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A gazebo offers a versatile option to enhance your terrace both functionally and aesthetically. Serving as a terrace cover, it not only provides shade and protection from the weather, but also creates an appealing outdoor space.

The choice of the right gazebo for your terrace can open up various possibilities for use, both in a private setting and for hotel, restaurant or country club owners.

What should you consider? Let's have a look at this article.

Why a gazebo is a great addition to your terrace

A gazebo or pavilion on the terrace offers a wide range of possibilities for use. In the private garden, you can use it as a cozy private area, with sun sails and privacy screens, to create an idyllic outdoor oasis. It is equally suitable for intimate family dinners as well as lively BBQ parties. In the hotel, country club and catering industry, the pavilion expands the space for events such as weddings in the gazebo or company parties. 

The Pavilion 3-Connect is especially recommended here, as it offers three different venues in one gazebo. It provides protection from the elements and creates an inviting environment for guests, whether as an extended dining area or as a flexible event space. The versatility of a pavilion makes it the centerpiece of a terrace for a variety of occasions

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Which materials and construction type should you choose for your gazebo? Metal or wood? Attached or freestanding?

The choice of materials and construction plays a crucial role in designing a gazebo or pavilion as a terrace cover. A gazebo made of powder-coated aluminum in anthracite, for example, creates a striking and modern appearance.

In contrast, the wooden gazebo creates a warm atmosphere and harmoniously blends into the garden. This choice not only affects the aesthetics but also the durability and adaptability to individual styles. It is important to note that metal is not necessarily more or less durable than specially processed wood, which is also well-suited for long-lasting pavilions.

Furthermore, there are differences in the gazebo and pavilion roof options. Double-wall panels, slatted roofs, or the weatherproof gazebo from STROHBOID with its extremely robust membrane are all available choices.

A gazebo can be designed as a freestanding structure or as an attached gazebo, similar to a pergola or carport. The choice of design depends not only on personal preference but also on the outdoor conditions.

An attached gazebo, as the name suggests, requires a structure it can be attached to, such as an exterior wall. On the other hand, a freestanding gazebo or pavilion does not require any additional attachments and can stand alone, like a garden house.

Special Features for a Unique Terrace gazebo

A gazebo used as a terrace canopy can become a unique element in the garden thanks to its special features. Some of the features that make a gazebo or pavilion stand out as a terrace canopy are: 

  • water and storm resistance (such as the storm-proof gazebo)
  • year-round usability even in winter
  • the ability to personalize the interior design
  • creating a cozy lighting atmosphere
  • a sustainable, durable, and stable construction that is adaptable to different conditions. 

In the following sections, we will delve into these features in more detail

Custom interior and exterior furnishing

The interior design not only gives your indoor spaces a unique character, but it also allows you to express your personal taste in your pavilion through furniture, different materials, and decorations.

Especially in outdoor settings, natural materials like a wooden floor or minimalist garden furniture are perfect for creating a natural ambiance that will make you and your guests feel comfortable.

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Waterproof and storm-resistant

A terrace gazebo that is waterproof and storm resistant offers not only sun protection but also withstands rain and strong winds.

Whether it is a hardtop made of materials such as polycarbonate or equipped with a waterproof membrane, with or without side awnings, canopies, side panels with mosquito net, and a sliding roof, it is worth checking the manufacturer's information.

This way, you can ensure that your gazebo or pavilion on the terrace provides protection against sunlight and offers effective rain and wind protection.

Because what could be cozier than having an outdoor dinner while the rain gently taps on the gazebo roof?

Well, perhaps if it's not raining, but snow falling.

Winterproof and Heatable

A winter-proof gazebo or pavilion enables extended use of your terrace, even in low temperatures. With innovative constructions and high-quality materials, a heated gazebo creates a cozy space that makes winter enjoyable. 

It creates an atmosphere that allows for comfortable outdoor gatherings in the colder months, whether it's for a winter barbecue, intimate meetings with friends, or an extension of your indoor spaces to the outdoors. In states like Vermont, Utah or New Hampshire, where winters can bring significant amounts of snow, it's important to consider the maximum snow load that a gazebo can withstand. 

With a winter-proof gazebo from STROHBOID, capable of carrying a snow load of up to 4746 lb/ft2, you can create the perfect setting for cozy winter outdoor moments

Translucent terrace roof

A light-permeable terrace roof, whether through transparent slats or special membranes, creates an inviting atmosphere and sets the mood for any event. It provides natural lighting conditions that gently illuminate your garden furniture, while also offering UV protection when exposed to sunlight. 

The interplay of light and shadow under such a roof, be it with a sun awning or an awning, adds a pleasant and natural touch to the event. It creates a relaxed environment for any occasion, whether it's a summer party or a cozy outdoor gathering. 

The STROHBOID gazebo and pavilion achieves this play of light in an unmistakable way: the translucent membrane envelops the outdoor space, creating a seamless connection between the roof, side walls, and the interior and exterior of the garden gazebo.

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Sustainable and long-lasting construction

Choosing a sustainable construction method for terrace roofs is not only important for the environment, but also for your long-term satisfaction.

Sustainability means, on the one hand, conserving resources, and on the other hand, ensuring that your terrace roof is durable and maintains its function and aesthetics for years to come.

By choosing a STROHBOID gazebo or pavilion, you can benefit from its sustainable and long-lasting wooden construction.

STROHBOID values environmentally friendly materials such as locally sourced, specially treated laminated veneer lumber (LVL) wood, and ensures that your gazebo is not only visually appealing, but also an investment in the future.

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