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Which glamping accessories should one buy in order to provide guests with the highest level of comfort? This is a question that every glamping operator will be confronted with sooner or later, and it covers anything from weather-independent camping accessories to sophisticated kitchen and bathroom furnishings to lovingly designed accessories. 

To give you a small overview of the camping items available – whether in local shops or an online shop – we have put together a few considerations that you should take into account when buying equipment for glamping.

Glamping accessories – what to consider

Glamping is a very special way to spend a holiday – glamour combined with comfort in nature instead of annoying backpacks and all the equipment tediously stored in a much too small tent. 

That is why the equipment in every glamping accommodation plays a major role, be it in a caravan, a camping tent, a yurt or another type of motorhome. It doesn't always need to be full-on luxurious. 

Loving details, practical accessories and a large portion of comfort can be enough to create a very special atmosphere and turn a camping tent into a glamping tent. Not to forget, glampers have high standards: The equipment should not be lacking in terms of quality, with sustainable production methods being the cherry on the cake.

Glamping accessories: The same as camping equipment?

Glamping is so much more than normal camping. The luxury version should not have to do without any amenities while still providing the feeling of absolute freedom. 

If you opt for a luxury camping trip, you are surrounded by nature while enjoying the highest levels of comfort in a wonderful atmosphere. That is why any glamping accommodation should come with basic equipment that is exclusive, of high-quality and luxurious.

Everything for a good night's sleep

Good sleep is a major contributing factor to a relaxed and restful holiday. Comfort is a must. A camping mat, air mattress and sleeping bag can be found on any ordinary camping holiday. 

The furniture of glamping accommodations, on the other hand, should not only look good, but above all be comfortable. A cosy, sufficiently wide bed, equipped with a mattress and bedding, ensures relaxing hours at night.

Kitchen equipment for diverse culinary delights

Unlike classic hotel guests, glampers often cater for themselves, which is why every glamping accommodation should have a cooking facility. Gas cookers and coolers are a thing of the past: A kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator, stove, coffee machine, kettle and toaster should be provided along with high-quality and functional camping utensils and cutlery.

Colourful and robust plates, cups and drinking glasses are decorative and turn catering for yourself into a treat. Either a camping stove or a stove with at least two hotplates should be available, along with coated, lightweight and high-quality stainless steel pots and pans. Since glampers enjoy exploring nature on excursions, it would be ideal to also provide lunch boxes.

Put in the right light – with the right lighting

In the evening, string lights, lampions, lanterns, candles or fire bowls provide romantic lighting on the terrace or in the front garden. Indirect light sources merge with nature and set the scene for blissful, dreamy evenings. If solar energy can be used during the day for stylish light effects of solar-powered lighting at night – perfect! Inside the glamping tent, atmospheric light can be provided by flexible and rechargeable camping lamps.

Sanitary facilities for maximum comfort

Standard camping mostly relies on communal sanitary facilities. When it comes to glamping, things are often different: You don't have to cover long distances just to visit the loo. As in most hotel rooms, most glamping accommodations come with their own bathroom and toilet. Despite being small, washing facilities of glamping accommodations should be stylish and suitable for everyday use. They should come with a sink, a shower and a toilet. A mirror cabinet for storing hygiene products is just as practical as a (heatable) towel rail.

Protected against any weather

As amazing as it may be to be surrounded by nature during the holidays, it also means that you are exposed to all kinds of freaky weather. When it comes to glamping, you don't have to worry about that. 

Glamping accommodations – whether in smaller versions or as family tents – are extremely stable, while awnings keep the entrance area dry. However, they also offer the comfort necessary for long hours spent inside. 

It is important to provide a few amenities such as board games, warm carpets or some reading material to ensure that even bad weather days will not dampen the mood. In summer, you can provide electricity with the help of a solar system, while some winter-proof glamping accommodations are even heatable.

Checklist – how to ensure your guests will have an unforgettable glamping experience

To score points with your guests, think of camping supplies that will set you apart. Shipping costs and delivery time checked – if you are browsing in a camping shop, you can be sure to not end up with an empty shopping cart.

Here, you will find a list of useful and practical ideas for your glamping resort:

For outdoors

  • Hammock
  • Deck chairs
  • Camping table + camping chair
  • Fire bowl/barbecue
  • Drying rack
  • Solar system with inverter

For the living area

  • A sufficient number of plugs
  • Comfortable floor (wood, rugs)
  • Comfortable bed
  • Storage area: Trunk, cabinet, under-bed drawers
  • Seating (table and chairs)
  • Satellite TV
  • Accessories (fur, cushions, candles, lights, wall decoration, …)

For the kitchenette

  • Cutlery (knives, forks, spoons, coffee spoons, cake forks, cooking spoon,
  • Cutting knife, bread knife, whirl), Crockery (drinking glasses, cubs, plates, bowls, …)
  • Pots, pans, strainer
  • Cutting board
  • Lunch boxes
  • Coffee maker, microwave, toaster, water kettle,
    kitchen towels, sponge, dishwashing liquid

For the bathroom

  • Towels, shower towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Shampoo, shower gel, soap
  • Towel rack

STROHBOID glamping – an all-round carefree package

STHROHBOID ⁠offers all-inclusive packages. With STROHBOID glamping tents to buy, functional and luxurious outdoor hotel rooms can be realised in the middle of nature. They stand out thanks to their pioneering design as well as their sustainable production.

With the STROHBOID luxury tents, you can vary the equipment: With the Simple and Basic versions, you have enough leeway to bring in your personal touch. The Comfort model, on the other hand, leaves little to be desired: 

It comes equipped with a two-layer membrane roof, extended power connections as well as heating and cooling systems. It also has atmospheric lighting, a comfortable double bed and dining table – and includes a kitchenette and sanitary facilities.

With STROHBOID glamping tents, your guests are sure to get an overnight experience that they won't forget anytime soon. You can also expand your sustainable rooms by adding a STROHBOID gazebo.

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