Is glamping expensive?

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Ist Glamping teuer?

Glamping is a term to describe glamorous camping, and it has a reputation for being on the more expensive side, but how expensive is glamping really? In this article you will find out everything you need to know about glamping pricing: We will provide an insight into the costs of glamping tent to buy and a general presentation of glamping and the factors that affect glamping prices.

In addition, you will find valuable tips on how to make glamping cheap and about what sets glamping apart from other forms of holiday.

Factors affecting the price

It is difficult or impossible to give a flat-rate price for glamping. There are countless different types of glamping accommodation as well as glamping sites or resorts, and they all differ in many factors that significantly affect the price.

Size and furnishing

Glamping accommodations obviously come in different sizes and designs, which strongly affect the price. If you are looking for something for the entire family, you will want to choose a larger glamping accommodation that is usually more expensive than a small glamping accommodation. Furthermore, the price depends on what type of glamping accommodation you go for. A resort with simple glamping tents may be cheaper than one with high-quality, sustainable, and/or exceptional accommodations like glamping pods and treehouses.

Level of luxury

The level of luxury is another factor affecting pricing. If you, for example, opt for a resort with communal sanitary facilities instead of a glamping tent with shower and toilet, the price can go down significantly. On the other hand, there are many glamping accommodations that have luxurious and unique amenities that come with their own price tag. Another option are glamping holidays with all-inclusive packages and a number additional services, such as pools, included breakfast or the like, which can cost a small fortune.

Since the pricing also depends on the season, it is worth considering travelling outside high season, namely in the low season.

Depending on country

In Europe, the prices for glamping accommodation vary from country to country. While some cheaper glamping sites can be found in Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany and Spain, countries such as Switzerland, France and Sweden are generally considered expensive destinations within Europe. However, the exact region as well as the glamping site's location is important.

Glamping compared to other forms of holiday

Glamping is the perfect combination of a camping holiday and a stay in a hotel – allowing you to enjoy the proximity to nature as you know it from a camping holiday and the comfort that comes with a hotel stay.

However, glamping accommodations are not always luxury tents, but can also be tree houses, camper vans, caravans, safari tents or lodge tents. The pitches are often surrounded by nature, in unspoilt places such as stunning beaches, forests or mountains. The proximity to nature and tranquility are typical of glamping, clearly distinguishing it from classic holidays spent in a hotel.

As opposed to camping, glamping tents come fully equipped with all the important utensils. As a result, you don't have to buy expensive camping equipment, which means it's easier on the wallet. Glamping accommodation usually comes with its own bathroom, bed and electricity, thus ensuring incredible comfort.

Saving despite the glamour?

If you don't want to forgo some glamour, but at the same time don't want to spend too much money on glamping holidays, there are some ways to save money.

When it comes to glamping, you can usually enjoy your private kitchen. Cooking together is not only a lot of fun, but also a lot cheaper than eating out every day, especially when you have the entire family with you.

Since glamping sites are mostly surrounded by nature, and set in stunning and deserted places, there is a choice of free activities such as hiking or swimming.

Getting there is often expensive enough. However, you don't necessarily have to travel far for a glamping holiday. Throughout Europe, there is one great glamping offer after another, and they are usually reachable by car or train. A glamping holiday is usually exciting enough in itself, meaning the country of destination becomes secondary. There are extraordinary accommodations in Austria or Germany, so you don't have to drive far to experience a unique holiday.

Conclusion: Glamping is not always expensive

Hotel stays differ in terms of costs, and the same is true for glamping; it is impossible to name a blanket price for glamping holidays. Whether a glamping accommodation is expensive or cheap depends on different factors such as location, level of luxury, amenities, size, high season or low season.

Even though glamping stands for luxury camping, glamping does not necessarily have to be expensive: Be it an en-suite bathroom or an all-inclusive wellness area – glamping offers differ in many factors and so does the price.

Given the right glamping offer, even the most prive-conscious will find their money's worth without having to forgo a certain degree of luxury. However, glamping is much more than a luxury holiday. Many glamping accommodations score with their incomparable location surrounded by nature and with an incredible ambience.

In short, there is a suitable glamping offer for everyone, with more or less luxury, and either expensive or cheap. STROHBOID is one of the high-end manufacturer of glamping tents to buy and gazebo to purchase.

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