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The installation of terrace roofing or a gazebo is often associated with high costs. In terms of functionality, however, terrace roofing is clearly offering more protection than an awning or a carport, which is why the additional costs are definitely worthwhile. However, with the right choice of materials and construction, terrace canopies are less expensive than they appear to be and can provide your own garden or an outdoor seating area with more than just shade. Garden furniture alone does not make up a terrace or a balcony - terrace roofing offers year-round use of your outdoor area!

The cheapest are finished canopies made of aluminum, which can be bought as finished kits from EUR⁠700 (RRP). However, these canopies do not cover too large an area, whereas STROHBOID canopies cover up to 70 m2 of your open space. The most expensive are custom-made canopies and/or constructions with a lot of glass and individual additional equipment. Depending on carrier material and use as well as the total area they are supposed to cover, prices range from EUR 2,000 to 10,000.

The price range for terrace roofing is enormous. The final price depends on the material used for the girder and roof, the size of the canopy, the type of construction, possible additional equipment and any installation costs incurred. There are, for example, terrace roofs made of aluminum, of wood, in the form canopies or freestanding, with a roof made of glass or with a slatted roof. Whichever material you prefer - make sure to check the extent to which you need a building permit for your terrace roof.

The cheapest materials are inexpensive wood and aluminum – plastic is medium-priced. However, it depends heavily on the quality of the wood material. Cheap wood may protect your wallet, but it won't offer you the longevity, stability and strength of LVL wood, which the STROHBOID pavilion canopies are made of. The most expensive canopies are made of laminated safety glass (VSG). Finished structures can be purchased from approx. EUR 700 (RRP). For individually adapted and installed canopies, you are looking at minimum costs of EUR 2,000 (RRP); costs are, as already mentioned, depending on the material quality and area to be covered by the canopy.

Cost-effective roofing for your terrace

The cheapest and easiest-to -clean material is aluminum. It is almost maintenance-free, provides longevity, is powder-coated and usually equipped with double web plates. In spite of the low weight, such aluminum terrace roofs are resistant to weather influences. A further advantage of aluminum terrace roofs is that gutters are already integrated in the post construction kit.

The prices for aluminum terrace canopies with multi-wall panels and the necessary kit start at EUR 700uros (RRP) for wall-mounted canopies with a polycarbonate roof. Freestanding models with a glass roof and glass sliding walls made of laminated safety glass (VSG) are the most expensive. They cost up to EUR 3,000 (RRP), with the final price depending on the quality of the material and the total area to be covered.Most terrace roofs made of glass can only cover a fraction of the size a STROHBOID terrace roof can cover.

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Visually more appealing than the well-known aluminum terrace roofs in anthracite and yet within a price-acceptable range are terrace roofs made of wood. These stand out due to their extremely high stability in extreme weather conditions. For longevity, however, they require more maintenance than aluminum terrace canopies and they need to be regularly treated with a protective acrylic glaze.

In the case of wooden roofs, the type of wood used has an impact on the price. While spruce or pine wood is inexpensive but not very resistant to moisture and UV radiation, larch, meranti or douglaswood are more expensive, but very weather-resistant, hard and dense. The prices for wooden canopies also depend on the material of the roof covering. A glued wood construction with a polycarbonate roof costs approx. EUR 2,200 (RRP); a glass roof using the same type of wood with laminated safety glass costs at least EUR⁠2,800 (RRP), depending, as already mentioned, on the total area to be covered, which is generally far below the 70 m2 of STROHBOID's terrace canopies.

Terrace roofing made of wood is also available as a free-standing option, for example from STROHBOID. These models are slightly more expensive, but are worthwhile because of their durability and robustness: If maintained well, you can expect a service life of more than 25 years. In addition, STROHBOID gazebos offer a higher optical standard than, for example, simple aluminum canopies.

Profitable, durable and sustainable - the costs of a stylish terrace roof

For a stylish terrace roof, such as the ones offered by STROHBOID, the costs are slightly higher, but the benefits are also greater. In addition to their primary function as a canopy, (free-standing) wooden terrace canopies also act as an eye-catcher - both in a private and a commercially used space. 

The costs are based on the size and type of construction. For a smaller, visually appealing lounge of around 20m2, which fits well into the private garden, you should calculate from EUR⁠10,000. For aesthetically pleasing terrace roofing covering areas of 70 m2 and more, (for instance for the catering industry, hotels or coffee shops)⁠you can expect starting prices of EUR⁠29,000. However, you should always keep in mind how you can generate more sales stability with a STROHBOID terrace roof, even in the winter.

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STROHBOID terrace roofing as a year-round solution

STROHBOID gazebos are a year-round solution that is suitable for everyone, depending on the intended use and budget. They withstand wind speeds of up to 160 km/h, are water-resistant and carry snow loads of up to 200 kg/m2. In colder months, they can be heated with infrared heating and equipped with LED lighting, allowing year-round use of the outdoor area.

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STROHBOID terrace roofing is available for both private and gastronomic use by winegrowers, restaurants and hotels. The smallest pavilions cover an area of 20 m2 and can accommodate up to 15 people; the largest pavilions are 330 m2 and can accommodate 470 people.

If you arelooking for functionality and aesthetics, STROHBOID is the right choice. Unsightly aluminum poles are replaced by an LVL wood mesh shell made of beech or spruce wood, which is three times as stable as normal wood. The side walls of the lattice shell are covered by a translucent membrane made of Airtex Magic, which serves as weather and sun protection and, depending on the configuration, also serves as a privacy screen. Together with sliding doors, the membrane creates a pleasant, bright feel-good atmosphere inside.

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