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Fritz Walter

DIPL.-ING. Fritz Walter

Gründer, CTO

From an early age, Fritz Walter has been enthusiastic about building and constructing with natural raw materials such as wood, clay or straw. At a carpentry workshop, he learned how to restore half-timbered houses and reconstruct historical machines, but also how to transform solid wood into furniture or staircase constructions. His passion kept growing as he became more concerned with the matter of natural construction.

He studied architecture at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Technical University of Graz, and also completed vocational training in the areas of roofing, carpentry, straw building and clay plastering. A vision emerged: Fritz Walter wants to inspire people to start building ecologically and sustainably again. With the inception of STROHBOID in 2018, him and partner Max Schade turned the vision into reality, causing a stir and getting a lot of attention. Fritz Walter is responsible for STROHBOID's technical management as well as implementation, product development, vision and architecture.

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