Wedding in a Tent – an Overview of the Pros and Cons

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Hochzeitsfeier im Zelt - die Vor- und Nachteile im Überblick

Deciding where and how to celebrate the most significant day in life is not an easy task. More and more bridal couples dream of a wedding celebration that is both unforgettable and unique: a dream wedding. 

Instead of a fixed venue such as a ballroom or banquet hall, they are seeking a flexible, nature-inspired, yet elegant solution: a wedding in a tent or gazebo.

Under the open sky and surrounded by the beauty of nature, a rental wedding tent provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic and individually designed wedding celebration in the greenery.

Whether in your own garden, a spacious park, or any other picturesque location, a tent creates a festive ambiance and combines the joy of being outdoors with the comfort of a protected environment.

In this article, we delve into the enchanting world of tent weddings and explore the numerous possibilities and advantages they offer.

The tented wedding: A trend that is gaining popularity

In recent years, a trend has emerged that challenges the traditional wedding celebration in fixed venues and replaces it with a fresh, natural alternative: the tented wedding. This trend reflects the desire of many couples to create their wedding in a personal, flexible, and nature-filled way.

The tented wedding, also known as the garden wedding in a tent, is not only an option for those who desire an outdoor wedding, but it also offers an opportunity to celebrate in a setting far away from the urban hustle and bustle.

Bridal couples who opt for a tent wedding particularly appreciate the freedom it provides in terms of design and decoration. From a rural, rustic style to modern, minimalist themes, the wedding tent can be customized to suit individual tastes and preferences.

In the United States, there are numerous tent rental companies that offer specialized wedding tents known for their durability and waterproofing. This ensures that even in the event of unexpected bad weather, the celebration can continue uninterrupted.

The wide variety of available tents, including pagoda tents, stretch tents, and large marquees, allows couples to choose the perfect size and shape according to the number of guests and desired style.
The growing popularity of this trend is evident, especially on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, where countless inspirations and ideas for the perfect tent wedding can be found.

It comes as no surprise that more and more couples are opting for this special way to celebrate their big day.

To ensure that you are well-prepared for all possible situations when planning, we have created 7 tips for renting a wedding tent.

Advantages of a tented wedding

A tented wedding offers bridal couples a variety of advantages that make them an attractive alternative to traditional wedding venues:

  • Individuality and freedom: At a tented wedding, couples have almost limitless possibilities for design and decoration. They can fully express their own style and ideas, whether it's boho, classic, rustic, or modern.
  • Unique atmosphere: The special atmosphere under a tent roof, combined with the surrounding nature, creates a one-of-a-kind ambiance. String lights, lanterns, and stars in the sky provide magical moments.
  • Flexibility in the choice of location: Whether in your own garden, on a meadow, by a lake, or in the mountains, a wedding tent allows you to celebrate almost anywhere. The choice of venue is not limited to fixed premises or locations.
  • Close to nature: Celebrating in the midst of nature not only offers an impressive backdrop but also fresh air and a sense of freedom.
  • Adaptability: Thanks to the various types of tents available, from stretch tents to pagoda tents to spacious marquees, the size and shape of the tent can be perfectly tailored to the number of wedding guests.
  • Weather independence: Modern wedding tents are waterproof and sturdy, ensuring that even in inclement weather, the celebration can continue undisturbed. There are also heated wedding tents available.
  • Cost efficiency: Depending on the chosen tent rental and additional services, tent weddings can often be more cost-effective than traditional venues.
  • Exclusivity: Instead of sharing a fixed location with other bridal couples, a tent offers an exclusive venue for your own celebration.
  • Ecological footprint: Especially when using your own garden or a nature-friendly location, a tent wedding can reduce environmental impact by eliminating long journeys and large infrastructures.

Different types of tents for the big day

Choosing the right wedding tent is essential for the perfect wedding celebration. There are various types of tents available, each differing in shape, size, and style. 

Here's an overview of the most common tent types and their unique features:

The classic marquee is spacious and offers ample room for a larger number of guests. It is known for its stable structure and distinctive pointed roof.

Party tent:
This type of tent is highly versatile in terms of size and can be adjusted according to the number of wedding guests. It is well-suited for medium to large wedding parties.

Pagoda tent:
The pagoda tent is a striking option with its prominent, pointed roof. It not only provides shelter but also creates a stylish ambiance, often used for champagne receptions or as an additional space to the main venue.

Stretch tent:
With its modern and elegant design, the stretch tent boasts flowing lines and excellent water resistance. It can be set up in various locations and on different surfaces, adding a contemporary touch to the celebration.

Tipi tent:
Inspired by traditional tents used by Native Americans, the tipi tent offers a cozy and natural atmosphere. It is particularly suitable for rustic or boho weddings.

These tents are characterized by their square shape and high, pointed roof. They are not only functional but also visually appealing, often used as an entrance area or for buffet setups.

Regardless of the tent type you choose, it is important that it aligns with your vision for the wedding and provides sufficient space for your guests.

Innovative and sustainable structures from STROHBOID are especially popular, thanks to their exceptional quality and unique design. With the right wedding tent, your big day will become an unforgettable experience.

Decoration and Design of the Wedding Tent

The wedding tent offers more than just protection from the elements; it serves as a canvas for the bridal couple to tell their unique story. The decoration and design of the tent play a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere.

The BOHO style is particularly popular. The wedding decor in this style includes elements such as dried flowers, macrame, lanterns, and fairy lights, which can create a dreamy ambiance. Natural materials, wild flower arrangements, and earth tones add accents and create a cozy atmosphere inside the tent.

For those who prefer a more modern look, clean lines, neutral colors, and strategic lighting accents can be used. Elegant fabrics such as chair covers and tablecloths, along with simple yet elegant floral decorations, can also be incorporated. Depending on the chosen wedding theme, specific color schemes can be utilized to enhance the tent. 

Pastel tones for a spring wedding, bold colors for the summer, or warm earth tones for an autumn wedding can set the tone. The use of string lights, candles, and lanterns not only adds to the decor but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Especially in the evening hours, this can create a magical ambiance. From the wooden floor to a wooden walkway, the right choice of flooring not only adds structure to the tent but also contributes significantly to the overall comfort. 

Enhancing the tent with appropriate furniture, ranging from rustic wooden tables to elegant lounge pieces, creates a cohesive overall look.

Personal touches, such as photos of the bridal couple, customized decorative elements, or hand-written place cards, make the tent a space that tells the couple's unique story.

Wedding in a tent – an overview of costs

Tent weddings are popular, but what costs can bridal couples expect? The rental costs for the tent, influenced by size and type, often represent the main expense, with a party tent usually being more cost-effective than a pagoda tent. 

Additional expenses arise from equipment elements such as tent flooring, toilets, lighting, and heating. Decoration costs can vary depending on whether one desires luxury decor or professional services. Rental fees for the event location apply if the celebration is not held in one's own garden. 

Tent rental companies often offer a comprehensive service including set-up and dismantling. It is also important to consider additional costs such as permits, furniture rental, and final cleaning. Unforeseen expenses, such as contingency plans for inclement weather, may also arise.

STROHBOID Tents and Gazebos: The perfect choice for an unforgettable wedding celebration

When planning a tent wedding, the focus is on choosing the perfect tent. STROHBOID has gained a reputation for its extraordinary tents and gazebos or pavilions, offering bridal couples exactly what they are looking for on their big day.

Whether it's in your own garden, on a meadow, or at the beach, STROHBOID's heated tents and pavilions can be set up almost anywhere. They can also be customized to accommodate the number of wedding guests and desired layout. 

STROHBOID's tents seamlessly blend into the current trend of boho weddings but can also be designed to be modern and minimalist. Quality and durability are of utmost importance to STROHBOID. These tents are not only sturdy and waterproof but also sustainably produced in Austria. 

By choosing STROHBOID, you not only create a dreamlike backdrop for your wedding but also contribute to environmental protection.

STROHBOID's outdoor spaces impress with their stylish and functional design. They provide protection from the elements while creating a captivating atmosphere that will make your wedding celebration an unforgettable experience.

Careful planning and budgeting are essential to avoid any surprises and stay within your financial means for the tent wedding. It is advisable to consult with your chosen provider, the tent rental company, to define the anticipated costs in advance. 

If you are interested in a STROHBOID pavilion, please contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 How much advance planning time should one allocate for a tented wedding?

For a tented wedding, it is advisable to plan, ideally 6 to 12 months in advance. This timeframe allows you to secure the availability of the desired tent, clarify all logistical and decorative details, and prepare any special requests or adjustments in a timely manner.

2 Can a tent be used in bad weather as well?

3 Do I need a permit for setting up the tent?

4 How is the power supply in the tent ensured?

5 Is there an optimal tent size?

6 Is it possible to set up and take down the tent yourself?

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