Open space roofing for more revenue stability

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Überdachung für mehr Umsatz durch mehr Freifläche

Especially in summer, restaurants, cafés, hotels, bars, etc. should not miss one thing: A spacious and inviting outdoor area. Fresh air and the special ambience outdoors are not only inviting – a beer garden and terrace also boost sales.

This makes it all the more important to stabilise these sales. They should not be impacted by a sudden rain shower. It is a fact that the economic success in any outdoor area is weather dependent, especially once autumn is approaching. There is an effective solution to become weather-independent: terrace or garden roofing. An awning or pergola make it possible to use outdoor areas with a feel-good factor all year round, provided that the canopy can be closed and heated.

Beer garden and garden roofing

A nice cool beer in the sun – a perfect scenario for the summer. However ideal this may sound, it is not always viable. Nobody really wants to sweat in the blazing sun or be exposed to a sudden shower - beer in hand.

Sun protection and sufficient shade are therefore indispensable, as is rain protection. Sun sails not only offer all this, their airy appearance also lends a certain summery something to any outdoor area. An awning or free-standing terrace canopy also provides effective protection. If, thanks tobeer garden roofing, guests can be accommodated outside regardless of the weather, it is a win-win: Food and drinks can be enjoyed undisturbed and the outdoors capacity is not simply lost due to bad weather.

Terrace roofing for bars and cafés

By no means outdoor canopies are only of interest for rustic beer gardens. Especially in urban areas, they can increase the appeal of a trendy bar or a cosy café. There are several reasons for this:

Who doesn't love to sit outside enjoying a coffee or drink while watching the hustle and bustle of the city? With a canopy or awning this is possible in any weather and at any time of the year, whether sipping on an ice-cold cocktail or a hot coffee speciality: In the thick of it, surrounded by the place's atmosphere, the moment becomes something very special.

Image: Nikolaus Pfusterschmid

In addition, there is a very practical reason for a terrace roofing for bars and cafés: Baldachins or awnings facilitate the use of outdoor spaces regardless of the weather, thus compensating for potential less interior space capacity and increasing the overall capacity.

Last but not least, characteristic roofing, for example in the form of an awning made of a particularly beautiful material, can noticeably increase the recognition value of the gastronomic establishment.

Terrace roofing for restaurants

An outdoor area that can be used at any time offers real added value for restaurants. On a journey through the seasons, the first warmth of spring can be enjoyed on the terrace. Summer brings the pleasure of being outdoors – especially when a terrace roof protects against the burning sun. The melancholic autumn atmosphere is fully enjoyed with a hot drink, even in the rain. And when the falling snow makes for a romantic atmosphere in winter, it becomes really cuddly thanks to the covered and heated outdoor area.

Lankenauer Hoeft

The possibility to offer reservations in the outdoor area at any time and to also be able to heat this area expands a restaurant's range noticeably: In bad weather, gastronomers do not need to clear the outdoor area. Additionally, atmospheric LED lighting can be added to the terrace roofing to add extra charm to the restaurants.

Outdoor roffing for hotels

Hotels benefit from outdoor canopies too. It is not only the possibility of serving dining al fresco at any time that is attractive to guests. Very different activities can be offered – outside and regardless of the weather. How about, for example, a pool, table tennis or a pool table in the garden shed or on a roofed terrace? There are no limits to the imagination.

Of course, roofed hotel can also be used as weather-independent locations for events and conferences. Whether a garden concert, lecture series or a dream wedding in the countryside: Such places and options lend a hotel real character.

Sales stability and sustainability under one roof?

When it comes to the advantages of canopies, it is important to always keep ahead of the times. The issue of sustainability has been an important topic in recent years, quite rightly so. Fortunately, both the added value for guests provided by roofing and sustainability can be combined.

Solutions made of sustainable materials such as regionally sourced wood are now available on the market. During production, aspects such as the lack of soil sealing and a smaller amount of material used ensure greater sustainability. STROHBOID's terrace roofing is a prime example: Regionally sourced timber is converted into heatable and load-bearing roofing solutions with little material expenditure that are suitable for varying capacities and thus for many different basic prerequisites.

The sales stability that canopies offer the catering and hotel industries can thus be combined with sustainability so that all that is left to do is get that roofing ready to be prepared for any weather!

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