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STROHBOID products are produced in Austria. We focus on sustainability and regional quality for your individual outdoor solution.

Reasons for STROHBOID

Rapid amortisation & high ROI

STROHBOID outdoor solutions provide an extremely fast return on investment (ROI), not least thanks to their convertible operational capability: 

  • The space gained by our products can be used all year round.
  • This allows you to receive more guests in any weather all year round
  • while at the same time creating new sources of income (e.g. space that can be rented exclusively, accommodation options...). 
  • The Comfort version pavilion is comparable to a building in terms of its possibilities of use while only costing a fraction.

Impressive stability

In addition to design, aesthetics and sustainability, we focus on stability in the development of our products. It is no longer enough to just be stunning and sustainable - products need to withstand the most diverse weather conditions.

We offer solutions that withstand winds of up to 170 km/h (hurricane) and snow loads of up to 200 kg/m² so they survive even the most extreme weather conditions. And what's even more impressive - thanks to the hyperbolically curved structure made of LVL wood, immense load capacities are possible: The pavilion can carry a proud 10,000 kg.

Perfectly structured, inspired by nature

"Form follows nature" – true to this motto, we have possibly found the best co-architect: Nature itself. Thus, the STROHBOID designs skillfully use the natural conditions of the different building materials. 

The simple yet distinctive, organically curved design of our outdoor spaces seamlessly blends into any scene. The natural tones used and the building material wood make it possible to allow authentic experiences in nature without clouding their seemingly unspoiled state by human intervention.

Depending on location and staging, our products afford a wide range of effects – from unobtrusive retreats to stylish eye-catchers while creating tangible symbioses of sustainability and aesthetics.

We rely on sustainability

For us, sustainability is more than just a trend. Rather, it is indispensable in all areas of life – and thus also in building – in order to preserve our planet as a species-rich, varied and habitable home for future generations. What many of us don't know is that the construction industry emits more than 30 % of the world's CO2 emissions.

And because sustainability is not only a buzzword at STROHBOID, we pay attention to the greatest possible climate efficiency from start to finish. This claim extends to both the design and the choice of materials used as well as their processing.

Sustainable raw material and manufacturing process

One of the most central raw materials in the production of our outdoor solutions: Wood. We source 100 % of our wood regionally from Europe. The wood used binds more CO2 than is released during the production of our products – making them climate-neutral. 

Through special manufacturing processes, the renewable raw material gains enormous stability that even exceeds that of steel. In combination with the material-saving lightweight construction, it is thus possible to cover large areas with extremely little use of material.  

We plant trees

We are convinced that it is essential to give back to nature to at least the same extent that we take from it. That's why we replant twice as many trees for every product we produce. This reforestation is carried out by Click a Tree in Ghana. 

Why Ghana? Because with this reforestation project we are not only planting new trees, but at the same time creating long-term jobs on the ground, guaranteeing food security for farmers and training young people. This enables us to contribute not only to environmental sustainability but also to social sustainability.

Materials - that's what we rely on

We focus on the use of sustainable building materials in the production of all our outdoor solutions. This creates versatile spaces in the midst of nature without overloading them.


Although wood is considered to be a renewable source of raw materials, the most economical possible use of this resource is also indispensable. We achieve this with a particularly material-saving lightweight construction that is only possible with the use of special LVL wood (a specially processed version of solid wood), which is 3 times as stable as normal wood.  This is why we call this material the "wood of the future". 

Depending on the required qualities of the product, we use beech wood (for the pavilion) and spruce wood (for the lounge and glamping).

Of course, the floor inside our products is made of solid wood, which is treated with natural natural oil. The knot holes remain in their original form during processing of the floor and thus make each floor unique.

Translucent high-tech membrane

The translucent membrane successfully blocks sun, wind and rain while at the same time allowing light to enter. The soft light inside, which is similar to that of a photo box, ensures a bright feel-good ambience. 

Our high-tech membrane is made of Airtex Magic. This is a thin fabric that is coated with a thin PVC layer and is flame retardant. A protective varnish is applied on top - with good care, this makes the membrane durable for decades thanks to the lotus effect and optimally protects it against UV irradiation and weather.

The organically curved shape of the products allows for an advantageous aerodynamic effect: Even strong gusts of wind flow optimally and cannot affect the membrane. In addition, the double-curved membrane stabilises itself by its internal tension.

Unique and patented lattice shell

We are currently the first and only company in the world to develop and sell standardised, finished products (pavilion) with a lightweight lattice shell. 

Due to the stability requirements and for design reasons, the structure has the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid. Such lattice shells are among the lightest and most efficient constructions.

In this way, we continue to think about timber construction in the context of two major representatives of architecture: Vladimir Zhukhov and his successor, the Stuttgart engineer Frei Otto. His biggest work is his collaboration in the realisation of the Olympic tent roof constructed for the 1972 Games in Munich. 

Otto Frei's ideal and architectural goal was to create modern, magnificent and functional constructions with a minimal expenditure of matter, surface and energy, based on the simplest principles of nature. This also made him a pioneer of sustainable construction. 

According to Otto Frei's principle, our patented lattice shell offers a unique concept to quickly and efficiently cover large outdoor areas.

Tested by TUV: Maximum safety guaranteed

We want to be trustworthy on all levels. Informing about the details is one way to achieve this, however, an official seal is often required to confirms the quality. Therefore, our pavilion is TUV-certified, which guarantees the highest quality standards as well as compliance with national and international regulations.

The products are calculated statically by an Austrian civil engineer.

TÜV checked - Strohboid

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