Outdoor dreams come true

Enjoying life - whatever the weather. As a CO2-neutral eye-catcher, the lounge offers an ideal solution for your outdoor area. Simply built, sustainable and profitable.

from 13,904 €

net, excl. assembly & transportation

Waterproof and durable due to high quality materials

Waterproof &

Pavilion made of domestic beech wood

Made from domestic coniferous wood

Heatable outdoor rooms with infrared

Heatable via infrared

Wind gusts up to 160km/h

Withstands wind gusts
up to 160 km/h

Mosquito protection curtain for relaxing nights without insects

Mosquito protection

Seal 25 Years Warranty
Strohboid Lounge - Products

Application options

Food service industry
Strohboid Lounge - Products
Luxury glamping lounge as a hotel room - expansion at Hotel Adula
Strohboid Lounge in the evening - interior view
Yoga in Strohboid Lounge - Unique relaxation for your guests

Unique relaxation for your guests

Close up, but still secluded: Sometimes guests like to take a step back and enjoy a moment of peace in a private atmosphere.

With a STROHBOID lounge you can offer your guests the space to do so and create a sustainable eye-catcher in your outdoor area – whether as an extension of your glamping site, a garden lounge for the spa area or set up on the beach.

Product features and materials

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The exclusive look of the STROHBOID Lounge gives your outdoor space an innovative as well as sustainable style.

What also makes the structure unique is that it can withstand gusts of wind up to 170 km/h and the enveloping membrane provides a distinctive lighting atmosphere.

Strohboid lounge - product features and materials
Lounge with mosquito protection curtain

Want to have more weatherproof outdoor space already this season?

Wonderful! We currently still have some free installation slots available for this autumn. Contact us immediately and secure your preferred installation date to take full advantage of the coming season.

High ROI and fast profitability of STROHBOID products

High ROI

Aesthetic and profitable space gain: in only 1 to 2 years your investment costs are covered.

Sustainably and CO2 neutrally produced - STROHBOID


The manufacturing of one lounge binds 2 tons of CO2 and consumes only 1.5 tons of CO2.

Protected design of STROHBOID products

Design protection

STROHBOID structures are unique: our iconic design is protected.


10 Years Warranty

10 years warranty on the wooden structure and metal connecting parts. 10 years warranty on the membrane.

Different sizes for your needs

Choose size

20 m²
50 m²


Strohboid Lounge with 20sqm

6 m x 4,25m

20 m²


15 People

Whether studded with fine garden furniture made of polyrattan, lined with seat cushions or a few comfortable armchairs in it: even in a small space, the STROHBOID lounge with its simple, timeless design creates striking outdoor spaces - as a private retreat as well as an exclusive space for your business.

Choose equipment


Why is the investment worthwhile?

A STROHBOID product is quickly assembled and lasts for more than 25 years.

Due to the new possibilities of use and sources of income, the investment costs are already amortized within one year

Customer testimonials

As versatile as your wishes – our lounge has stunned people at a variety of occasions. Again and again, we marvel at the virtuosity with which our customers know how to utilise the versatility of this feel-good oasis to meet their requirements while allowing them to express their personality.

See for yourself – and be amazed!

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Lankenauer Hoeft
Lankenauer Höft - sustainable lounge pavilion

» Space for Christmas and company functions, but also for love. «

Jasper Kelkenberg Lankenauer Hoeft

Jasper Kelkenberg

Lankenauer Höft
Mathis Wiesenmühle Pavillon als Gartenlounge für Gäste

» Unique design meets flexible options for use. «

Mathis Thierry

Mathis Thierry

Mathis’ Wiesenmühle
Schiffners Lounge Pavillon als Poolhaus aus Holz

» Additional space for relaxing, indulging and celebrating. «

 Christian Schiffner

Christian Schiffner

Christian Schiffner
Hotelcamp Reinsehlen Lounge for meetings and guests

» Even more space for peace and quiet, matching our architectural nature concept. «

Helko Riedinger

Heiko Riedinger

Hotelcamp Reinsehlen

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Thomas Maier

Thomas Maier

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How can the lounge be set up – can even heavier furniture be used?

The LVL wooden floor of the STROHBOID lounge is extremely resistant. Lounge sofas, lounge furniture, a lounging corner or a garden furniture set can be shaping elements of your VIP lounge. Whether lounge table, a teak wood seating group or lounge sofa: The STROHBOID Lounge offers the ideal setting for any occassion.

What colours is the STROHBOID Lounge available in?

We offer the STROHBOID Lounge in a natural beige. The colour impression of the translucent material changes depending on the lighting conditions: Under blazing sun, it appears in a comfortable taupe. In the evening, illuminated with warm white light on the inside, the pavilion radiates an inviting orange glow on the outside – setting an unmistakable light mood.

Is the lounge usable all year round?

Yes! The Comfort version is heatable and can therefore also be used in the cold season. When the curtains are closed, the interior temperature can be raised by up to 20 °C. 

What makes the STROHBOID Lounge weather resistant?

In contrast to a textile or plastic mesh on aluminium rods, we rely on a special, translucent membrane that is supported by a sophisticated construction made of LVL wood. The membrane is coated with a thin PVC layer. This makes the lounge water-repellent, UV-resistant and suitable for sun protection.

How much wind can the lounge withstand?

Due to the membrane structure and the curved shape, the wind can flow optimally and the lounge withstands wind gusts of up to 170km/h (hurricane).  

How long does the STROHBOID Lounge last?

The wooden structure, the wooden interior and the metal joints have a life span of up to 100 years when maintained carefully. The roof membrane must be replaced approximately every 10 to 25 years, depending on the location and stress. 

How long is the warranty period?

For wood, metal parts and the roof membrane in the premium version of the glamping tent we grant a 10-year warranty, if the specified maintenance intervals are fulfilled. The zippers, the curtains and the mosquito net are not included in the warranty, as their durability depends heavily on the users carefulness.

What surface can the lounge be constructed on?

The lounge can be built on almost any surface. It is anchored on a point foundation, which does not seal the floor. It is also possible to place the lounge on uneven surfaces and level it with stilts. 

What are the shipping costs for the STROHBOID lounge?

The shipping costs depend on the kilometres travelled to the installation site. Let us know your location and we will provide you with more detailed information about the costs incurred. 

Our projects


Winzerhof Küssler, Grub an der March, AT

Strohboid Lounge Pavilion Winemaker Lounge


Graz, AT

Pavilion luxury wooden garden house from Strohboid


Elbwasser Krautsand, Drochtersen, DE

Strohboid Lounge Pavilion Private Lounge area


Lankenauer Höft, Bremen, DE

Strohboid Lounge Pavilion with Beach Bar Shade


Wildon, AT

Outdoor gazebo pavilion lounge by Strohboid


Graz, AT

Strohboid Lounge Pavilion with Shade and Pool House


Wildon, AT

Strohboid lounge pavilion with sustainable yoga tent room


Wien, AT

Cozy glamping lounge by Strohboid


Wildon, AT

Glamping tent in the garden


Private Hochzeit, AT

Lounge for a wedding from Strohboid


Graz, AT

Cozy Private Glamping by Strohboid


Hotel Adula, Flims, CH

 Steilas Suite Ammann at the Hotel Adula

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