What is a glamping pod?

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Was ist ein Glamping Pod?

Everyone knows what camping is – but what is glamping, or have you ever heard about a glamping pod? Is it the same as a glamping tent or not? Especially in recent years, glamping has become a real trend. The term is composed of the words "glamour" and "camping". This combination hits the nail on its head: It's about camping with the special feel-good factor.

Anyone who has so far associated camping with laboriously constructed, flimsy and somehow leaky tents that lack any comfort should take a look at glamping accommodations such as the glamping pod: A standard glamping pod is a compact yet fully equipped design accommodation that, on the exterior, promises an authentic camping experience, while on the inside it offers the benefits of a hotel room – from queen beds with high quality linens and en-suite bathrooms to Wi-Fi and other add-ons.

What makes the camping pod a glamping pod

A camping trip has its very special, romantic charm: Enjoy the campfire until late into the night, sleep surrounded by nature and wake up relaxed in the morning to enjoy an idyllic view with a hot coffee.

Especially when camping, however, there can be a thing or two standing in the way of this ideal: First of all, you have to find the perfect place, pitch the tent, stow away your luggage, cook outdoors on a DIY open fireplace and brush your teeth (in any weather), sleep on a sleeping mat that is too small – that doesn't necessarily sound like the pinnacle of relaxation.

Not so when you check in at a glamping site: The glamour factor of these getaways makes the less pleasant sides of the campsite disappear. Comfort, indulgence and a connection to nature combine to create a very special experience. So why not book a bespoke glamping pod?

The design of a glamping pod combines modern elements with materials that can be found in nature, such as wood. The inside shows the full potential of the glamping pod: A fully fledged and cozy bed invites you to cuddle in.

A separate bathroom offers the privacy you won't get from the usual ablutions, providing you with the feeling that you won't have to do without anything. And while cooking by the bonfire is no doubt something special, it can also be done in the integrated kitchen, which often is equipped with a microwave and kettle. There are often additional extras available for a surcharge. Some glamping providers score points with special offers such as hot tubs, tennis courts or bike rentals.

In contrast to camping in a tent or in a camping pod, everything is taken care of in the glamping pod, so you can start to unwind as soon as you arrive, without further preparations required in your guest house.

Glamping pods – different types for every taste

Glamping pods are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, whether as a hut, camping barrel, glamping dome, sleeping barrel, wooden houses or spacious, modern tents – the sky's the limit. There is something for everyone, be it for an adventurous solo trip, a romantic holiday for two or a family stay surrounded by nature in the family pod. Glamping pods are the ideal choice for groups.

The right choice of accommodation has a huge impact on the perfect holiday, allowing you to relax and enjoy your surroundings as well as peace and quiet. Ideal for anyone looking for an individual holiday.

Particularly appealing for travellers who love to discover new things: Glamping pods can now be found in all the places you were wishing for. They are awaiting guests in the mountains of Scotland, in an Austrian forest, in the lake district or by the sea. A welcome change to the traditional camping park or holiday home.

Glamping accommodations – alternatives

A glamping pod is almost a bit like an outdoors hotel room and as such a very special place to sleep. The glamping pod's allure is its proximity to nature combined with all the comforts you could wish for. Many of these accommodations have a resemblance to cozy wooden cottage.

If you are looking for a glamping pod that combines design, functionality and adventure even more, you should take a look at a fully equipped luxury tent. With a striking modern exterior that harmoniously blends into nature, the STROHBOID glamping tents' real character can be found inside: Here you will find a cozy double bed or single bed, a kitchenette and even a bathroom. It's comfortable and warm thanks to the possibility of heating by a heat exchanger.

To ensure that sustainability and the full comfort of glamping go hand in hand, STROHBOID's glamping tents are also made of local materials. The result: An atmospheric, chic glamping tent that meets the highest standards of comfort while also being CO2-neutral and eco-friendly. Here's to glamping!

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