Luxury glamping hotel room product features

Usable all year round, heatable & (sound) insulated

Due to the integrated heating system, the glamping accommodation can be used all year round. In summer, the integrated heat pump cools the tent. In winter, the tent can be closed with the transparent tarpaulin and can be heated. The insulation with sheep wool makes the accommodation suitable for temperatures down to -25°C. In addition, the insulation provides acoustic insulation, which creates even more privacy for your guests.

Durable and high-quality materials

STROHBOID glamping tent impresses with the high quality selection of materials:

  • We use a high-tech membrane that can be easily cleaned. One of the two layers used is open to diffusion , which creates a comfortable indoor climate. The two-layer construction allows natural ventilation and prevents large temperature fluctuations in the interior. 
  • No more worn out interior: the solid wood used for the wooden structure as well as the entire interior creates a natural and luxurious feeling. When it gets damaged, the solid wood can easily be sanded again and thus the glamping accommodation convinces with its high-quality flair even after decades.

You want to implement your glamping project already this season?

Wonderful! We currently still have some free installation slots available for this autumn. Contact us immediately and secure your preferred installation date to take full advantage of the coming season.

High ROI and fast profitability of STROHBOID products

High ROI

Aesthetic and profitable space gain: in only 1 to 2 years your investment costs are covered.

Sustainably and CO2 neutrally produced - STROHBOID


The manufacturing of one lounge binds 2 tons of CO2 and consumes only 1.5 tons of CO2.

Protected design of STROHBOID products

Design protection

STROHBOID structures are unique: our iconic design is protected.


Up to 10 Years Warranty

Up to 10 years warranty on the wooden structure, the metal connecting parts and the membrane.

Materials & Equipment of our glamping tents

High-quality materials combined with sophisticated design - the result is a compact, highly functional yet luxurious hotel room surrounded by nature. 

Directly ready for occupancy or glamping tent for self-design - the choice is yours.

Choose size

20 m²
36 m²


Glamping strohboid with 20sqm

6 m x 4,5 m

20 m²


2 People

The single-layer membrane roof including weatherproof curtains and mosquito protection curtain gives you the basis to give the glamping tent from STROHBOID a very personal touch - for example with comfortable beds for luxurious safari tents.

Thanks to existing connections for heating systems, integrated lighting and electricity, the Glamping Simple and Basic give you enough leeway to pamper your guests with individual glamping equipment. In its Comfort equipment, the accommodation under its two-layer membrane roof leaves hardly anything to be desired. This ranges from extended electricity including heating and cooling system as well as atmospheric lighting to a comfortable double bed, dining table and kitchenette to integrated sanitary facilities.

Choose equipment


Why is the investment worthwhile?

A STROHBOID product is installed quickly and lasts for more than 30 years. See how this affects your ROI with our case studies.

In good company

People all over the world have already experienced the most unforgettable moments in our outdoor solutions – emotional, memorable and unique moments.

Our customers report on their very personal success stories and the opportunities that open up under the roof of a STROHBOID pavilion – more impressive than we could ever do.

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Lankenauer Hoeft
Hotel room extension with STROHBOID lounge for 1001 Steila Suite

» With STROHBOID Glamping, we can offer our guests an outdoor area brimming with beach holiday flair in the middle of the mountains «

Paul Urchs

Paul Urchs

Hotel Adula
Lounge as glamping hotel room by Elbwasser Krautsand

» Unique opportunity to offer our guests an overnight stay in addition to our café and our beach bar «

Matthias Janitschke

Matthias Janitschke

Elbwasser Krautsand
Glamping Lounge Bieri

» With the STROHBOID Lounge, we have created a lake-side glamping experience in a class of its own right «

Florian Sommerhalder from Bieri about STROHBOID Glamping

Florian Sommerhalder


Download price list

Request the current price list now and calculate your sustainable investment of STROHBOID outdoor spaces.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thomas Maier

Thomas Maier

+43 664 4660 306


1 Can furniture be easily placed on the floor?

The floor made of LVL wood is very durable. This means that it can carry both single beds and heavier furniture such as double beds without any problems.

2 What delivery time is to be expected?

3 What are the shipping costs?

4 What payment options are available?

5 How should the glamping accommodation be maintained?

6 How best to prepare the surface that the STROHBOID will be placed on?

7 How long is the warranty period?

8 How long does the STROHBOID glamping tent last?

9 How stable is the glamping accommodation?

10 Is year-round use possible?

11 Is the accommodation insulated?

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