Glamping experience in a safari tent

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Glamping-Erlebnis im Safari-Zelt

The words tent and camping make you think of rather uncomfortable tent camps? Time to say goodbye to this idea and learn about new sides of camping – namely, glamping in a safari tent or in a lodge tent!

Glamping combines glamour and camping. It is camping for the soul. A safari tent takes this principle to perfection: Here, guests can expect much more than just a place to sleep. Spacious safari tents offer a little adventure close to nature while still offering high comfort. Let's take a closer look at how that works.

Safari tent accommodation – what the ultimate glamping experience requires

Glamping – the term stands for luxury camping and turns into an adventure in the safari tent. But what comfort does such a safari tent offer exactly and what makes it so special? Thanks to the multitude of facilities these exceptional accommodations offer, the relaxing part of the holiday can begin right on arrival, because everything is already taken care of.

Luxurious sleeping areas

When thinking of camping, many people think of sleeping mats and sleeping bags, which can certainly have its appeal, however, in many cases it is not exactly the most relaxing way to spend the night. In a safari tent, neither the tedious inflating of air mattresses that turn out to be too short nor the weird feeling associated with sleeping in a sleeping bag are necessary any longer.

Instead, in a safari tent, comfortable beds are available. Depending on the equipment, these can be double beds, single beds or bunk beds in various combinations. This way, couples and solo travellers, the whole family or groups can enjoy a relaxing break in a safari tent. Duvets and the like are often ready at hand. For more privacy, the sleeping areas are usually separated from the living area.

Plenty of space

One of the biggest advantages of a safari tent is probably its size. On the one hand, this helps provide space for the comfortable equipment of the glamping accommodation. On the other hand, the generous space available ensures that everyone can feel comfortable right from the start and everyone has enough space – even if the weather is not the best.

In case of rain, it is no problem to stay indoors or on the covered wooden terrace furnished with garden furniture. Good weather and sunshine during the holiday would of course be ideal – however, with a safari tent you can make the most of your time, even if it rains.

Safari tent sanitary facilities

Another point that makes a safari tent special and at the same time shows the difference between glamping and camping: The sanitary facilities. Here too, glamping meets significantly higher demands. Not only do they have to be very well maintained – most safari tents even havea private bathroom.

This means that there is no need to trudge to an outside sanitary facility while at the same time the necessary privacy is ensured, allowing for hotel feeling in a safari tent surrounded by nature.

Extensive facilities

Space, comfortable beds and, in many cases, even a private bathroom, are only some of the facilities of a safari tent.

A freshly brewed coffee in the morning or a small hot snack during the day? No problem: A fully equipped kitchen in the form of a kitchenette in the tent makes these things possible. Gas stoves, kettles and microwaves are often part of the equipment, so you can easily cater to your needs and those of others.

There is also a power connection in safari tents, so that all devices can be charged and operated – a real plus, especially in case of bad weather. Safari tents can also be heated, often via infrared. This ensures a pleasant temperature inside, even if it is cooler outside. By the way, this makes safari tents attractive destinations even in the low season – some glamping accommodations are even winter-proof.

That certain something

Last but not least, glamping tents and luxurious safari tents have the great advantage that they can be set up practically anywhere. This means that attractive leisure activities can often be found nearby. These can be a bike rental, a boat rental, sports fields or simply stunning nature, for example with a view of the mountains or a lake.

Some glamping providers also score points with extras such as hot tubs. Covered areas such as a lounge, a terrace or a gazebo extend the space for and scope of leisure activities: In such places, programs such as yoga courses can be enjoyed. This gives the entire place a unique flair and there is always something to discover or try.

Glamping tents and safari tents can now be found in all kinds of attractive holiday resorts, and not only in Germany. Whether Brittany, along the Adriatic Sea, in Istria or the Netherlands – this type of camping holiday can be enjoyed practically anywhere in Europe.

Glamping happens close to nature. This is why, apart from comfort, the environmental aspect also plays a major role. STROHBOID – the Austrian provider of glamping tents accommodation and safari tents – not only focuses on design and comfort, but also on sustainability. Domestic woods are used to build the sophisticated constructions, thanks to which the floor sealing is greatly reduced.

With CO₂-neutral accommodations from STROHBOID, campsite operators and hoteliers can create a very special experience for their guests – and at the same time take care of the environment. And with that in mind, let's set off on the next glamping holiday adventure! Read more about What is glamping.

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