Glamping resort instead of holiday home: All the advantages and disadvantages

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Glamping Resort statt Ferienhaus: Alle Vor- und Nachteile

Glamping is all the rage. Glamping resorts are becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice. After all, who doesn't want to spend their holidays in a very special and comfortable accommodation surrounded by nature?

Glamping resorts are often found by a lake or the sea, by a river, in the middle of the forest or in the mountains, in a tranquil, idyllic spot.

Glamping accommodations have luxurious facilities and combine the feeling of being in a hotel complex with that of being a real camper. But how does a glamping resort differ from a classic holiday home? And what exactly is glamping?

Advantages of a glamping resort over a holiday home

Being able to enjoy nature plus the comfort of a hotel is a deciding factor for many of those opting for glamping. The outdoor hotel rooms have all the same amenities that also come with normal hotel facilities.

But glamping accommodations are extraordinary holiday homes that let you get close to nature irrespective of the season. No equipment is needed, which is another plus: You neither have to bring tents nor sleeping mats, sleeping bags or towels. Flexible check-in and check-out are another perk that adds to a joyful holiday.

Vorteile eines Glamping Resorts gegenüber einem Ferienhaus

Exceptional accommodations – a different kind of holiday

Hotel rooms in nature are available in many different variants. There is an offer of a whole range of different luxury accommodations, such as safari tents, teepees, wigwams, yurts, classic glamping lodges, tree houses, tiny houses, mobile homes and much more. The equipment is just as varied:

Some accommodations come with electricity and running water, a comfortable single bed or double bed, a luxurious wet room as permanent components, while whirlpools, fireplaces, barbecue areas or hammocks provide the best in terms feel-good atmosphere.

The extraordinary accommodations definitely promise a holiday of a special kind. Holiday homes, on the other hand, are very similar to the everyday and offer less extraordinary experiences.

Außergewöhnliche Unterkünfte – Urlaub einmal anders

Enjoy luxury and nature at the same time

Glamping resorts appeal to nature lovers, luxury holidaymakers or those looking for something out of the ordinary. Why forgo luxury on a camping holiday?

Why not try something extraordinary? At night, look at the starry sky from the comfort of your bed, spend the night at lofty heights or listen to the sound of the wind. Relaxation in the sun garden, in the forest garden or in the vineyard as well as peace and quiet are all part of what glamping resorts have to offer. This allows you to experience a luxurious holiday in the middle of nature.

Additional services

In a holiday home, you are self-sufficient. You prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner yourself. Bed linen and towels are often to be brought from home. In glamping resorts, breakfast is delivered directly to the nature hotel room on request. Comfortable bed linen and towels are provided too - and changed regularly, just like in a hotel room.

In addition, in some resorts the kitchenette, which is often integrated, is even equipped with high-quality crockery, often from Villeroy & Boch, as well as kettles, coffee makers and toasters – perfect for preparing breakfast and small snacks. There is plenty of parking space at all glamping resorts, either in the form of a car port or an open car park.

Angebot an Zusatzleistungen & Service beim Glamping

Camping feeling with maximum comfort

For many people, sleeping in a tent is simply part of camping - if it just weren't for the laborious, annoying setting up of the tent or the back pain after lying on an air mattress or sleeping mat. At night, it often is either too cold or too warm. Having to walk to the sanitary facilities, which you have to share with others, is annoying. And despite a checklist, you are certain to forget some things that would be urgently needed for spending the night outdoors.

In glamping tents, on the other hand, there is the utmost comfort, and everything is on site. Did you know, a glamping tent has a shower and toilet included? A cosy bed and your own small bathroom with a toilet, all paired with the incredible experience of being surrounded by nature. Some very high-quality glamping tents even have air conditioning and underfloor heating.

Camping Feeling mit höchstem Komfort

Disadvantages of glamping resorts vs holiday homes

As beautiful, special and glamorous as a glamping accommodation may be, it also has its disadvantages when compared to a holiday home.

Less privacy

Even though a holiday home may be very similar to your home, it has thick walls, doors that can be closed and windows that can be darkened – everything needed to protects us from curious eyes and big ears. Luxury tents, such as glamping domes, which have glass surfaces on several sides, often offer less privacy.

At the same time, you are sharing the glamping resort or campsite with many other tourists, which is why you will inevitably meet more people than in a holiday home. Obviously, this can also be a positive when on holiday – you can meet new people and maybe even forge new friendships.

Nachteile eines Glamping Resorts vs Ferienhaus - weniger Privatsphäre

Possible lack of space on group holidays

Holiday homes offer plenty of space: Several bedrooms, twin rooms, several bathrooms, a spacious living-dining area. It is ideal for larger families or groups. With glamping however, depending on the accommodation, the space can be rather scarce.

The solution for this is to rent specific group accommodation or several glamping units next to each other: You can spend the holiday together while sleeping in different tents.

Only partly weather-independent

A holiday home provides you with a stable roof over your head. No matter the weather, no matter the travel period, it offers protection from rain, snow and the cold. Not all luxury camping accommodations are weather-resistant. Only some units can be used in icy temperatures, such as STROHBOID's winter-proof glamping tents.

Winterfeste Glamping Zelte von Strohboid

Our conclusion? Off to the next glamping resort

A glamping tent may at times offer less privacy and less space, but it comes with enough comfort and luxury. It is extraordinary and special.

Glamping resorts can be found in the middle of nature, often along cycling paths, hiking trails or near golf courses or thermal baths – allowing you to be active while on holiday.

A camper's heart will rejoice as much as that of a luxury lover. The special accommodations are made to spoil you with an incomparable atmosphere, unique features and special designs. Glamping accommodations can be found in every price segment and are definitely worth the stay.

Many travel providers and camping operators have joined in the glamping trend and now offer holidays in glamping resorts in many European countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland as well as in North America.

"A good example of a glamping resort that offers everything from activities to extraordinary comfort is the Glamping Resort Biosphäre Bliesgau in Kleinblittersdorf, Saarbrücken. It is located near the Saarland thermal baths and the Motivitas gym. The Glamping Resort Bliesgau has a Bliesgau barn offering regional products and is located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau."

Be smart and enjoy your next trip in a holiday home of a very special kind.

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