What is a mobile home?

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Was ist ein Mobile Home?

The mobile home is a highly portable and compact yet comfortable living option. These movable housing units offer the freedom to change your place of residence as desired and bring together the charm of a home with the desire for flexible housing solutions. But what exactly does the term "mobile home" mean?

In this article, we will delve into the definition and unique features of mobile homes. Additionally, we will explore the history of mobile homes and examine alternatives such as the compact chalet by STROHBOID.

Mobile Home - a Definition

Mobile homes (also known as a house trailer, park home, trailer, or trailer home) are transportable housing units that are not firmly anchored in the ground. Instead, they rest on stable platforms, allowing for flexible changes in location.

When it comes to mobile homes, it is important to note that they typically do not have their own road approval. However, they can still be transported over long distances using trucks. This allows mobile homes to be used as permanent living solutions without sacrificing the flexibility of choosing a location.

But mobile homes are not only popular as permanent housing options: vacationing in a mobile home is also highly popular, as they can be set up in a variety of different locations.

The history of the mobile home

The history of mobile homes dates back to the first half of the 20th century. They were particularly used in the USA during this time to provide affordable housing. The industry experienced a significant boom in the 1950s when manufacturers began using high-quality materials. 

This made mobile homes more suitable for permanent residency. It also led to the emergence of trailer parks, especially in the USA. Mobile homes also gained significance in Europe, particularly as flexible housing solutions. 

Over the last few decades, technology has advanced, and modern mobile homes now offer an impressive level of comfort and style. As a result, vacationing in a mobile home has become increasingly popular, as they can provide high-quality camping accommodations. (Source: 1)


Characteristics - that's what sets a mobile home apart

A mobile home is known for its particularly flexible form of housing. The living space of a mobile home can vary, and there are different models available, ranging from ones with a chassis to fixed units.

When it comes to interior design, there are often creative approaches to making the most of the limited space in this type of tiny house. It is not uncommon for tiny houses to be designed as modular or prefabricated homes, with customizable elements for tailored living solutions. To learn more about the difference compared to a chalet, you can read more here.

Moreover, residents of mobile homes can unleash their creativity in the outdoor area. Depending on where the tiny houses are placed, you may find beach chairs and hammocks or a barbecue area for mountain campfires. However, for year-round living comfort, it is recommended to prioritize insulated exterior walls and overall weather resistance of the mobile home.

Only a few mobile homes have road approval and can be moved on their own axles, while others are placed on a stable foundation in places like trailer parks. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly check which legal regulations must be followed before placing a mobile home.

Is a building permit required? What building regulations must be taken into account? Especially outside of caravan settlements, it is important to ensure that a tiny house can be legally placed on the intended site, whether as a vacation home or primary residence. It is worth noting that there are state-specific distinctions. Therefore, it is advisable to gather comprehensive information and permits from your state and county in advance.

Alternative options to the mobile home

Mobile homes are popular representatives of the tiny house class – but there are alternatives. Depending on whether these alternatives are more likely to be used as holiday accommodation or permanent residence, there are various other options for comfortable living in a compact space.

Mobile Home vs. Motorhome

Mobile homes and motorhomes both offer flexible housing solutions, but differ in their design and usage. Mobile homes are typically stationary residential units with fixed living space and are not usually approved for road traffic. They require a special parking space and transportation by truck.

In contrast, motorhomes are designed for maximum mobility and can travel flexibly due to their road approval. These vehicles combine living and travel comfort and are ideal for travelers who like to explore different places.

Glamping tents with maximum comfort

Glamping tents are an attractive alternative to mobile homes, offering a unique combination of luxury and nature experience. Unlike fixed mobile homes, many tents allow for a more flexible travel experience as they are not tied to a specific location. You can read about the differences between a mobile home and a glamping tent in the article.

Other options, such as the glamping tents from STROHBOID, are designed for a fixed location and provide hotel-level amenities, offering a comfortable and stylish outdoor accommodation option.

Glamping sites are available not only in the US and Europe, but all over the world, in various charming locations. The variety of available models, from safari tents to modern interpretations, allows travelers to find their individual idea of outdoor luxury. These flexible and comfortable glamping tents are a worthwhile consideration for anyone seeking a mobile yet stylish accommodation.

Arten von nichtmobilen Tiny Houses wie dem Chalet

A unique type of tiny house - the STROHBOID Mountain Chalet

The STROHBOID Mountain Chalet – the larger counterpart of the STROHBOID Gazebo or Pavilion – embodies the condensed form of the Tiny House lifestyle: on 215 sq ft, it offers all the amenities of a cozy retreat while its sustainable design brings hotel-like comfort into nature.

Its resilience to extreme weather conditions allows it to stand firm in up to 26 feet of snow and withstand wind speeds of 99 mph. Thus, it becomes an ideal refuge, particularly in luxurious nature retreats, seamlessly integrated into pristine surroundings. The generous windows create a light-filled atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Innovatively redefining the Tiny House lifestyle, the STROHBOID Mountain Chalet combines sustainable architecture, Austrian craftsmanship, and modern comfort with its panoramic glass fronts and robust shingle roof.

Whether it's a tiny house, mobile home, or chalet, the STROHBOID Mountain Chalet exceeds all expectations associated with this lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is meant by a mobile home?

A mobile home is a portable housing unit that is used as a permanent or temporary residence. This type of living arrangement is typically placed on a designated pitch but can be moved unlike conventional houses. Mobile homes come in various sizes and designs, offering a flexible living solution for different needs

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