Boho Wedding - A trend that celebrates individuality and creativity

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Boho Hochzeit – Ein Trend, der Individualität und Kreativität feiert

In a time where individuality and creativity take center stage, the boho wedding has established itself as one of the most sought-after wedding styles. But what exactly does this term mean?

"Boho" is derived from "Bohemian" and originally refers to the unconventional life of artists in the 19th century. Later on, the term became associated with the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Both eras were characterized by a free spirit, a love for nature, and a departure from traditional norms.

The boho wedding embodies these exact values. It celebrates the uniqueness of each couple, with a focus on personal details, handmade elements, and a deep connection to nature.

The goal is to break traditions and create the most beautiful day of your life according to your own rules, such as in a stunning wedding tent amidst nature. In this post, we will explore how exactly this can be achieved!

Characteristics of the boho style

The boho style, often referred to as "bohemian," is far more than just a wedding trend. It embodies a way of life that celebrates individuality, freedom, and a deep connection to nature.

Here are some characteristic features that define the boho style:

Natural elements: Natural materials play a central role in a boho wedding. This can include choosing decorations made of wood, incorporating dried flowers or pampas grass into the floral design, or using jute and macrame as decorative elements.

Casual and relaxed: The boho style values authenticity and imperfection. Instead of following strict protocols, it encourages couples to express their personality through laid-back and informal celebrations.

Handmade details: DIY (Do It Yourself) is highly emphasized in the boho trend. Examples of this include handmade invitation cards, dream catchers as decorations, or individually designed wedding dresses.

Versatile influences: The boho style combines elements from different cultures and eras. It blends ethnic patterns with vintage elements and combines hippie-chic with modern minimalism.

Color palette: The colors of a boho wedding are often earthy and warm, with dominant shades of brown, green, and pastel tones. Bold accents such as turquoise or burgundy can create highlights.

Unique outfits: A boho wedding dress is often characterized by flowing fabrics, lace, and a certain casualness. Flower crowns, vintage jewelry, and other unconventional accessories complete the look.

Flexible locations: Whether it's a barn wedding, a country wedding, a ceremony in a tipi, a pavilion, or an outdoor setting, the location is chosen to establish a close connection to nature while also reflecting the couple's individual vision. Romance is always a central element of a boho wedding, and a romantic wedding in a pavilion is hard to beat!

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The perfect location for a boho wedding

One of the most important decisions when planning a boho wedding is choosing the perfect location. 

The venue should not only reflect the individuality and close connection to nature of the boho style, but also meet the technical and organizational requirements of a wedding celebration. As the boho style is deeply intertwined with nature, outdoor locations are particularly well-suited. 

Whether it's a forest clearing, a meadow, or even a beach section – the surroundings should enhance the magic of the special day and enchant both the couple and the guests. A boho wedding rarely adheres to strict rules. Therefore, the venue should provide enough freedom to accommodate individual preferences and ideas. 

This could involve the arrangement of seating, special decorative elements, or the choice of music. This is where the STROHBOID gazebo come into play. Not only do they provide protection against the elements, but they seamlessly blend into the boho concept with their timeless and elegant design.

With their sturdy and sustainable construction, they not only offer security, but also an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. Thanks to their modularity, they can be adapted to accommodate different guest numbers, providing the perfect setting for every wedding celebration.

Another advantage is that the wedding tents can be heated, making them a perfect choice for any season – whether it's a summer garden party or a cozy winter wedding. 

Even without additional decoration, the STROHBOID gazebo or pavilions exude a sense of high-quality elegance that beautifully complements the unique character of a boho wedding.

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Clothing and Styling for a boho wedding

The attire at a boho wedding embodies the spirit of freedom and naturalness. 

For the bride, this often means wearing flowing, loose dresses made of materials such as linen or lace. The wedding dress can be complemented with details such as fringes, ethnic patterns, or intricate embroidery.

A characteristic headpiece is the floral wreath, which perfectly completes the look. For the groom, popular choices include loose shirts, vests, and possibly trousers in earthy tones. 

Accessories also play a central role, with ethnic jewellery, handmade elements, or vintage finds adding individual accents.

The makeup is usually kept natural, although golden or bronze highlights can emphasize the eyes. 

Overall, the boho look represents an unconventional, relaxed, yet stylish appearance that puts the couple's individuality at the forefront.

Decorative Elements and Wedding Decor

A boho wedding revolves around creativity, naturalness, and the incorporation of handmade details. The wedding decor is often characterized by the use of natural materials such as dried flowers, pampas grass, and eucalyptus. Delicate fairy lights and lanterns create a romantic ambiance, while dream catchers or macrame accents add a trendy touch. Rustic wooden elements combined with vibrant textiles in earthy tones add a touch of boho-chic casualness.

Table decorations featuring wildflowers, baby's breath, and small vintage elements complement the overall look. The use of unconventional decor elements like rugs, cushions, and handcrafted fabrics on the ground creates a relaxed and nature-inspired atmosphere.

Every detail, whether it's a DIY element or a vintage find, reflects the unique individuality and creative flair of the couple.

Floristry and flower arrangements

Floral elements take center stage in a boho wedding. Wildflowers arranged in a relaxed manner embody the naturalness of this style. Eucalyptus, baby's breath, and pampas grass add a special touch to flower bouquets and table decorations.

Flower crowns for the bride or bridesmaids are often created with great creativity. The color palette ranges from soft pastel tones to vibrant earthy tones, emphasizing the casual and grounded nature of the boho style.

Whether held by the bride, worn as a hair accessory, or used as decoration – flowers are the centerpiece of every boho wedding.

Wedding Planning and Inspirations

In order to create the perfect boho style, it is advisable to seek inspiration. Platforms such as Pinterest or wedding blogs are true treasure troves of ideas when it comes to "boho weddings".

From unconventional invitations to DIY wedding ideas and casual table decorations, the possibilities are endless. It is also recommended to create a moodboard to visually combine colors, patterns, and elements.

Furthermore, the support of wedding planners who specialize in the boho style can be very helpful. They can provide valuable tips and also have contacts with relevant service providers.

The Boho wedding in the STROHBOID Gazebo

The boho wedding is more than just a trend. With its unique flair and sense of casual elegance, it allows couples to create an authentic and unforgettable special day. For the perfect ambiance of a boho wedding, the rental wedding tents from STROHBOID are a perfect fit. 

Made from natural materials, they can be beautifully customized to personal preferences. With their natural and understated elegance, they provide the ideal setting for an unforgettable celebration

Frequently Asked Questions

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The boho style and the bohemian style are often used synonymously, as they both embody a casual, creative, and individualistic approach. While "Bohemian" has its roots in the creative communities of the 19th century, "Boho" refers to a more modern, often fashionable style that became popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

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