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Tipps für den perfekten Glamping Urlaub

This type of holiday has become a real trend: The glamping holiday. The mixture of glamour and camping – in other words, a particularly luxurious type of camping – has become increasingly popular in recent years. And rightly so: a Glamping tent combines the charm of nature and the adventure of staying in unusual accommodation with the comfort of an outdoor hotel room. Camping is fun, glamping takes it to the next level.

To allow you to prepare for the perfect glamping holiday, we have compiled some recommendations on the topic. In addition, we will also discuss which glamping spots are actually available and how you can make sure your trip not only becomes successful, but also unforgettable.

1. Glamping holidays on the beach

Luxury camping is about arriving and enjoying. This is made possible by the comfortable and generous equipment of a glamping accommodation, and that's exactly what sets glamping apart from camping.

Everything is already taken care of: Cozy beds as well as cooking facilities and often even a private bathroom with shower and toilet await the guests. Even though glamping tents or glamping pods offer equipment on hotel level, the location is much more flexible. How about a glamping holiday on the beach, for instance?

Being able to enjoy a hot coffee with a view of the sea and jumping into the water after a short walk or relaxing on the beach – that sounds like a very special holiday. 

Tipps für den perfekten Glamping-Urlaub am Strand

Glamping on the beach is not only possible in comfortable tents, but in addition there is a choice of small beach houses reminiscent of tiny houses . Between Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark or elsewhere, everyone will find their dream destination. The best way to escape from everyday life is between the dunes.

2. Glamping holidays in the mountains or the forest

A glamping holiday in the mountains promises to be a unique experience. Especially for those who love hiking, this is the perfect choice – because what could be more exciting than an overnight stay surrounded by mountain peaks?

Tiny houses are a particular popular accommodation choice in the mountains, but the same is true for large wine barrels and the classic wooden hut with its rustic "glamour" charm. Many of these accommodations are winter-proof; that is, in spring, summer and autumn you can hike to your heart's content, while in winter, these places invite winter sports enthusiasts and snow lovers to enjoy their holiday in the mountains.

Those who love forests will also find what they are looking for. Especially in summer, glamping in a shady grove is a great option. Such a place also offers something very special, namely glamping accommodation in the shape of a tree house. A real adventure, especially for children and all those who have remained children themselves.

Holzpods - Tipps für den perfekten Glamping Urlaub

3. Glamping in winter

When it comes to glamping, many people primarily think of a summer holiday – just like with camping. The truth is, glamping is possible all year round, even in winter. Who doesn't like to wake up in a comfortable bed surrounded by a landscape covered in snow?

Tipps für den perfekten Glamping Urlaub im Winter

Not only a tiny houses or a glamping pods can be made winter-proof, there are even winter-proof glamping tents. These are waterproof, suitably insulated, windproof and can be heated efficiently. This is perfect for the cold season, and it often has its own special charm.

Winter sports enthusiasts will find their ideal base for activities such as hiking or skiing in winter-resistant glamping accommodations. A beautiful snow-covered landscape has its charm, but so does the possibility to sip on a nice warm drink on the terrace while enjoying the view. And those who enjoy the lights of the Christmas season can spend very special holidays in a winter-proof glamping accommodation, with excursions to Christmas markets and to small towns and villages with their atmospheric decorations. 

4. The right luggage

The nice thing about glamping is that a lot of the typical luggage needed for camping becomes unnecessary because the majority of things are already taken care of on site: Bedding is usually provided and since there are comfortable beds, you can do without insulating mattresses, sleeping bags and so on. This often applies to towels as well. The kitchenette usually also has basic equipment, which doesn't mean you cannot bringt your favorite coffee or your preferred food.

It is best to check with the glamping provider in advance to find out what equipment is available at the accommodation. This way, you can avoid packing too much. The most important thing to remember when packing for a glamping holiday: Bring everything you need to enjoy your holiday – which entirely depends on your favorite activities. This means: Stand-up paddleboard, hiking equipment, slackline, soccer ball or whatever makes your heart beat faster during your glamping holiday.

Our recommendation: It is best to pack something for activities in rainy weather. Don't worry: Due to the diverse locations available and an abundance of space, often including covered terraces, you can still enjoy your holiday even in rainy weather. Nevertheless, it won't hurt to bring along a favorite book, games, music box or a game console. A look at the weather forecast will also help you choose the right clothes.

5. The perfect accomodation

We have already mentioned some of the possible glamping variants, but there are many more; you can be sure that there is the right choice for every taste.

A glamping experience in a safari tent or lodge tent often offers the most space and is the ideal choice for larger groups. Teepees, yurts or wigwams as well as tree houses are great for a stay in the forest. Large wine barrels and tiny houses are popular accommodations, especially in mountainous regions, because the wood they are made of gives the place a rustic feel, interpreted in a modern way. Luxury tents are true allrounders: Because they can be set up so flexibly, the compact types are often ideal for exceptional and very special locations.

Tipps zur Unterkunft für einen perfekten Glamping-Urlaub

By the way: Glamping is also possible in a mobile home. Given the right vehicle and appropriate parking spaces, a glamping holiday on the road can turn into a real highlight.

In the end, the choice of accommodation really depends on personally favored places and types of activity.

6. Local delicacies, home-made

A holiday is always a bit of a culinary experience. Getting to know a region's cuisine is fun and provides inspiration. During a glamping holiday, you can get creative in the kitchen yourself, as many glamping accommodations come with small kitchens or cooking ranges.

Irrespective of whether you find yourself in Italy, Croatia, Austria, France, Spain, Slovenia, along the shores of the North Sea or anywhere else in Europe – delicious ingredients for great dishes are available at local markets. It is a fun idea to collect recipe ideas in advance, so you can surprise your loved ones even while on holiday.

7. Sustainable glamping holidays

Glamping holidays often take you into nature. That is why it is all the more important to be able to spend the holiday in a sustainable glamping tent. In addition, you should respect nature by leaving no rubbish behind, or cook with regional ingredients.

Tipps für nachhaltigen und perfekten Glamping Urlaub

You can also consider environmentally-friendly factors when choosing the type choice of accommodation. For example, there are glamping accommodation providers that put their focus on sustainability. STROHBOID, for example, offers glamping tents made of sustainable and regionally sourced wood. In addition, the tents' special design ensures maximum stability with minimal material expenditure. Last but not least, the longevity of STROHBOID tents should be mentioned: With appropriate care and maintenance, a service life of up to 100 years can be achieved.

The respect for nature, which is central to camping, also plays an important role in glamping, benefitting nature and ultimately all guests. Find out even more, what glamping is.


1 What is a glamping holiday?

A glamping holiday is inspired by the camping holiday: Fresh air and impressive surroundings make glamping special. What sets it apart from camping is the equipment available at the accommodation - it is not minimalist, but rather extensive and offers the comfort of a hotel room or a holiday home – in other words: Glamorous camping, where originality meets luxury, even in the most popular regions of Europe such as Lake Garda or Tuscany.

2 What is a glamping resort?

3 What does glamping require?

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