Which gazebo is the best?

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Welcher Pavillon ist der Beste?

If you are looking for a new gazebo to purchase, you will find a huge selection of models and different areas of application. There are various types of gazebos, such as folding gazebos or year-round gazebos, which offer different degrees of stability and durability but also differ in terms of overall design. While some gazebos are sustainable eye-catchers, others have a rather bland design. So before you purchase, there are a few things you should consider. 

In addition to different types of gazebos, there are also a number of garden gazebo providers that we have compared for you. There are even suppliers for custom-made gazebos. Last but not least, a lot has also happened in terms of design and sustainability, as you will learn in the final paragraph.

So if you are looking for the perfect gazebo, this blog post is a must-read for you. 

Types of gazebos

The large selection of gazebos available makes finding the right one a bit of a task. There are considerable differences in terms of stability, weather resistance, aesthetics and sustainability. There are simple folding gazebos, pop-up gazebos, fixed roof gazebos or party tents. They have a flat linkage and are available with or without side walls and side panels and in a wide range of colors such as anthracite or taupe. 

Bester Pavillon als Festzelt

They are often height-adjustable and foldable, making them easy to assemble and dismantle. The standard size for party tents is 300x300 cm. If the roof is defective, you can order a replacement roof and simply replace it. This type of garden gazebo offers sun protection in summer or can be used as a BBQ canopy 

or a barbecue pavilion at events. For larger events, a marquee - the larger version of a party tent - made of waterproof polyethylene or waterproof polycarbonate is often used. Marquees have a stable linkage and are anchored to the ground with pegs. These tents can withstand stronger winds. Gazebos with a steel frame can be used as permanent terrace roofing, but are not as mobile. They are quite heavy and more complicated to set up. They are available as 3x3 meters or 3x6m options. 

If you are looking for year-round terrace roofing, you should consider a wooden gazebo. These garden gazebos are weather-resistant, sustainable and often have a solid roof. This makes them the perfect solution for commercial and residential gardens, if looking for something that can be used throughout the year. 

Beste Verwendungszwecke für einen Pavillon

Criteria for reliable gazebos

When choosing a suitable gazebo, there are several things to consider. If you are looking for a canopy for one evening only, you are well advised with a simple party tent. However, if the garden tent is intended as an extension of the catering area or living room, it is better to invest in a high-quality gazebo. 

A good gazebo should not only provide rain protection or privacy and protect against sunlight: In order to be able to use it as a gazebo all year round, it should be wind-resistant, waterproof and UV-resistant. 

Bester Pavillon aus nachhaltigem Material

A good garden gazebo or a garden shed offer not only functional aspects but also modern looks paired with a stylish design in addition to other advantages of a gazebo in the garden. They are made of sustainable materials such as wood. Modern wooden gazebos such as the STROHBOID gazebo are leading the way. In addition to their innovative design with a rounded translucent roof construction, their lattice construction made of solid wood is unique.

A comparison of gazebo suppliers

There are a number of manufacturers of a variety of garden gazebos that offer a wide range of different sizes. Sojag offers a gazebo with a fixed roof. Sojag gazebos have an aluminum frame. An aluminum gazebo of this type is of high quality and its roof is made of either steel, aluminum or plastic. The steel pipes are made stainless by a coating and mosquito nets are included. 

Siena Garden offers a wide range of garden gazebos, pergolas or barbecue gazebos. (Attention: Pergola and gazebo are not the same thing, in another post we will explain the difference between pergola and gazebo). Most gazebos have a metal or aluminum frame. The roofs and side panels are made of plastic or fabric. Since it is becoming increasingly important to pay attention to sustainability when designing the exterior, materials such as wood are enjoying new popularity. Wood is not only sustainable and grows regionally, a garden pavilion made of wood is stable, windproof and weatherproof and can also be used in winter as a full-fledged catering area or lounge.

Providers such as Weka, Skan Holz, Promadino or Wolff Finnhaus work primarily with wood and offer impregnated garden sheds that are usable year-round. 

In addition to suppliers of these classic gazebos, providers such as STROHBOID, which combine sustainable solutions for the use of wood with modern design, have also conquered the market.

STROHBOID gazebo: Leader in terms of sustainability

The STROHBOID gazebo is a unique deluxe gazebo with a unique shape that revolutionizes the understanding of garden gazebos in gastronomy, the hotel industry, but also the private sector. Its hyperbolic lattice construction made of solid wood and its rounded roof shape combine sustainability with a stylish design: 5 tons of CO2 are bound and only 3 tons of CO2 are consumed in the production of a pavilion. 

Bester Pavillon - Strohboid

The roof made of translucent high-tech membrane keeps wind and weather outside thanks to the Lotus effect, while inviting nature and light inside. The wooden gazebo protects against UV radiation and is UV-resistant. In winter, the STROHBOID gazebo withstands cold temperatures as it can be heated with infrared. This makes it a clear favourite in terms of sustainability and design. The sustainably produced gazebo heralds a new era of event and garden gazebos and proves that longevity can be combined with good looks. 

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