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Enjoying the garden and nature all year round, entertaining guests or organising parties while being protected from wind and weather? Have the opportunity to be one of the few providers of outdoor winter weddings? What sounds tempting is easily possible: With buying a gazebo with a fixed roof.

A gazebo with a fixed roof is the ideal investment for any garden, whether owned privately, as part of a restaurant or café with open spaces or a hotel. There are a lot of reasons to invest in a gazebo or marquee, but there are even more reasons to invest in a gazebo with a fixed roof.

In this blog post, you will learn everything you need to know about gazebos with a fixed roof and what makes them a year-round extension of the living or dining area.

Wind- and weatherproof

In contrast to most folding gazebos, which usually do not include a fixed roof, you do not have to worry about the weather conditions if you have a fixed roof. Whether it is a summer storm, torrential rain or wet-cold weather: A weatherproof gazebo with a fixed roof will shelter you from rain or thunderstorms and, thanks to its stable structure, it offers sufficient protection in any weather. 

Even if it gets stormy, gazebos with a fixed roof provide much better protection from wind than simple party tents, and you do not run the risk of the roof being swept away. In order to be able to use a gazebo in any weather, a fixed roof is the ideal companion.

Usability all year round

When the days are getting shorter and the evenings colder, the time spent in the beer garden or on your own terrace will eventually be over. The end of the holidays is in sight, and you probably won't just fly to Tuscany or Palermo to enjoy the warm weather. What helps? A gazebo that can be used all year round.

The cold season is inevitable and outdoor areas have to be made winter-proof. Flowers need to be covered and insulated, the garden furniture will be cleared and stored in the basement, and gazebos and roofs used in the catering industry will be dismantled. Instead of enjoying at the colourful autumn leaves, coffee in hand, or watching the snowflakes fall with a mug of mulled wine in your own garden or at a restaurant, more time is spent inside.

Gazebos with a fixed roof have some advantages here. With a high-quality gazebo with a fixed roof, you cannot only enjoy time in your own garden in spring, summer and autumn or look forward to an evening with friends in the beer garden, but also spend special moments in your own garden in winter or celebrate corporate events and weddings outdoors. Gazebos with a fixed roof are winter-proof and remain outside all year round.

In summer, they protect against annoying insects and UV radiation with mosquito nets, and in winter they can be heated with infrared panels, while garden furniture remains protected all year round. A fixed gazebo roof or hardtop gazebo is more than just a barbecue gazebo. It creates a roof that promises relaxing hours all year round - from drinking coffee and eating ice cream in the summer to cosy barbecues, to winter weddings or corporate parties. 

Stylish garden gazebo

Classic garden gazebos or pop-up tents are usually simple square or rectangular garden tents with poles made of aluminum or steel. They usually measure 3x3 m (300x300 cm) and therefore offer hardly any options for individualisation. They are often made of plastic and thus only set up for specific occasions. Gazebos with fixed roofs are often made of solid wood and are available in modern or classic designs, with or without side walls and side panels.

Of course you also have to choice to build a pergola or a gazebo that not only offers roofing and sun protection, but that also allows you to add stylish decorative elements to any garden, especially as they are available in a wide variety of colours, such as anthracite and even taupe.

Especially wooden gazebos such as the STROHBOID pavilion stand out due to their shape and aesthetics. Unlike a 3x3 m gazebo, its hyperbolic roof made of translucent high-tech membrane stands out from other gazebos with a fixed roof. It lets the surroundings and the light in, but keeps bad weather and cold temperatures outside while offering enough space for larger gatherings. The lattice construction made of real solid wood creates a safe but cosy atmosphere inspired by the protective branches of a tree.

More sustainable thanks to longevity

Gazebos with fixed roofs are a durable and sustainable alternative to conventional gazebos or marquees. Apart from saving money due to less frequent new purchases, the also reduce shipping costs. Some metal gazebos or aluminum gazebos are weatherproof and very stable. In contrast to simple garden gazebos, they remain in the garden for years, if cared for appropriately, since they are much more durable than simple garden tents.

There are gazebos with polycarbonate roofs, made of rattan or with double web panels. Depending on provider, they can be easily replaced and restored to old glory, even if they rot. With some manufacturers you can simply order a replacement roof. Pavilions made of wood are the most sustainable option, as they rely on durable and sustainable raw materials for construction.

Higher comfort due to once-off installation

In addition to longevity, sustainability and aesthetics, a gazebo with a fixed roof usually only has to be installed once. After that, it stays erected in its place all year round and does not have to be dismantled into its individual parts again. Of course, this has several advantages: You do not need any storage space for the dismantled pavilion and you save time and effort. A gazebo with a fixed roof can be used all year round, a comfort that simple gazebos do not offer. This turns it a luxury gazebo that feels like an extended living room and can be furnished as desired.

Gazebo by STROHBOID – sustainable, modern, stable

The STROHBOID gazebo is a patented, globally unique and regionally produced gazebo that combines aesthetics with sustainability, made in Austria. Heated by heat exchangers, it is a year-round and durable deluxe extension of your terrace or the living room, but also ideally suited for the catering industry or hotels.

Due to the innovative design and the unique frame in the form of an iconic lattice shell made of regional solid wood, the STROHBOID gazebo with its top made of a translucent high-tech membrane with lotus effect creates a cosy atmosphere that also offers weather and UV protection.

You can choose between the Basic, Pro and Comfort versions. Depending on the field of application, it is available in various sizes (70 m², 160 m², 240 m², 330 m²). It is waterproof, winterproof, UV-resistant and durable thanks to the sustainable construction made of domestic beech wood. The STROHBOID pavilion withstands storms of up to 160 km/h and in winter it can carry a snow load of up to 200 kg/m². With good care, it has a durability of more than 50 years, which makes it a stylish and sustainable companion.

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