Mountain Chalet

The epitome of timeless craftsmanship

The Mountain Chalet

The unique piece you have been looking for: Sustainable architecture meets sophisticated design, technical precision and maximum stability. With panoramic glass façades, a robust shingle roof and Austrian craftsmanship, the Mountain Chalet sets new standards for unparalleled comfort at any altitude. Step into the world of STROHBOID.

107.325 € (115.524 $)

net | fully equipped, excl. assembly & transportation | Leasing (60 months) or down payment


170 km/h stormproof


Insulated up to -25°C


4 sleeping spaces


Indoor area: 20 m²


Regional solid wood


Carries 8m of snow

Application possibilities

Nature retreat
Alpine getaway
Wellness Resort
Tiny House
STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Jungle
STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Bed
STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Terrace
STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Greenery

Nature retreat

Providing guests with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the lush greenery and rich biodiversity of the jungle, the Mountain Chalet serves as a luxurious retreat amidst the natural wonders of the rainforest. With its sturdy construction and panoramic views, guests can enjoy the sights and sounds of the jungle while relaxing in comfort. It is equipped with advanced technology, incl. two layers of high-tech membrane on the inside. One of these layers is open to diffusion, creating a comfortable indoor climate by allowing moisture to escape while maintaining insulation. Combined with the use of natural materials such as solid wood, it can handle humidity very well. 

Product features

Calculate your ROI

Compare your potential ROI with the STROHBOID Mountain Chalet. Our exceptional five-star hotel room experiences strengthen your hospitality business, provide year-round utilization, boost occupancy rates, increase Average Daily Rates (ADR), and enhance revenue through additional outdoor spaces (RevPar). Take a look at our ROI model

See our product catalog for more information on the equipment, interior, dimensions and prices of our Mountain Chalet.

Cook & Dine

Compact kitchen and dining area

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Cook & Dine


With hand split shingle roof

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Outdoor

Queensize bed

With plenty of storage space underneath

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Doppelbett

Made for all seasons

Cheers to that!

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Cheers

For family time

And time out from everyday life

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Family

Granite washbasin

Solid wood washbasin vanity unit

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Waschbecken

Fully equipped bathroom

With infrared mirror

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Bad

Made for all climates

And all weathers

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Jungle

Double door on both sides

Made of double glass

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Türschloss

Natural stone shower

For extended spa days

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Dusche-7

Double bed

With the option of an additional pull-out bed

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Bed

Unplug from your daily life

And reconnect with nature

STROHBOID Mountain Chalet Greenery

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