Camping holidays in luxury tents – these are the things you should know

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Camping Urlaub im Luxus Zelt

You are actually not the "camping and adventure" type and the term "luxury tent" is a contradiction for you? This article will probably turn your ideas of the camping world upside down, as it will introduce you to glamping.

Luxury tents invite you to relax, as they combine the comfort and glamour of a hotel with the unique experience of spending the night outdoors in true style and comfort. Glamping and camping have one decisive point in common: the intensive proximity to nature including the feeling of freedom and fresh air. You don't have to do without a comfortable mattress or the comfort of a fully equipped accommodation. An outdoor hotel sounds tempting?

In the following article, we will introduce you to an holiday spent in a luxury tent in more detail.

What is important in terms of glamping accommodation

In order for the glamping tent to be durable, the quality and workmanship must be right. Luxury tents should be very sturdy and weatherproof in order for them to be protected from wetness as well as from strong storms or high temperatures.

Because glamping goes far beyond a holiday in a classic camping tent, you can definitely expect some exclusive glamour. Whether it's a luxury tent or a mobile home, teepee or safari tent – glamping accommodation usually stands out due to its special look.

Since well-being is a top priority for anyone seeking luxury camping, the accommodation can also be a little more spacious. That is why a luxury tent – in contrast to the typical tent – is not set up in a few minutes. But there is a big selection of glamping accommodations of a slightly different kind: From bell tents to yurts, there is something for everyone wanting to go on a glamping holiday.

The first impression – exterior

Solid wood, spanned with sand-colored tent cloth over a stylish terrace furnished with lounge furniture – luxury tents often captivate from afar with their beauty, extravagance and an exterior that exudes holiday feeling. In addition to optics, however, the quality of the luxury tents has top priority. Particularly durable wood, strong anchors and weather- and waterproof tent fabrics ensure that luxury tents are durable, offering owners and visitors joy for years to come.

The inner values – interior

Not only the exterior appearance, but also the interior design should match the requirements of any luxury tent.

Stylishly furnished like a small house, the individual rooms are coordinated with each other. Luxury tents don't want for anything. Depending on the tent, in addition to the living room, bedroom and kitchen, there is often even a private small bathroom and a terrace, which completes the overall picture of the luxury tent. Robust furniture underlines the charming ambience of the tent. From the mattresses to the coffee machine, there is also a lot of additional comfort possible – so you don't have to worry about anything.

Sustainability as a requirement for glamping tents

The topic of sustainability has become an increasingly relevant aspect of our lives in recent years. It is possible to be environmentally aware not only in everyday life, but also while on holiday.

Many manufacturers of luxury tents are already making sure to use regional products when manufacturing their luxury tents in order to keep CO₂ emissions as low as possible. In the case of wood, attention is paid to good quality with minimal material expenditure in order to conserve resources as much as possible and to produce durable products. This creates sustainable tents that make for a holiday without a guilty conscience.

From stone age housing to glamping accommodation – the tent is a success story

Even though camping as such only arrived in Europe as late as the beginning of the 20th century, the history of the tent begins much earlier. The oldest historical traces of the tent can be found in Europe in the early Palaeolithic, which is the younger section of the Eurasian Paleolithic about 40,000 years ago;

Even then, lightweight, easily transportable summer tents were used in addition to heavier winter tents.

They also existed as frames made of animal skeletons with furs as tent skins - the so-called "carcasses". The huntsmen and collectors who lived as nomads at the time kept the tents and were able to use the skeleton again next winter, granted they found it again.

The early tents had to be easy to transport, as there was often no building material in the steppe areas to build a dwelling. In addition, this allowed the hunters to change their whereabouts and follow the animals. So in a way, already back then there was a strong connection between tents and travels.

Since the late 16th century, however, the yurt has been known in Central Asia. This historic tent origins in the Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Mongolian cultures and has a characteristic round shape. The housing is made of a wooden rod that is covered with felt or cotton. The great advantage of a yurt is that it can usually be assembled or disassembled in about an hour. In the past, camels were used for transport. In the meantime, however, off-road vehicles are used.

At the beginning of the 20th century, camping gained popularity in Europe. However, we no longer necessarily use camping accommodation as a permanent residence, but as a holiday option.

Where to find luxury tents

Luxury tents have meanwhile inspired people the world over. Whether on a permanent holiday or overnight as part of a trekking tour, whether in Germany, Italy or the Netherlands – modern camping manages to fascinate almost everyone. Glamping trends are constantly evolving. The tents are not only suitable for larger hotel facilities. They are also ideal for private use in your own garden – as a glamping lounge for the garden.

Luxury accommodation for a dream holiday

Over the past ten years, "glamping" has become an integral part of outdoor leisure activities. Would you like to have a real mattress instead of a mattress, running water or a real toilet while on holiday? Glamping offers you numerous options to create the perfect mix between traditional camping and the comfort of your home.

The main difference between a classic camping experience and a glamping trip is actually provided by the small extras that make your stay even more comfortable. Who doesn't like to enjoy a comfortable double bed and a private terrace that provides enough shade for al-fresco breakfast? Glamping offers the opportunity to take your journey to the next level.

Outdoor experience in your own garden – what to take into account when purchasing

If you want to spoil yourself with

a luxury tent, there is a lot to consider when purchasing it. First of all, it should be fundamentally clear what benefits the tent is intended to provide. Would you like the smaller version - for example as a garden-house-deluxe - for your home or are you planning a glamping outdoor hotel? How many people should the tent accommodate and which style do you prefer?

Once these basic questions have been clarified, you should pay attention to the details. Invest a little more money and get a high-quality tent to benefit from long-term stability and minimal wear and tear. The tent should also be waterproof and offer good ventilation in the summer. Since nature should not be impacted by your holiday or leisure time in your own garden, you should also pay attention to a sustainable production of your glamping tent.

Depending on your wishes, you can of course incorporate your personal preferences when buying a tent: From features such as a mosquito net or awning to the size of the luxury tent. Perhaps a pavilion that can be used all year round will appeal to you - for example, for your gastronomy business.

There are practically no limits to the equipment of glamping tents.

Sustainability and luxury under one roof – with STROHBOID

Would you like to take a holiday surrounded by nature, but not do without the comfort of a hotel room? The STROHBOID luxury tents convince with their comfortable beds, power supply and stylish ambience: An impressive proof that you don't need a classic roof over your head for your luxury holiday.

STROHBOID tents are made of sustainable, regionally sourced materials and feature a timeless design. Whether exclusive outdoor hotel room on the beach, safari tent or full-fledged glamping site – the STROHBOID glamping tents are fit in everywhere.

The STROHBOID lounge is produced CO₂- and environmentally friendly and convinces with its charming look. Cosy lounge chairs or cushions, summer bar or cuddly corner: The STROHBOID Lounge is far more than a seating area – it is a real eye-catcher in any garden!

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