Which terrace canopy offers the best sun protection?

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Sun protection is sorely missed, especially once the midday sun comes beating down hard on your terrace roofing, forcing the guests of your café or beer garden to move indoors. Many guests prefer to sit outside, especially in the warm months. 

You should consider options to prevent the lack of shade as early as possible and do some research regarding terrace canopies that offer sufficient sun protection. A terrace roof not only protects against wind, sun and weather, but can transform a terrace into an extended living space. Year-round use and events that can be staged independent of weather are no longer impossible thanks to well-chosen sun protection systems.

Why sun protection for terrace roofing makes sense

Terrace roofing should always have a sun protection system included or allow for subsequent, easy installation. A canopy alone only protects against rain and, as with glass constructions, does not offer sufficient sun and UV protection. 

  • A terrace roof with sun protection has several advantages: 
  • It protects both skin and garden furniture from harmful UV radiation
  • It lowers the temperature under the roofing
  • It allows for flexibility and expands the living space thanks to enabling year-round use of outdoor areas
  • It ensures a pleasant atmosphere for sitting and relaxing

What are the options for terrace roofing with sun protection?

When it comes to sun protection capabilities of patio canopies, a distinction can generally be made between indoor and outdoor shading. In the case of an interior shade, also known as an under-roof awning, the sunshade is installed under the terrace canopy. In the case of external shading, the sun protection system is mounted on the roof. Both constructions have advantages and disadvantages that continue to depend on individual usage habits. There are numerous options for year-round terrace roofs with sun protection – all you have to do is find the best one for you.

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The fastest option for creating shade is the parasol. It is inexpensive, quickly set up and adaptable to the direction of the solar radiation. Awnings, sun sails and rope awnings offer slightly better sun protection. In the form of of side awnings and sun sails, they can also protect against lateral wind.

The most robust are permanent canopies made of glued wood, veneered timber, aluminum, transparent polycarbonate or laminated safety glass. These provide a secure roof over the head and thus make the outdoor area usable even in heavy rain. 

For garden space that needs to be protected, pergolas, carports, mobile or fixed pavilions are ideal. In some cases, online shops offer helpful configurators for terrace canopies or you can ask for advice from customer service.

Freestanding terrace roofing with sun protection

A freestanding terrace canopy with sun protection is particularly suitable for occasional shading. Traditional parasols and cantilever parasols are inexpensive, can be adapted to the direction of sunlight and are quickly and easily mounted. Even though the area shaded by them is small compared to other sun protection systems, they fulfill their purpose. Due to size, assembly and material, the latter offer 

shade for larger areas as well as wind protection for gusts of up to 55 km/h. Sun

sails are available in all kinds of shapes and colors up to a size of 80 m², with manual or electrical control as well as height adjustment.

Wooden terrace roofing with sun protection

Terrace canopies made of wood are fixed and offer good protection from heavy rain. Depending on requirements and expectations, spruce, pine or larch in the form of solid, glue- or wedge-connected wood are the material of choice. Wooden canopies are mostly used for pergolas or freestanding gazebos in the garden, as they are not only robust and offer protection from all weather conditions, but are also, as is the case with STROHBOID gazebos, real eye-catchers.

Glass terrace roofing with sun protection

A glass terrace canopy is usually combined with aluminum elements, as no sun protection and no rain gutter can be attached to a pure glass roof construction. Most often with glass roofs, terrace awnings or roof awnings/under-roof awnings are suspended. They are easy to install and are usually electrically operated.

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Aluminum terrace roofing with sun protection

The most cost-effective, permanently mounted terrace roofing option is made of aluminum. It consists of aluminum that has been powder-coated in a desired RAL colour (it does not always have to be anthracite) and can be used in many ways. While there are ready-to-use kit models with assembly instructions, custom-made designs are available for more creative solutions that go beyond open or closed systems. Aluminum terrace roofs, for example, also allow horizontal or vertical awning profiles.

Which is the best sun protection for terraces?

The question of which is the best sun protection for terraces cannot be answered generically. Depending on expectations, structural requirements/roof construction, terrace roof budget, etc., one or the other option is better. 

These options are available in any case:

  • Parasols and sun sails
  • Freestanding pergolas or gazebos made of plastic or veneered wood, like the ones offered by STROHBOID
  • Awnings: traditionally mounted to the facade or freestanding; vertical/on the side or horizontal
  • Fixed terrace roofing made from wood, aluminum or glass
  • Conservatory awnings in the form of articulated arm, cassette, vertical and side awnings

Terrace roofing with sun protection by STROHBOID

Wooden patio canopies with sun protection or wooden gazebos not only serve the purpose of protection against weather and pollution, but are also an eye-catcher. STROHBOID's gazebos can be placed in the garden or on the terrace.

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Since these pavilions can be closed in case of strong wind or cold, they offer a space that can be used all year round. Depending on the size (20-330 m²), STROHBOID canopies can be used both privately and gastronomically as well as for events.

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