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Bau eines Pavillons nach Maß

Anyone who thinks that a gazebo made to measure is too much of a good thing is mistaken. A gazebo should not only fulfil the purpose of a canopy, but should also be a year-round gazebo and thus offer protection from the elements, be steadfast, stable and durable while at best visually enhancing the appeal of the outdoors area. In addition, a gazebo should serve as an extension of your outdoor space so you can offer your hotel or restaurant guests a special space for special occasions all year round. The benefits of a gazebo in the garden are not to be underestimated.

There are many reasons for building a custom-made gazebo – the most important ones are listed in this article. You can also find out where to purchase your tailored gazebo, in order to get the perfect fit for your purposes without any additional costs.

Tailor-made gazebo for a perfect fit

A gazebo is not a gazebo. Even though every gazebo may add appeal to your home, restaurant or hotel while also serving as an extension of living space, they all differ in terms of equipment and design. For example, there are seasonally usable folding gazebos as well as garden gazebos that are firmly anchored in the ground and can be either open or covered. Then there are gazebos that look like and are used as garden houses. 

The basic structure can be square, rectangular or round; polygonal gazebos are very popular. And last but not least, open gazebos can be individually extended by adding various types of side panels and roofing.

Bau eines Pavillons nach Maß

There are almost infinite ways to design a garden gazebo. On the one hand, this is an advantage, as it allows you to realize pretty much any idea. At the same time, however, this is also a disadvantage, as it requires the consideration of many things, such as: Stability, reasons for a gazebo with a fixed roof, and so on. It is also necessary to determine whether you want a gazebo or rather a pergola, even if the difference between a pergola and a gazebo is not necessarily a major one. This is why, for the perfect fit of a gazebo, tailor-made designs based on an individual offer from a trusted specialist are recommended; after all, there may be too many compromises with off-the-shelf gazebos, the reasons for which are depending on use, design, equipment, etc. Here are some ideas:

Do aesthetics play a role?

A garden gazebo is an eye-catcher that can be presented as a highlight of the garden. However, in order for the design to match the rest of the garden, you should seek expert help to get information about various implementation options and possible obstacles.

What is the gazebo used for?

Depending on the size and shape or design, a garden gazebo is suitable for many different purposes. On the one hand, a gazebo can be a welcome extension of space for hotels or restaurants, or it can serve as an event tent. Of course, gazebos are also used in public spaces such as parks, or in private spaces as winter-proof terrace roofing or a kind of conservatory.

Pavillon nach Maß

However, since a garden gazebo is not only suitable for social or romantic gatherings, but can also be used similarly to a garden house for storing garden utensils, flowers and tools or as a workshop, equipment such as shelving, holding strips or workbenches should be present. In order to allow for versatile use of the gazebo, tailor-made production is necessary, since subsequent changes can often costly and labor-intensive.

The same applies to the gazebo's exterior: Both the gazebo roof and the side walls must match your intended use and should ideally fit in with the natural environment.

What other options are available? From pergolas to subsequent changes and adjustments

Tailor-made options are also recommended for pergolas. Since they often exhibit an open design, there is neither wind protection nor protection against cold or sunlight. Depending on the intended use, however, you may prefer an open configuration with the option of situation-dependent sealing rather than an open one that is more reminiscent of a terrace roof.

Bau eines Pavillons nach Maß im Garten

Although temporary side walls can be attached by means of gazebo tarpaulins or truck tarpaulins and expander rope, these are not stable and aesthetically appealing. PVC tarpaulins with zippers are better suited. These are tear-resistant, durable and UV-resistant and, if properly manufactured, can easily be attached to the pergola frame via eyelets as long as they are integrated thanks to custom-made production.

Tailor-made gazebos for every occasion

A garden gazebo, unlike a garden shed, is not defined by practicality, only being useful for storing garden furniture or tools. A garden gazebo is mainly used for offering protection when relaxing, lingering or celebrating outdoors, and is also aesthetically pleasing.

Gazebos have many uses. They are suited for private use - for relaxing, resting, reading, having a coffee break, as a roof for the car, similar to a carport, as a garden workshop, gym or for storing garden furniture.

In the events industry and gastronomy, gazebos are mainly used for larger events such as weddings, festivals, wine tastings, smaller trade fairs or as room extensions. They are ideally suited as a type of terrace roof for restaurants and al-fresco areas, for casual bars, but also for serious business meetings – regardless of the weather.

Bau eines Pavillon nach Maß - Maßgeschneidert

Suppliers of tailor-made gazebos

There are several providers who offer custom-made gazebos.

In terms of online providers, there is the German provider Abdeckhauben-Shop. It has an easy-to-use configurator, which allows you to individually configure coverings or roof tarpaulins as well as various canopies, at the same time providing you with a non-biding offer.

Thomas-Zelte.de is a bit different:⁠The provider has a detailed contact form where you are asked to enter characteristics such as product type, dimensions, features, material, installation location, etc.

The range of gazebos at WALLI Wohnraum Garten is similar Amazon. From terrace roofs in various designs, gazebos, pergolas/arches to carports to various design elements and wooden terraces, there is something for everyone - even ideas for a replacement roof. A PDF document, lists all offers (incl. VAT) as well as information about materials used, delivery, incl. potential delivery delays and shipping costs.

Modular gazebos by STROHBOID

STROHBOID does not offer custom-made products in the usual sense. Instead, they offer gazebos from 20 to 330 square meters, so that any size requirement can be met. The benefit of STHROHBOID's unique shape and system is its modularity, which allows freedom in design comparable to tailor-made gazebos but without additional costs. An additional advantage of STROHBOID gazebos is that they are made of sustainable and natural materials, turning the wooden structures into a visual highlight.

STROHBOID gazebos can be used all year round, as their modular design with closable side panels and built-in infrared heating protects against the cold. In summer, the gazebos can be opened so as to not resemble a sauna, but rather feel pleasant and well ventilated.

Modularer Bau von Pavillon nach Maß

Buy your gazebo online

The modular STROHBOID designs can on the one hand be configured on the website where you can select size and equipment, and specify further details using the contact form. On the other hand, you can also contact the experts at STROHBOID directly so they can provide you with information on your gazebo purchase and about available customisation options, prices and assembly processes. An additional benefit of STROHBOID: The employees also take care of the legal requirements such as obtaining building permits.

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