Freestanding terrace roofing: This alternative is something not to be missed

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With a freestanding terrace canopy, you can protect your garden or terrace from the weather and thus promote year-round use. When choosing the space for your freestanding terrace canopy, you are quite flexible and not tied to a house wall. You can place your new patio roof in the middle of your garden or next to the wall or the house – the choice is yours.

With a freestanding patio canopy, you have numerous design options – from anthracite to white, aluminum constructions with web panels, polycarbonate or laminated safety glass to stylish wood incl. side walls, there are hardly any limits. Whether you want to build your freestanding terrace canopy yourself using a kit or have the work done by an experienced team of experts is up to you. Quality assurance, stability and longevity are guaranteed with the involvement of professionals, such as STROHBOID.


Freestanding terrace roofing – the benefits

The advantages that come with a free-standing canopy can't be denied and are extremely practical. You can freely choose the place where the canopy should be located, irrespective of whether you want it to function as a carport or pergola.

You can place your freestanding patio canopy wherever you want – you are not tied to a wall when choosing the space. If you want to create a refuge in the middle of your garden, place your patio roof there. But you can also place your flexible patio canopy near the house wall, allowing for an almost seamless transition from the terrace door to the STROHBOID gazebo that is used as a terrace roof. 

Freestanding terrace roofing offers a possible solution to potential problems, such as the house wall not allowing for extensions or the neighboring property being too close to your property for a canopy to be attached to the house wall. All these possible problems undermine the benefits of a freestanding terrace canopy.

Flexible options with freestanding patio canopies

A freestanding terrace canopy can be implemented in many shapes and colors and integrated into your outdoor area. From a pergola surrounded by vines to a simple aluminum terrace roof to a premium STROHBOID gazebo made of wood, there are hardly any limits. Depending on country or state, some terrace roofs may require building permits, which you should consider prior to construction. Once the bureaucratic aspects have been sorted, you can determine which version of a freestanding terrace canopy best suits your needs.


Freestanding terrace roofing with sun protection

Freestanding terrace canopies with sun protection are available in many designs. FThese include pergolas or pavilions, such as those offered by STROHBOID. Their cladding respectively tasteful roofing allows for sufficient daylight in the gazebo's interior, while at the same time protecting against direct sunlight. Some terrace roofing comes with an integrated a canopy that protects from the sun. 

Whether you prefer a wood or aluminum patio canopy in terms of appearance – you can add sufficient sun protection to almost all variants and supplement them with side walls, for example. If your terrace canopy is free-standing, but rather a simple aluminum construction instead of a high-quality gazebo, you can reduce the sunlight a little with a slatted roof or flat roof. Whichever freestanding terrace roof you choose, you should always consider sufficient sun protection and the fact that you will require water draining during the stormy months; if necessary, also consider that certain snow load might have to be carried.

Freestanding terrace roofing made of aluminum

With a freestanding aluminum patio canopy, you have easy-care and long-lasting material that keeps its look for years. While natural wood materials can be prone to weather-related changes in appearance, aluminum terrace roofs usually keep looking the same. Often these constructions are provided with double bridge plates and, if needed, additional accessories, such as awnings.

As a freestanding terrace roof made of aluminum, it can be used for storing bicycles or garden furniture. Just as well, you can integrate it in the middle of your garden as a cozy refuge surrounded by trees and plants. An aluminum terrace roof can also be used as a carport or garage. On some manufacturer pages, you can use a configurator to design your personal terrace roof, which will then be delivered, often with the necessary assembly instructions. 

Freestanding terrace roofing made of wood

Freestanding wooden patio canopies not only look stylish, they also fit perfectly into your garden thanks to the natural raw material. You can build a wooden terrace roof yourself or have it constructed by specialists. As a wooden terrace canopy, STROHBOID's gazebo is an excellent eye-catcher as an eye-catcher for events and a cozy outdoor refuge for private 

or commercial gardens. You can choose a freestanding wooden terrace roof in your desired colour or wood type according to your taste and choose the right look for your outdoor area. Being suitable as weather and privacy protection, and thanks to their robust and sustainable construction that is usually much more stylish than the simplest aluminium terrace canopies with powder coating, wooden canopies are an all-round good choice. Wooden gazebos from STROHBOID cover all these benefits and quality features and add a real eye-catcher to your garden. 

Freestanding terrace roofing close to the house

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for freestanding terrace canopies to be placed close to the house. This allows you to almost seamlessly walk out of your house through the patio door and stand directly under the patio roof. With this variant, you have the advantage of the construction not being directly attached to the house wall, but still in close proximity to the interior of the house. This allows you to move from the living room couch to the covered garden chair, book in hand, without having to walk too far.

In addition, a freestanding terrace roof close to the house is still flexible, so in case you change your mind and want to move it to elsewhere in the garden, the relocation is less complex than with canopies that are anchored directly to the house wall.


Is a freestanding terrace canopy subject to approval?

A freestanding terrace canopy may require a building permit. However, this can vary depending on the country, state, region or municipality. It is best to clarify this with the competent authority in advance in order to avoid having to dismantle your patio roof again - this would be the worst-case scenario if you decide to construct your patio roof yourself..

If you don't construct your own terrace canopy, but rather opt for professionals such as STROHBOID, you will receive support and advice on such topics. In addition to quality assurance and speedy set-up, our many years of expertise also benefit you in the event of bureaucratic problems.

What are the costs of freestanding terrace roofing?

Freestanding patio canopies have a fairly wide scope in terms of costs. Products with simple structures can already be found for a few hundred euros, but this is likely to come with lower quality of the material and thus a shorter service life.

There are no really limits in terms of cost of patio roofs, with the medium-price segment starting in the low thousands. You should not save too much on material and quality. After all, you certainly do not want to have to buy a new roof after only a few years, just because the old one has already succumbed to the seasons. Rather invest in high-quality and visually attractive material, which you will enjoy for many years.

Not only free-standing, but also extremely stylish: The STROHBOID gazebo

Do you want a freestanding terrace canopy, but not just a run-of-the-mill aluminium frame for your garden? With a STROHBOID wooden gazebo you are guaranteed to achieve the exact opposite! Elegant, modern design with appealing appearance and functionality for commercial and private use, be 

it to stabilize your turnover in the catering industry during the winter months or to offer additional event options: A premium terrace roof from STROHBOID expands your outdoor options and acts as a true eye-catcher.


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