STROHBOID Mountain Chalet – Unique Design, Sustainability, and Luxury

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STROHBOID Mountain Chalet – Einzigartiges Design, Nachhaltigkeit und Luxus

The STROHBOID Mountain Chalet sets new standards for exclusive and sustainable living in the future. STROHBOID proudly presents a unique vacation accommodation that offers not only luxury but also an unparalleled natural experience.

Iconic Design:

Tried and tested traditional technology combined with the latest innovative achievements. The Mountain Chalet unites groundbreaking design with sustainable thinking, creating a truly unique experience. 

The iconic wooden shingle roof and glass front uniquely connect guests with nature, while the interior, featuring a cozy bed, practical kitchenette, LED spots, and a modern bathroom, rivals the comfort of a luxury hotel room.

Chalet aus Holz mit Holzschindeldach – Einzigartiges Design, das begeistert von STROHBOID

Exclusive Retreats in Nature:

The Mountain Chalet caters to customers such as holiday parks, nature resorts, hotels, and innovative property owners looking to redefine their concepts with exclusive holiday accommodations. 

Priced at approximately €107,000, the Chalet positions itself in the upscale segment, promising an unparalleled stay for guests seeking something extraordinary.

Unique Features for Maximum Comfort:


Heatable and Winterproof:

Insulated with sheep and wood wool and equipped with a powerful air-to-air heat exchanger, the Chalet ensures pleasant indoor temperatures even in icy outdoor conditions down to -25 degrees Celsius.


Breathtaking Stability:

The iconic shingle roof and additional reinforcement arches ensure stability against wind gusts up to 160 km/h and snow loads of up to 8m (800kg/sqm).


High Recognition Value:

The unique, curved design and high-quality materials give the Mountain Chalet a distinctive presence in the midst of nature.

Exclusive Insights and Availability:

Selected customers and partners had the opportunity to visit the Chalet live in the showroom in Wiener Neustadt in November. The first deliveries are scheduled for Q1 2023, with pre-orders already being accepted. 

Starting the new year 2024, the Chalet will be officially available. Personal showroom visits can also be arranged directly with the team.

Global Deliveries with a Personal Touch:

STROHBOID now serves customers from over 13 countries worldwide, including Central Europe and America. These customers appreciate direct access and personalized team consultation throughout the project planning phases. 

The coming year aims for further expansion into Scandinavia, North America, and Canada.



STROHBOID commits to a CO2-neutral future in construction. The vision is to revolutionize the construction industry and lead it into a sustainable era. 

"We create unique outdoor spaces that combine the best elements of natural building materials with state-of-the-art STROHBOID technology. Innovation and efficient resource use give our products longevity, stability, and a distinctive design. With each of our unique products, we set a milestone on the path to a CO2-neutral future – a world where living and working spaces follow the ingenious plan of nature," says the founding duo Max Schade & Fritz Walter

"Driven by this vision, we see ourselves as pioneers in sustainable construction, creating awareness for the opportunities of a CO2-neutral construction industry through our daily actions."

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