A sustainable holiday in a glamping tent

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Nachhaltiger Urlaub im Glamping Zelt

A sustainable holiday in a glamping tent is a form of travel that is becoming increasingly popular – a kind of camping with an upgrade. The focus is on holidays in the countryside, surrounded by peace and quiet in the middle of nature. You get the chance of complete relaxation while, thanks to traveling sustainably, you are leaving as little trace as possible.

Unlike camping, glamping is not limited to a simple tent or motorhome. If you opt for a luxurious glamping tent with its own kitchen, private bathroom and terrace, none of your wishes will remain unfulfilled. How about a stay in a tree house or safari tent?

Glamping and sustainability – a contradiction?

Energy efficiency, protection of biodiversity, sustainable rental accommodation, gentle mobility – not only in Germany or Europe, but worldwide, the topic of sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the everyday lives of many people. We try to shop regionally and seasonally, to do without fast fashion and to use the bike more often

This growing environmental awareness also has an impact on holiday planning. But sustainability and holidays – does that go together? Especially with camping, there are plenty of opportunities to let not only the soul, but also nature breathe.

With the help of centrally used sanitary facilities, a nature-friendly design of the rental accommodation and a structure that enables waste prevention and energy efficiency, campsite operators can contribute to sustainability. The trend towards rental camping or glamping also offers a chance of living close to nature to those 90% of Germans who consider themselves non-campers. We'll show you why glamping and sustainability don't have to be a contradiction at all.

What is glamping?

Glamping is a combined word, made up of "glamourous" and "camping". The modern form of a holiday surrounded by nature combines the best of two worlds: You sleep outdoors, in nature, but in most cases you do not have to lie on a sleeping and do without a real bed. With glamping, everyone will find the right place to sleep.

Whether larger yurts that offer space for the entire family, or a small tree house for a cozy weekend for two – glamping is always an experience that leaves nothing to be desired. A camping holiday in a luxury tent could certainly be something even for non-campers! 

The great thing about such an outdoor hotel is that the floor is not necessarily sealed and thus there is no major interference with nature. The large tents are set up either directly on the floor or on wooden tent platforms. Tree-house hotels float a few meters above the ground without real soil contact: Another plus in terms of sustainability.

Sustainability: Not a trend, but a necessity

Sustainability encompasses our responsibility for a lifestyle that conserves resources, creates awareness for the future and takes climate into account, because an intact environment and the preservation of biodiversity are an important prerequisite for maintaining our high quality of life in the long term. Sustainability does not always have to go hand in hand with sacrifices. Often, the environmentally friendly option is simply a different approach and no less beautiful or pleasant. Using glamping as an example: You can see that environmental awareness can be fun and motivate people to discover completely new experiences.

What to consider in terms of sustainable camping

Compared to other types of holiday such as long-distance travel or cruises, camping proves to have a low ecological footprint. However, a camping holiday is not without its effects on the environment. Not only the production of the caravan requires resources. The journey can sometimes be long and the fuel consumption of the large vehicle correspondingly high. In addition, the use of the car requires a lot of energy.

Nevertheless, with a few simple tricks and environmental awareness as well as the utilization of some sustainable alternatives, the holiday can easily be turned into a wonderful, eventful time that can be enjoyed without a guilty conscience.

What to take with you on a glamping holiday

What you should bring with you on your luxury camping holiday depends on the type of accommodation you have chosen. Whether mobile home or tiny house, a simple pitching space or a new experience in the safari tent – often you will find a list of the things already on site along with the accommodation description provided by glamping operators. We have summarized here all the things you should definitely bring along on your next sustainable camping trip:

  • Garbage bags for waste separation
  • Dishwashing detergent and dishwashing tablets
  • Towels, tea towels and bed linen (may be available at the accommodation)
  • Hammocks for a lunch break in the shade or a night under the stars
  • LED lights
  • Batteries
  • A solar-powered charger, if available

Avoiding waste out of respect for nature

Recycling has been considered important and self-evident in the everyday life of most Germans for years. During camping holidays, however, the separation of waste is often not taken as seriously, which is sometimes blamed on logistical issues. It is not difficult to sort the garbage, even while on holiday. In principle, you should try to avoid packaging waste as much as possible. If this is not possible, facilities for correct waste separation and disposal are not only available on environmentally friendly campsites. Through professional disposal, you can protect the environment without much extra effort. Ideally, glamping providers should provide waste separation options.

Careful and economical use of energy

Would you like to save resources and energy during your stay at the campsite? Often it is the small things that have a big impact: How about, for example, reducing the time in the shower and, if possible, using the central sanitary facilities? Even when washing dishes, water can be saved very easily using a sink or basin instead of washing under running water.

Reducing the use of electronic devices as far as possible e is not only good for your energy consumption, but also for your soul. When you're on holiday in nature, you can discover much more than the latest news on your smartphone screen. If you want to send a few holiday photos from time to time, try to recharge your electrical appliances with solar energy. 

Energy-saving lighting, for example in the form of LED lamps, is the best option, with minimal power consumption, even on long summer evenings, if you don't want to be left sitting in the dark. Air conditioning is a real power guzzler. It should therefore be used wisely and switched off if you are not inside your motor home.

Resource-saving construction of the glamping accommodation

Although glamping may be the more environmentally friendly alternative to going away on a plane or taking a cruise, it nevertheless intervenes with nature. When building a glamping site, campsite owners should therefore observe certain criteria in order to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. If the place is built on a wooded piece of land, only as few trees as possible should be cut down. This not only saves resources, but also gives lends a cozy and natural ambience to the site.

As far as possible, regional products should be used for construction in order to avoid larger CO₂ emissions caused by long transport routes. Attention should be paid to the CO₂ balance in general in order not to unnecessarily burden the climate.

For the sake of the climate and the environment – sustainable glamping tents by STROHBOID

Glamping tents from STROHBOID manage to guarantee a unique holiday experience while conserving resources. A concept that benefits everyone - people and nature.

The single-layer membrane roof with its weatherproof curtains and mosquito nets lends a very personal touch to the STROHBOID luxury tent, while comfortable beds for luxurious safari tents are the cherry on the cake.

Thanks to an existing connection for heating systems, integrated lighting and electricity, the Glamping Simple and Basic offers enough freedom for individual designs that are according to personal preferences. In its Comfort option, the accommodation under its two-layered membrane roof leaves nothing to be desired. The extended electricity, including a heating and cooling system, as well as the atmospheric lighting form the perfect setting for a comfortable double bed, dining table and kitchenette and integrated private sanitary facilities.

The LVL wood used not only provides the tent with the best stability possible, it is also sourced regionally and used extremely sparingly with minimal material expenditure. In addition, only about 1.5 tons of CO₂ are consumed during production and at the same time 2 tons are bound. Whether on the Baltic Sea or other destinations – with STROHBOID, sustainability and luxurious camping combine to ensure a special holiday experience.

Would you like to provide some holiday flair in your garden? The STROHBOID lounge is more than just a sitting area: With its simple, timeless design, equipped with garden furniture or comfortable armchairs, you create a sustainably produced personal refuge – for holidays whenever you need them.

How to get to your sustainable holiday in a glamping tent

You are now in a holiday mood and want to give environmentally friendly camping a go? The Ecocamps platform offers a large network of sustainable campsites that you can filter according to the ecological criteria that are most important to you. All camping offers are certified with at least one of three environmental awards: EU Ecolabel, Ecocamping or climate-friendly campsite. These seals are designated for sustainable campsites with a special environmental commitment. To receive such an award, places must meet various criteria, including waste avoidance, the use of regional products or green electricity and efficient technology.

So if you arelooking for a sustainable camping provider, you have come to the right place at Ecocamps.

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