Modern – comfortable – minimalist: Glamping tent with shower & toilet, bathroom

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Glamping Zelt mit Dusche, WC, Bett, Waschbecken und Herd

Glamping equals luxury: Not only is a glamping tent equipped with a shower and toilet, but it also offers a wide range of amenities for your dream holiday – and often on the smallest surface! Glamping tent manufacturers such as STROHBOID know perfectly well how to make adversity a virtue in order to offer glamping enthusiasts luxury tents that pair glamour with convenience.

Find out how luxury tents can combine maximum comfort with the trend towards minimalism, and read about what matters most in this article.

Whether in the shape of a safari tent or a lodge tent – glamping is in

From Spain to the Netherlands to Croatia and far beyond the borders of Europe: Glamping is increasingly popular, and it is not surprising that along with that, glamping variants are becoming increasingly diverse.

Glamping providers around the globe are offering a wide variety of accommodation in a variety forms and designs – including safari tents with comfortable box spring beds, lodge tents with wooden verandas and sun loungers, mobile homes or tiny houses.

Depending on individual tastes, nature lovers will get their money's worth with various types of accommodation. Tiny Houses, however, are currently in focus, as they are space-saving and thus resource-efficient. Various glamping accommodation manufacturers prove that thanks to innovative thinking outside the box comfort is possible despite a degree of minimalism.

Comfort Consommé – Glamping tents with bathroom for condensed luxury

Even in a small space, guests should be offered the greatest possible luxury for their glamping holiday. Manufacturers of luxury tents have devised innovative room management and all kinds of creative ideas for the interior to ensure some wow-moments, for instance with space for a whirlpool and sun loungers on a covered deck or beneath a parasol, which at times can be close to the parking area. However, the accommodation itself is constrained in terms of space.

By applying both a resource-efficient and space-saving design, glamping tent manufacturers such as STROHBOID manage to make the most of the interior, for instance by integrating a kitchenette with freezer and microwave in the living area, which noticeably simplifies a glamper's daily life – especially when compared to communal outdoor kitchens.

In addition, even compact luxury tents often offer space for a private bathroom with high-end sanitary facilities, such as a toilet or a private shower. So if you prefer a private bathroom to large communal changing rooms or a pop-up tent that functions as a changing tent, toilet tent or shower tent, you will certainly appreciate such amenities.

Last but not least, proper glamping should also afford you a good night's sleep. Unlike ordinary tents that sometimes equal sleepless nights on mattresses and air mattresses, glamping tents offer the luxury of an open-air hotel room. Depending on requirements, glampers will find space-saving bunk beds, comfortable single beds or snugly double beds that are ideal for a pleasurable rest after an eventful day.

Trend towards minimalism – a treat for the eye, but also for nature

Simple designs, clear forms and a reference to nature – what the architectural world has been in control of for a long time is now also being applied to the design of holiday homes, including glamping accommodation.

A focus on what is essential is not only pleasing on the eye but also a welcome relief for our environment. After all, campsite operators not only consider the available space and aesthetics, but also sustainability aspects.

By utilising natural resources, sustainable glamping tents manage the balancing act between offering the luxuries of an outdoor hotel and the careful use of natural resources – from the materials used to the space requirements. As a result, they are comparatively less intrusive and manage to blend into the environment by taking inspiration from nature itself.

The use of natural materials at STROHBOID has another advantage in addition to the noticeably high-quality feel: Longevity. Because the mostly regionally sourced raw materials undergo special manufacturing processes, STROHBOID's glamping tents are designed for a long service life of more than 30 years. This also takes into account the desire to use natural resources carefully in order to simultaneously create innovative, future-oriented outdoor solutions for glamping site operators as well as for other areas and industries.

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