Wooden gazebo: Nature meets aesthetics

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Pavillon aus Holz - Natur trifft auf Ästhetik

A wooden gazebo enhances any area and can extend the outdoors living area, serve as a year-round terrace roof or outdoor extension of a restaurant or be used as a stylish wedding location or for events. Garden gazebos built of wood are something very special. Wood creates a homely atmosphere and is currently being rediscovered as a sustainable building material for modern architectural styles.

Of course, a modern wooden gazebo should meet aesthetic criteria and be pleasing rather than just offering the atmosphere of a simple marquee. STROHBOID is a very special pioneer in the field of modern design of wooden gazebos.  

In this blog post, you will find out everything there is to know about wooden gazebos for the private and gastronomic sector.

Wood: The material of choice for every application

Coziness, comfort and sustainability - wood is a renewable raw material that is currently receiving enormous attention in the design and construction industry. While wood used to be more associated with ski chalets, summer houses or garden furniture, it has made the leap into modern interior design. 

Wood has been rediscovered as a material for building, furnishing and decorating. Due to its versatility and malleability, it is one of the most interesting materials used in modern architecture. Curved, sanded, filigree or solid, wood has the ability to mimic, mirror and expand nature. Thus, it not only mirrors nature in a garden shed or a carport, but it also has the ability to bring the natural coziness provided by nature into any living area, and, along with it, convincing design. 

Ecological spatial awareness

More and more people are developing an ecological spatial awareness due to our changing climate and the associates challenges that play a major role in the sustainable development of our society. Thus, sustainability, regionality, but also indoor climate and aesthetics have become topics of great importance. 

These days, many people turn away from classic building materials in favor of wood. The indoor climate is an important aspect of interior design, essential for well-being in your own four walls; nothing is cozier and more natural than real wood. The trend continues outdoors, and in addition to summer houses or pergolas, which have always been made of wood, more and more gazebos are now made of natural materials too.

Wood is ideal for any type of indoor or outdoor equipment such as garden furniture, panels, floors or ceilings, or building material for houses and wooden gazebos, which is why it is being added to the shopping cart with increasing frequency. It is THE sustainable raw material and can also be grown regionally. 

Enhancing open spaces with a wooden gazebo

Wooden gazebos offer a year-round, covered opportunity to aesthetically enhance any free space. Be it the garden area of a hotel, a pub garden or a restaurant's al-fresco dining area, a wooden gazebo serves to create an outdoor area that can be used all year round. The chosen material has an impact on the gazebo's stability. Whether as an eye-catcher in a hotel's outdoor area, as a barbecue pavilion adjoining the outdoors sitting area, as an open pavilion to escape the summer heat, with or without side walls, the range of uses is as varied as the selection of gazebos on offer. However, you should always familiarize yourself with your local regulations before purchasing, because some gazebos require a building permit.

Providers such as Weka, Skan Holz, Promadino or Wolff Finnhaus work with similar technologies and offer garden shed kits made of impregnated wood. Models such as the Cordoba, Palma, Seville, Marseille, Palmako, Marburg or Karibu are available online. Their wood is impregnated or boiler-pressure impregnated and thus weatherproof. This allows for a division into separate areas and creates a very special atmosphere for group bookings, weddings or corporate events. 

At STROHBOID, we offer lockable gazebos made of hyperbolic paraboloid wooden lattice shells. This rounded roof construction, consisting of sustainable, local beech veneered wood, is covered with a durable membrane. Due to the high-tech construction, the gazebo is not only wind- and weatherproof for use all year round, but it also stands out with to its unique design!

Design blends with nature

Classic gazebos can have a tent roof, flat roof, a hipped roof, gabled roof, or a pointed roof. In addition, there is also a choice of semi or fully open flat terrace roofing. These are often square or angular and come with a canopy, however, they do not blend into the flowing forms of nature.

A log cabin with a shingled roof tends to fit into nature due to its rustic structure. Modern wooden gazebos continue this architectural line by merging with the environment and becoming a part of your garden oasis. 

Aesthetics and sustainability under one gazebo's roof

The STROHBOID gazebo combines sustainability and aesthetic design with its hyperbolic paraboloid lattice construction made of laminated timber and rounded roof. The enclosed gazebo made of traditional materials such as high-quality solid beech wood is leap into the future allowing year-round use of your outdoor areas. The roof, covered with a translucent high-tech membrane, does not require any roofing paper and keeps wind and weather outside thanks to the Lotus effect. 

Purchase your Gazebo from STROHBOID

The wooden gazebo creates a cozy atmosphere that also protects against UV radiation and weather. To withstand cold temperatures in winter, the STROHBOID gazebo can be heated with a heat exchanger. This makes for a stylish and at the same time comfortable outdoors area that is profitable all year round. Purchase your Gazebo online and learn more about the STROHBOID designs.

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