Terrace roofing: 5 mistakes you should avoid

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You finally want to tackle the "terrace roofing” project, but have you also done the necessary research? If not, do not take planning lightly. Mistakes that commonly happen when purchasing a terrace roof can be easily avoided with proper planning. In this article, we will point out the five most common mistakes when planning and buying a patio canopy.

Constructing your own terrace roofing – a building permit may be mandatory

Many construction projects can only be realized with a building permit. This includes terraces or terrace canopies. Although a building permit for a terrace roof is not always necessary, it is actually mandatory in many federal states and municipalities.

Before you start building, you should get clearance for your construction project from the local building authority; the regulations can vary from municipality to municipality. Violations of legal provisions will be penalized. In the best case you can get away with a fine, in the worst case you will have to dismantle your terrace roof again. You can find out which building regulations apply to you in the state building regulations of your state. They contain information about permitted building materials, minimum distances to neighbors or fire protection provisions . The municipality's development plan also provides more detailed information about where or where not a garden shed or carport may be built. 

Alternatively, you can leave everything to experts such as STROHBOID - even when it comes to building permits. They supply you with the legal provisions and take care of compliance. Last but not least, in addition to the building permit, you should also obtain building approval from the neighbors, especially in cases of roof constructions that are close to the adjacent property, which could raise an objection and lead to subsequent investigations of your building project.

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Saving on materials when roofing the terrace

Realizing the dream of a covered terrace comes with costs, especially if the cover should last for several years and at the same time look good. However, you should not save on the quality of the material.

The most favorable is an aluminum construction with a polycarbonate or glass roof. Such a kit is easy to maintain and hardy, but does not necessarily look particularly appealing. Canopies or frames made of glued wood are more natural, look more aesthetically pleasing, are cheaper and easier to process depending on the type of wood. Their disadvantage is the necessary maintenance effort and the drainage device, which is often not included in the RRP price and is indispensable for a long service life.

Consider the requirements you have carefully before deciding on what to go for, and do not save in the wrong place, i.e. the material. STROHBOID offers very high-quality, stylish wooden canopies that are made of sustainable wood, are waterproof, robust and lasting, and come with a TÜV certificate and a 25-year warranty.

Ignoring snow loads and rain resistance

When it comes to terrace roofing, many people often only consider it to be shading for the outdoor area or a privacy screen to protect from prying eyes. However, since the terrace canopy is exposed to the weather all year round, it must also be able to withstand heavy snow loads and be waterproof. 

As a layman, you can't predict how high the expected snow loads will be in winter. Therefore, before constructing and selecting the material for the terrace canopy, find out which of the so-called snow load zones you live in. You can obtain information about this from the responsible building authority - this gives you an idea of which loads your terrace roofing should be able withstand.

If you decide on a wood cover, you should not forget to install appropriate rain gutters. Without these, the wood can soften, thus no longer providing the necessary protection. With a wooden terrace canopy from STROHBOID, you are on the safe side, as all of their models are weatherproof and can withstand increased snow loads.


Roofing the terrace without considering the statics

Another mistake that many people make during the construction of roofing is negligence of statics, if they don't forget about them altogether. The statics refers to the safety of the construction - making sure it does not collapse in case of high loads or become unstable and break due to wind and other influences. A patio canopy must be configured to reliably protect both people and garden furniture.

When it comes to statics, you should not rely on ready-made kits bought online or at the hardware store. Rather contact an expert; as a layman, you will not have all the necessary knowledge and you might forget about certain things. If you turn to experts such as the STROHBOID team, who deal with statics on a daily basis, you won't take any risks when erecting a fashionable terrace canopy in your open space of garden, be it for private or commercial use.

Constructing terrace roofing without considering sun protection and insulation

While a thermally insulated facade doesn't mean you can't install a canopy, special care is required during assembly, as it may be prone to error. Only approved special dowels and anchors may be used and no loads may be transferred to the thermal insulation of the house.

In a way, "insulation" also affects sun protection measures. While awnings or sun sails protect against sunlight, this is not necessarily true for pergolas or a patio roofing - think of patio canopies made of laminated safety glass or canopies with side walls made of plexiglass, which are often purchased because of their light transmission.

There is a wide variety of shading options, from inside or outside shading to solutions for partial or overall shading to such that are operated manually or digitally.

Choose the convenient method and let the experts from STROHBOID cover your terrace

Finally, you should do some research and plan your project well prior to constructing your terrace roofing. In case of uncertainties, it is best to ask the customer service of the respective dealer and find out about the material used for the models available online.

STROHBOID is at your disposal with a team of experts who will happily advise you with regards to your project. STROHBOID's aesthetically pleasing wooden gazebos are rea; eye-catchers for your terrace and provide a year-round outdoor solution. The material used by STROHBOID is made of locally sourced beech wood, waterproof, wind-resistant up to 160 km/h and carries snow loads of up to 200 kg/m². In addition, the STROHBOID team also advises on the legal provisions and any building permits that may be required, as well as providing you with information regarding the snow load zone.

You can avoid the most common sources of error by leaving quality assurance and assembly to the STROHBOID experts. Sit back and let the experts take over the installation of your new patio canopy. 


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