10 benefits of a garden gazebo

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Welche Vorteile hat ein Pavillon im Garten?

A gazebo in the garden has many advantages, especially if it is a year-round gazebo. Either way, a gazebo expands the available living space or catering space, protects against wind and weather and can be used flexibly for a variety of purposes. But not only that: In the best case, a garden gazebo is winter-proof, needs to be set up only once - as opposed to a foldable gazebo - and can be heated in the cold months.

Nothing stands in the way of realizing your dream of an outdoor space with a garden gazebo; waterproof gazebos offer an idyllic retreat where you can relax and watch the snow fall in winter and thunderstorms in summer – protected from the cold, rain, lightning and thunder. More so than others, wooden gazebos without polycarbonate or aluminum elements are particularly pleasing with their inviting aesthetics.

The number of reasons for wanting a gazebo in the garden is just as diverse as the range of providers. Among the most renowned ones are STROHBOID, Sojag, Siena Garden, Weka and Karibu.

In this blog post, we have summarized 10 benefits of a gazebo in the garden.

Die Vorteile für einen Pavillon als Markt im Garten

Additional space

No matter what type of gazebo you own, they all increases living space in some way. Hotels, restaurants or event organizers know how to use this fact to their benefit by offering their guests protected outdoors spaces. 

Weddings, events or private meetings no longer have to be postponed or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions thanks to the fact that a robust gazebo protects against sun, rain and - if it comes with attached side panels - from the wind and cold. 

Proximity to nature with maximum comfort

Garden gazebos allow restaurant or hotel guests to relax comfortably for hours, enjoying their celebration or a romantic dinner surrounded by nature. Gazebos enable you to specifically address guests who like to be in nature yet do not want to miss out on luxury and comfort.

Wooden gazebos are particularly suitable for creating an oasis with a feel-good atmosphere, as the natural raw material has a calming effect and blends harmoniously into nature as well as the surrounding flora and garden design. 

Year-round outdoor space

With the right choice of your garden gazebo, you can create a year-round outdoor space for yourself and your guests. You will thus be able to use your living space extension throughout the seasons, which offers the opportunity for special events, such as winter weddings.

A gazebo in the garden in the form of a garden tent or folding gazebo is not always suited for creating a year-round outdoor space. Only windproof and waterproof gazebos that are made of solid materials such as wood or gazebos with a solid roof can be used all year round.

Please note that snow and frost are not uncommon in Central European latitudes and that a gazebo does not heat up on its own. Both the foundation and the flat roof of the pavilion must therefore be able to withstand high snow loads and be frost-proof. Otherwise, water will penetrate, which will expand during freezing and cause unsightly damage.

Vorteile eines Pavillons im Garten im Winter

Ideally, a gazebo should be lockable and heatable, so that it makes for a cozy stay even at low temperatures.

For warmer seasons and hot summer months, gazebos should provide for the installation of mosquito nets along the side panels. Just think back to a balmy summer evening when you were sitting outside in low light, wanting to relax, until the bliss was disturbed by annoying mosquitoes and flies. Mosquito nets provide a remedy. They can be removed during the day in order not affect the aesthetics of the gazebo.

Aesthetic enhancement of open spaces

Depending on which type of gazebo you choose, you can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your garden. Classic garden gazebos or pop-up tents, which are only set up occasionally and made of plastic or fabric, are not really considered as eye-catchers. 

The opposite is true for pergolas, gazebos or wooden pavilions and summer houses:⁠They can be used as stylish decorative elements and lend a personal touch to your garden. The design options are versatile: From angular to round, from open barbecue pavilions or year-round terrace roofs to closed aluminum-glass garden houses in anthracite (such as the Canopia Milano garden pavilion by Palram) and taupe to wooden pavilions in natural or bright colours, you have a choice of ptions to visually enhance your outdoor area.

If the pavilion is to blend into nature harmoniously, a wooden gazebo is a good choice. Unpainted, the wooden surface develops a shimmering patina, which lends a very natural appeal to the gazebo, making it seemingly one with nature.

Vorteile eines Pavillons im Garten - Ästhetisch

More cost-effective than other structural provisions

If you are looking to increase your living space without having too much budget to spare, a garden gazebo with a fixed roof is your best alternative. It can be used all year round - these days there are garden gazebos that can be used both open and closed as well as being heated in winter.

Additionally, the RRP of such gazebos is much lower than that of other structural provisions that would expand the house itself. 

Flexible use - from tea house to wedding venue

Garden gazebos can be used flexibly. In a private setting they can serve as a calm oasis to retreat to, where you can linger with family and friends; it can serve to protect your BBQ or garden furniture from sun and rain, as terrace roofing or a carport for your vehicle. There are also custom-made gazebos available, which take individual space requirements into account.

Event organizers are increasingly replacing foldable party tents with gazebos, as they are more stable in addition to being an eye-catcher - especially suited for weddings or upscale events. 

In the gastronomic sector, hardtop gazebos are an ideal space extension for restaurants, beer gardens and bars, making it unnecessary to cancel reservations due to adverse weather. Gazebos can also be used as canopies for entrance areas. 

Independent of weather conditions

Independent of weather conditions

A well-built, fixed and, most importantly, stable gazebo in the garden can be used in any weather, be it rain, cold, snow or strong sunshine. Under a solid roof you can extend your stay outdoors indefinitely. Even in stormy conditions, gazebos protect you and your garden furniture from strong winds thanks to stable side walls.

A wind- and weatherproof gazebo is not only pleasant for private use; restaurant owners, hoteliers or event organizers can benefit from it too. Events no longer have to be cancelled due to sudden rains or a storms.

However, this advantage only applies to weatherproof, freestanding gazebos with a roof and weatherproof side walls. Standard plastic party tents or folding pavilions only offer protection from rain and direct sunlight, while they will definitely neither withstand strong winds nor offer full resistance to water. Neither are they suitable as privacy screens.

Wetterunabhängig sein - Vorteil für einen Pavillon im Garten

Parasols are out of date

Of course, good old parasols have their justification for occasional use. They are inexpensive, easy to erect or dismantle, and can be mounted quickly almost anywhere; they offer plenty of sun and UV⁠protection and can be flexibly adjusted according to the sun's rays.

However, most parasols are not rectangular and only offer shade for a small area; they are neither water-repellent, nor wind- or UV-resistant - in short: They may be most useful when on holiday in Mykonos or Martinique in the Caribbean. 

Garden gazebo as a USP

A garden gazebo can of course make you stand out from the crowd, after all, not everyone can claim to own one.

The gastronomic and accommodation industries in particular can profit from a gazebo in the form of a wooden pavilion, which is great for attracting guests and being used as a stand-out feature. In addition to increasing the available space, free-standing garden gazebos for hotels and restaurants create a recognition value as well as offering a welcome space to relax in during your stay. Workshop participants will welcome the opportunity to take shelter during their fresh-air during breaks, which can now even take place in bad weather. 


Sustainability is an increasingly important issue with regards to climate change. Especially when enlarging or expanding one's living space, this aspect should not be neglected, not least in terms of the impending floor sealing in new structural additions and the current shortage of raw materials.

Nachhaltigkeit als Vorteil für einen Pavillon im Garten

Purchase your gazebo

The STROHBOID gazebo made of wood is the most sustainable solution out of the many possibilities for structural additions. Firstly, it is durable: There is less waste than with marquees or folding pavilions, whose material wear is enormously high. Secondly, it is cheaper in the longer term as it only has to be purchased once and is generally cheaper than an annexe. Thirdly, wooden gazebos such as those offered by STROHBOID are more environmentally friendly, as the wood absorbs and stores CO2 from the atmosphere. And last but not least, STROHBOID uses locally sourced beech wood, which means that the shipping routes are shorter than for other types of wood or materials. You can purchase your gazebo directly from STROHBOID.

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