Sustainability in tourism is booming – offering new opportunities for the hotel industry

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Like so many industries, the hotel industry is undergoing constant change – and effort are being made to ensure the full satisfaction of guests. There is a growing focus on sustainability, not least when it comes to the design of hotel spaces, and this is exactly where STROHBOID comes in: The Austrian start-up has launched innovative, sustainable outdoor solutions – from glamping accommodation to tasting or event tents – thus setting new standards.

How do you deal with the available – or unavailable – space? In the hotel industry, questions like these are not always easy to answer as the solutions often call for a combination of space efficiency with an approach that offers guests a memorable experience. New travel trends, cost considerations and the desire to stand out from the crowd need to be considered when rethinking existing concepts.

“Hotels and restaurants feel the pressure to reinvent themselves time and again and to offer their guests new, unusual experiences. Topics such as high quality, longevity and thus uncomplicated maintenance and servicing play an important role in this,” says Max Schade, STROHBOID founder and CEO. The young company's approach: To rely on a climate- and environmentally friendly construction of its outdoor solutions from the outset. The result is a striking room expansion concept for outdoor use in different sizes. The application areas are correspondingly diverse: In the shape of outdoor dining rooms, meeting rooms, wedding venues or cosy lounge areas, STROHBOID lounges and gazebos are revolutionizing the hotel industry. However, they are not only intended to give guests a pleasant sense of space: The current shortage of staff in the hotel and catering industry is calling for a working environment in which employees feel comfortable.

A rolling stone gathers no moss – innovation as a unique selling point

The tourism industry is a hotly contested market: Those who want to survive will have to constantly evolve and develop new concepts that make them stand out. TheHotelcamp Reinsehlen in the Lunenburg Heath was aware of that and decided to integrate two STROHBOID lounges into their concept: Cleverly placed opposite the conference halls, they are met with a lot of enthusiasm from workshop participants: "We want to offer our workshop participants an unusual place for their break, a meeting point, a space to relax and get a change of scenery, but also to create space for small team work or for dialogue," hotel director Helko Riedinger says when explaining why they chose this solution.

It is no longer enough to solely focus solely on space gain when it comes to interior design: Rather, hotel and catering establishments strive to offer memorable experiences and improve brand recognition, which are just some of the reasons why Hotelcamp Reinsehlen opted for STROHBOID solutions: The sustainable, timeless and innovative design is impressive both from the outside and the inside – "You can't find this everywhere and it blends into the environment here wonderfully," adds hotel director Riedinger.

Following travel trends: Holidays surrounded by nature

It's not only workshop participants who appreciate a breather in the open air: Holidays surrounded by nature are en vogue. It is up to the accommodation establishments to provide their guests with original experiences and to take new paths themselves.

“Guests want their needs to be satisfied, to be cared for and to be confronted with new things,” says Paul Urchs, Director at the Hotel Adula in Flims, describing the challenges in the hotel industry. These are some of the reasons, the hotel went for STROHBOID solutions: For its "1001 Steilas Suite", for example, the Hotel Adula uses the STROHBOID lounge as an extension for its bedrooms, thus offering open-air overnight stays where they can enjoy the starry sky.

Sustainable building as a response to the current shortage of raw materials

Last but not least, the current situation on the raw materials market make considerations regarding price and availability of raw materials a necessity when redesigning a space. Sustainable and resource-saving construction can be a worthwhile approach, which is nothing but an obvious fact for STROHBOID.

"Our vision is to finally make the construction industry sustainable. All our outdoor spaces are made CO2-neutrally from natural materials such as wood: Companies that want to create attractive spaces that are at the same time good for the environment are well advised to choose our products,” says Max Schade from STROHBOID, referring to the lightweight construction allowed by wood. The framework of STROHBOID products is spanned by a translucent, weatherproof skin that creates an extraordinary light and the simultaneous feeling of being outside.

Such an ambience is what guests can find at Hotelcamp Reinsehlen, where a STROHBOID gazebo sets the scene for all kinds of events. It is used for meetings, but also for gastronomic purposes, for example for breakfast or for private and corporate gatherings. The hotel management wanted to create an appealing space for guests to enjoy the surrounding nature to the fullest.

Many challenges – one approach: Sustainable design

Today's hotel and catering industry faces several challenges: A competitive market, price pressure, sustainability considerations and limited space make it necessary to follow previously unknown paths and reinterpret one's own outdoor spaces. With its innovative outdoor solutions, STROHBOID is a reliable partner for hoteliers and restaurateurs who want to address the current challenges and wow their guests with pioneering room concepts.

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