Winter-proof glamping tents – Are they really worth it?

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For many, a winter-proof glamping tent embodies the dream of year-round outdoor holidays. The possibility of being able to spend a winter's night in a glamping tent despite snow and ice is something special. For many campers, the step from camping tent to glamping tent for more comfort is already an enrichment for many campers. 

Glamourous camping in a luxury tent means comfortable beds, chic and useful interiors, such as a kitchenette or even shower and toilet – a step up from the classic trekking holiday with pop-up ultra-light tents or classic dome tents with a compact pack size. 

Being able to use a glamping tent all year round – with the help of an awning, outdoor tent, heating elements, etc. – increases the value for many winter camping fans. It allows for camping in a luxury tent not only in the warm months, but also in winter. 

Winter camping in a winter-proof glamping tent

In order to make glamping tents winter-proof, there are a few precautions you need to consider. In order for it to pass as a winter tent, it should, for example, have an outer and inner tent in order for it to withstand and offer double protection against snow.

Addtionally, a winter-proof tent needs to be waterproof.

  • 0 - 800 mm of water: water-repellent (but not waterproof)
  • 800 - 5,000 mm of water: waterproof in rain (does not withstand high water pressure, for example during heavy rain)
  • 5,000 - 15,000 mm: withstands heavy rain and various types of water pressure

In order for the family tent to be suitable as a winter-proof glamping tent, it should also be heatable in addition to offering sufficient storage space and a large selection of seating options. Children prefer a warm place and an adventurous tent shape, such as a teepee. 

A large tent for the family that can be used all year round should be able to withstand cold temperatures and still offer sufficient ventilation. With an awning, you can also sit outside the tent during light rain, while it also serves as sun protection if necessary. 

With its winter-proof glamping tents, STROHBOID addresses exactly these needs. A comfortable alternative for year-round use that meets all requirements for winter.

Glamping tents for all weather conditions

Winterproof glamping tents should be able to cope with all kinds of weather conditions throughout the year. A simple set-up and, ideally, no need to dismantle – those are benefits that set year-round glamping tents apart from standard dome tents or tents that are inflatable.

Whether as an igloo tent in the Alps or as a teepee tent in the wilderness: For a glamping tent to b usable all year round as well as winterproof, it takes more than just a mosquito net.

Find out about the attributes required for a tent to be considered winter-proof.

Withstanding windy and wet conditions – winter-proof glamping tents

Tethering the tent to make it storm-proof is the first important step to prepare for gusts of wind and stormy weather conditions. A classic camping tent – be it a roof tent or a pitched trekking tent – should be carefully tethered to the ground with pegs, while the poles should be tested for optimum functionality.

Glamping tents are usually not placed directly on the underground but are erected on an elevated floor board. The structure of STROHBOID glamping tents is particularly sophisticated and extremely dimensionally stable. The glamping tents therefore withstand storm gusts of up to 170 km/h. 

The STROHBOID glamping tents look like outdoor hotels, as they are waterproof thanks to their 2-layer membrane that at the same time provides a pleasant indoor climate through diffusion. 

Winter-proof glamping tents and snow loads

Winter-proof glamping tents should of course be equipped to withstand the white splendour of winter, which means they should be able to withstand a certain snow load. STROHBOID's outdoor solutions can be used all year round and withstand a snow load of up to 200 kg/m² – with gazebos even holding loads of up to 10,000 kg of snow. A winter-proof glamping tent should be able to withstand the external conditions even after a night of heavy snowfall.

Of course, you should still mitigate the snow load by gradually freeing the glamping tent's membrane roof from the snow. This also serves to optimize the incidence of light. Nevertheless, it is an enormously important safety feature to be able to withstand heavy snow loads if necessary – certainly not uncommon in alpine campsites.

Heated glamping tents against the cold

In order for glamping tents to really provide a feeling of comfort and luxury, no person should have to freeze in them. Consequently, it is imperative that a winter-proof glamping tent is heatable. The STROHBOID glamping tents can be heated via infrared for their interior to provide the necessary warmth. 

This allows you to achieve the comfort of a hotel room while still being surrounded by nature. Outdoor enthusiasts appreciate the warmth provided by a cozy accommodation after a cold and active day. A heated, winter-proof glamping tent is the ideal solution.

Winter tents and the most important equipment

One thing that is imperative for camping in winter is the right equipment to ensure you can survive in wet, snowy and windy conditions. Therefore, if using a classic camping tent, you should make sure that it has closable ventilation slots, a larger apse (=storage space) and an inner tent that is not made of simple mesh, but of sturdy tent fabric to ensure maximum density. As a winter tent, it also needs insulation. In the case of STROHBOID glamping tents, this is a 4 cm strong membrane layer.

In addition to ensuring the tent has certain quality features, it is also beneficial to consider bringing certain accessories along. This includes tent heating – which can be in the form of electric or gas heating – to prevent hypothermia and create an atmosphere of well-being. STROHBOID's luxury tents have heating elements integrated anyway, so you wouldn't have to worry about that. The useful heat pumps have a heating capacity of 4500W and can increase the temperature to 25 degrees.

While a winter-proof glamping tent does not necessarily require an additional sleeping mat, it is indispensable for classic winter camping. There should always be enough space for it under your sleeping bag, to ensure your body is isolated from the nighttime cold – especially from the ground.

STROHBOID's winter-proof glamping tents makes a virtue out of necessity and combines outdoor holidays with luxurious amenities. If opting for these luxury tents you do not have to bring your own heating or your extra-warm sleeping bag, as comfortable beds and a pleasant warmth are already included.


Winter-proof glamping tents by STROHBOID - the year-round outdoor solution

STROHBOID's winterproof glamping tents offer you the year-round opportunity to spend time outdoors in your private garden. For campsite operators, winter-proof glamping tents are the perfect way to stabilize and secure operations throughout the year. A winter-proof glamping tent has some significant advantages over a classic winter camping holiday and offers guests increased comfort in the cold season.

While a classic camping tent incl. packing bag must be set up before each use and requires you to put your sleeping mat directly on the tent floor, a glamping tent is erected once and can ideally be left in place all year round – as a year-round, winter-proof glamping tent. In addition to being elevated it offers more comfortable beds and a heatable interior.

The translucent, 2-layer membrane of STROHBOID's glamping tents is translucent, which gives the interior a very special light atmosphere. In addition, the outer layer (Airtex Magic Nature) ensures that the tent is waterproof and UV-resistant. The purpose of the inner layer (Campshield FR1) is to create a pleasant indoor climate by being open to diffusion.


1 Is it possible to camp in winter?

In a winter-proof tent it is easily possible to camp in winter. Make sure that your tent is weatherproof and can withstand rain, snow and wind. Warm sleeping mats, sleeping bags and blankets are essential for you not not freeze inside your tent. If you want to push the luxury to the next level, check out STROHBOID's winter-proof glamping tents. Whether you are a potential winter glamping guest or a campsite operator – the year-round and winter-proof glamping tents offer extensive possibilities to transform a traditional camping holiday into an unforgettable glamping stay. To ensure the use of the glamping tents throughout the year, attributes usually not offered by a simple camping tent are required, such as insulation, for instance by means of sheep wool.

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