What is glamping? All you need to know about glamorous camping!

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Was ist Glamping?

What is glamping? Is glamping the new camping? What is a glamping tent? Camping definitely has its charms: The proximity to nature, the experience of a small adventure and quiet nights - if it just wasn't for having to set up and dismantle the tent every time. The ideal solution for all luxury and camping lovers is called glamping – the glamorous camping experience.

In this post, we explain what exactly glamping means, what advantages a glamping experience has, and we'll also give some helpful advice for a perfect glamping holiday.

What is glamping? A definition

The term "glamping" is composed of the words "glamorous" and "camping". The luxury of glamping is possible thanks to combining the comforts of home or a hotel room  – such as Wi-Fi or cozy beds – with the proximity to nature that a traditional camping trip is associated with. Another advantage is the fact that glampers don't need to bring along equipment such as a tent or sleeping mat. Everything needed for an overnight stay in nature is already on site. 

Glamping Definition - Was ist Glamping?

In the past, glamorous camping was a privilege of the elite. When visiting new areas or going on longer hunting trips, they brought along their luxury tents. These days, a luxury camping experience is no longer necessarily associated with high costs.

The ideal glamping trip is possible in any price range and therefore suitable for anyone who would like to stay in nature without having to forgo certain comforts. Due to the many benefits, glamping holidays have become a real trend in recent years. 

Glamping vs. camping: The benefits of glamping at a glance

The fact that glamping has become an ever-increasing trend is not without reason. Although glamping includes the word camping, it differs from its namesake in many aspects. 

We have summarized some differences and benefits of luxury camping:

Hardly any equipment necessary

If you have ever taken a camping holiday, you know how many bits and bobs campers require. Despite the most thoroughly compiled checklist, you can be sure to forget certain things - an issue that merely doesn't exist with glamping.

Neither do you have to set up or dismantle a tent, nor do you have to bring equipment such as insulating mats. This has the great advantage that no expensive equipment needs to be purchased.


Luxurious equipment

Glamping accommodations await their residents with all the necessary equipment. In addition, many glamping accommodations have electricity and running water. A comfortable bed and a private bathroom are usually an integral part of any luxury tent. 

This means that you neither have to sleep on hard sleeping mats nor do you have to share toilet and shower with complete strangers. Additionally, there are glamping options deluxe that include hot tubs, fire pits and creature comforts. 

Was ist eine Glamping Ausstattung?

However, both the equipment and costs for different glamping offers can differ. 

Coziness and romance as far as the eye can see

Glamping combines luxury and coziness. Whirlpools, fireplaces, candles, barbecue areas and hammocks provide the maximum level of comfort with many glamping providers, allowing even the most stressed people to sit back and relax. A feel-good atmosphere is ensured. The only thing to bring along are the right people. 

You're in the middle of nature

What's better than fresh air? During a glamping holiday, the peaceful atmosphere of nature can be enjoyed day and night without having to forgo the comforts of a hotel room.

Was ist Glamping in der Natur?

Glamping resorts are often located in the most beautiful places and surrounded by nature: Along rivers, on beaches, in American national parks or in the mountains. At times, you can find them in remote places where peace and quiet prevail. Depending on location, the stay can be combined with leisure activities such as hiking or swimming, or chosen as a break for backpackers.

There are glamping accommodations in every price range

It is not true that glamping has to be expensive. The price of such a getaway varies depending on the accommodation and ranges from very modest offers to glam variants in various designs. For example, there are simple DIY glamping tents, but also luxurious glamping accommodations that come close to a 5-star hotel both in terms of furnishings and price.

Fun times for old and young

While age may be an obstacle when tent camping, it doesn't matter when it comes to glamping. Whether with grandparents or small children, glamping is suitable for all ages and for the entire family. 

Even extended families will find that everyone can sleep under one roof or tent roof, as there are also large glamping accommodations especially for group holidays. 

Feasible year-round

While camping in most canvas tents or other frequent camping accommodations is only feasible in summer, there are special winter glamping accommodations. Exceptional accommodations in the middle of a snow-covered landscape make for an incomparable atmosphere.

Was ist Glamping im Winter?

There are not only tree houses, tiny houses or mobile homes that allow for a stay during the cold season, but also special glamping tents that will keep you warm in winter.

Types of glamping accommodations

Glamping accommodations are available in various designs. Just like with camping, a glamping accommodation can be a tent, but glamping tents are luxury tents that have little in common with regular camping tents.

Most often, however, you will find special types of accommodation such as tipis, safari tents, wigwams, yurts or lodge tents. Glamping accommodation can also be found in the shape of a tree house, tiny house or mobile home. The range of different glamping variants is extensive.

Was ist Glamping - TIPI?

Tips for a perfect glamping holiday

In recent years, glamping has become a major trend that travel providers across Europe are also aware of. When planning a glamping holiday, the choice of destinations is anything but limited. Even though Austria and Germany may offer beautiful glamping locations, you can explore the diverse glamping offers all over Europe or the USA. From Slovenia to the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and Croatia, you can enjoy rural idylls and different cuisines in your own glamping oasis surrounded by nature.

However, when choosing the glamping provider, make sure that the construction and materials of the luxury tents comply with sustainability standards, so that you can also travel with peace of mind.

Another recommendation is to think about the perfect glamping season in advance. You do not necessarily have to rely on the summer months when glamping. On the contrary, glamping in winter is definitely a unique experience.

Sustainable luxury tents: Glamping with STROHBOID

Sustainability is more important than ever. Sustainability also plays a major role in glamping, but not every glamping provider makes sure their accommodations are sustainable. It is important for the glamping tents to blend into the surrounding nature by way of natural materials and sustainable construction instead. In general, glamping sites should have as little impact on nature as possible and not produce a lot of waste and pollutants. 

The glamping tent manufacturer STROHBOID offers glamping accommodation in high-quality design and made of sustainable materials. Available different sizes, the luxury tents can hardly be surpassed in terms of comfort, while at the same time they are environmentally friendly as well as CO₂-neutral and made of local softwood. Also interesting - in a luxury tent you don't need camping gear like a sleeping bag and other stuff! Enjoy!

Was ist Glamping - Nachhaltigkeit?

STROHBOID glamping tents offer versatile applications, be it as a cozy glamping tent on a glamping site, as a safari tent or as an outdoor hotel room by the pool.

With their wind and weather resistant materials and thanks to infrared heating, the luxurious tents offer perfect shelter and the comfort of a hotel room all year round. You can buy your glamping tent or gazebo online.

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