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When entering a luxury accommodation, the first thing that guests will see is the furniture, which is why any furnishings should be well considered. They should be aesthetically pleasing and meet the quality requirements of any glamping holiday

They should be of high quality, functional and appealing. Lovingly chosen accessories and well-designed structures should radiate luxury and comfort. We provide an overview of the musts for indoors and outdoors in order to make guests fall in love with the accommodation.

Glamping furniture for outdoor use

Guests should be able to experience unforgettable moments and relaxing hours in the middle of nature when staying in your glamping accommodation. Campers appreciate being outdoors, and they love the fresh air and a certain feeling of freedom. 

They love to hang out in the great outdoors, and to do so, they need appropriate equipment. The days of lightweight, folding camping equipment made of aluminium are over. As a glamping operator, you now score points with high-quality glamping furniture that is sustainable as well as eye-catching. Matching glamping accessories complete the experience.

Weatherproof seating and lounging furniture

In order for your visitors to get the ultimate nature experience, they should have the opportunity to spend as much time outdoors as possible. To make the experience as relaxing as possible, the outdoor furniture provided should allow them to chill, dine and enjoy. Camping tables, camping chairs, folding loungers or perhaps something more exquisite such as bean bags or hammocks should be a given.

Outdoor glamping furniture, like folding chairs or tables, should be of good quality as it is exposed to sunlight as well as rain and hail. In addition, it should be as durable as possible and, last but not least, aesthetically pleasing.

Another point to consider when purchasing is storage. Where will you store your outdoor equipment and will you need to build a shelter on a terrace in front of the glamping tent, on grass, or on gravel? For reasons of comfort and aesthetics, you could also consider the purchase of a robust outdoor carpet.

Protection against wind and weather

Outdoor furniture should be of such high quality that it can withstand wind and weather for years to come. But not only your furniture, therefore your guests need protection from wind and weather. Awnings and umbrellas with carrying bags protect against the sun. 

A fixed canopy above the terrace provides shade in strong sunlight, as well as a dry place during a downpour. Mobile wind protection panels provide protection on windy days and also pay off if you offer glamping in winter. You should also think about weatherproof curtains and mosquito protection curtains.

Glamping furniture for indoor use – things that should not be missing

Upon entering your glamping tent or yurt, your guests should be amazed. In order to wow your guests, you should provide them with a feeling of being in nature even when being inside, yet offer them a place where they can experience all the comfort of a hotel.

Interiors furnished and decorated with natural materials are ideal to make guests feel good. Stylish furniture made of wood or rattan, decorative elements made of stone and cotton, indirect lighting effects set accents. The furniture should be made of locally sourced woods and be as durable as possible. In addition, the equipment should be as functional as possible – a camping cabinet, for example, should offer plenty of storage space despite its small size.

En-suite kitchenette – for maximum independence

Unlike hotel guests, glampers often prefer self-catering. They like to prepare their own food. That's why a kitchenette is essential. A camping kitchen should be equipped with a cooking facility, either a stove or a camping stove, a sink and a small worktop. In addition, a refrigerator and a coffee machine should be available.

Don't forget to provide crockery, cutlery, glasses, pans and pots. In terms of aesthetics, you can adapt your kitchen front to match the style of the rest of the accommodation. Since campers also like to cook outdoors, you may even score points with an outdoor kitchen.

Stylish seating

The seating inside a spacious tent should be stylish, comfortable and practical. After all, who wants to be seated on rickety, uncomfortable chairs when having lunch or dinner? That's why you should pay attention to functionality, quality and comfort.

You may find comfortable armchairs made of wood with, for example, a seat cover made of durable cotton canvas and a relaxed seat height. You may come across a folding table and chair that can be stowed away when not needed. Whatever you go for, you should pay attention to materials that have been processed sustainably and to high degrees of quality. Instead of chairs with armrests, you may be able to use smart stools with small pack sizes on which you can sit just as comfortably and which are easy to stow away.

Bathrooms – a challenge

A bathroom should be small yet offer all the amenities needed. If wanting to keep distances to showers and toilets short, glamping providers will need to be resourceful. It is challenging to get a lot out of little space.

These days, there is a big choice of well-considered bathroom equipment. Sink on base cabinets with a mirrored cabinet should be standard as such a layout offers storage space for hygiene products. The shower facility can be separated with a hinged door or a shower curtain.

For a good night's sleep

Restful sleep is a blessing for body and soul. When glamping, your guests should be able to enjoy a certain proximity to nature even at night.

People wanting to sleep well are spoilt for choice. Insulated mats and air mattresses are available for camping. When it comes to glamping, there is a choice of camp beds or comfortable beds. You may choose a raised bed with drawer constructions and shelves at the front for storing clothes, shoes and accessories. In any case, comfort is key. The beds should be equipped with sleeping bags, duvets and pillows, colour-coordinated with the rest of the interior.

The complete solution – STROHBOID glamping for seamless nature experiences

STHROHBOID's luxury tents offer all-in-one solutions. They are fully equipped with a bathroom including shower and toilet, a kitchenette and a comfortable bed. This means you neither have to consider furnishing options nor delivery times or shipping costs for individual pieces of furniture. That being said, unfurnished options are available too.

Sustainable production and pioneering design apply to both the exterior and interior of luxury tents. High-quality materials combined with a sophisticated style culminate in functional and luxurious hotel rooms in the middle of nature, with both the tent and the high-quality equipment lasting for years to come. You can purchase a glamping tent directly at STROHBOID.

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