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There are many tents for events; keeping track of the market is sometimes not that easy. The good thing about the big variety, however, is that for every type of event there is the right choice of event tent - you just have to know how to find the perfect once.

The most important factor is probably the type of event you are planning on hosting as this often determines other aspects, such as the venue or the number of guests. Whether it is a private or a commercial event can be an important factor.

Other questions to consider can be: May you have to expect bad weather? Should it be a permanent or temporary solution? Is renting a tent an option? Is an individual design relevant? Are you looking for sustainability in your event tent? There is a suitable tent for any requirement.

We would like to give you a practical overview, which is why below we present different types of event tents and explain which events they are best suited for.

1. Pagoda tent – the classic choice for small events

The pagoda tent is probably one of the most famous tents used for events. Visually, it is based on the pagoda, a tower-like structure with striking eaves.

Especially for smaller events, the pagoda tent is a popular choice: For company celebrations held outdoors, birthdays celebrated in the garden or even for anniversaries, this type of tent offers cost-effective protection from light rain and the sun. For practical handling, these tents are sometimes available as a folding option.

With their compact pack size, quick set-up and reasonable price, they combine all the features that are important factors when it comes to private events. Models such as the HALTENT pagoda tent offer sufficient protection not only from rain and sun, but also from the wind. The construction seems to be very stable too.

2. Marquee made of plastic

For medium-sized events, a marquee made of plastic can be a good choice. Its specific dimensions depend on the number of guests and on what you plan to offer as part of the event, for instance a buffet.

Manufacturer Dancover offers party tents in different sizes and shapes. Interested parties can configure the tent that best suits their event with just a few clicks, for example based on the number of guests. Depending on the version, the tents are open or closed. The advantage of a marquee made of plastic is that these models are waterproof.

3. Fixed terrace roofing

A fixed terrace roof can be one of the following options -with pagoda tents and marquees being primarily suitable for small or medium-sized events, often of a private nature. Their use also makes sense for events that are recurring in irregular intervals or are once-offs.

For events that are held on a regular basis, we recommend more permanent solutions. The best option to choose depends on the requirements on site.

If you like it airy and minimalist, you are well advised to use the sun sails from Hildesheim-based sailing manufacturer Lishke. First and foremost, they provide sun protection as well as a certain beach feeling.

If you want something more, it's worth taking a look at STROHOBOID's modern and stylish terrace roof. It withstands wind and weather, which is ideal for year-round events, and there are even heatable models are available.

4. Trade fair tents

Trade fair tents are a popular type of event tent. The ideal exhibition tent not only offers exhibition space, it should also have a small pack size and require little time for set-up. Depending on the industry, you can also use it for a trade fair tour across the country with the exhibition tent featuring as a showpiece in itself. Last but not least, it is important for the trade fair tent to not only be practical but to also welcome interested visitors with an inviting atmosphere.

Especially exhibition tents that are printed, for example with the company logo, not only promise an easier set-up, but also have real eye-catching qualities. If the tent is an optical highlight, it sets your company apart from the rest of the exhibitors. Mastertent's exhibition tents prove that they work equally well for indoor and outdoor use. They also offers inflatable models – for extra-fast set-up.

5. Concert tents

Tents for concerts have to meet special requirements and be able to offer space to artists with all their event technology and stage equipment. Sound, light, safety – these things are essential. A large tent is required for this. MCR Tents offers such tents for rent and pays great attention to the safety of all parties involved, thus ensuring that concerts turn into unforgettable events.

6. Tents for show cooking

Cooking and eating outdoors comes with a very special flair – this does not only apply to picnics or small private barbecues. Even on a larger scale, hardly anyone can escape the special atmosphere of such an event. Tents for show cooking are the solution to bring these unique events to a location you won't soon forget, as they allow guests to follow the creation of culinary delights from up close.

Such events require a lot of space as well as protection from wind and weather. Generously sized tents are the ideal choice. Depending on the basic requirements, there may be venues where protected areas for guests are in existence but space for an outdoor kitchen needs to be added. There are solutions for this: Mastertent's kitchen tents are fire-resistant and certified, making sure that nothing stands in the way of good food in an appealing ambience.

7. Tent as a sales room

If a tent is to serve as a sales room, a lot of space is required for products to come into their own. This space is also important for buyers – because cramped situations reduce the pleasure of shopping as well as the time spent in a store. In order not to unnecessarily increase space requirements, the clever use of space for product presentations can be a key to success.

Tents with a modern look score particularly well: A tent's appearance is automatically directly associated with the quality of the goods. STROHBOID's event tents are functional and true design highlights – for example as a location for winemakers to offer wine tastings. The light falling through the membrane creates a special and relaxed atmosphere.

A sales tent's exterior is particularly important and of central importance when erected in the context of a content-specific event like, for example, a medieval market. Farmwest offers a variety of different tents for such themed events, which are real eye-catchers.

Before deciding on a model, it is important to clarify whether you prefer an accessible retail space or rather a sales stand.

8. Tents for large events

Be it for trade fairs, conferences or congresses, when it comes to big events, the largest event tents available are required in order to accommodate large numbers of people.

STROHBOID offers sufficiently large models for such events that, despite the great demand for capacity, neither neglect safety nor atmosphere and functionality – after all it's not just a tent's size that matters. MCR Tents is another provider of spacious solutions and design classics such as the circus tent for rent.

9. Tents for sporting events

As part of sporting events, event tents have to be multifunctional: It is used as a venue for serving snacks and drinks, for distributing bib numbers and starting packages. Usually, it is also where sports goods are offered and participants have space to change or relax. Spaces for massage stations and the like can be another optional feature.

Accommodating all this requires an ingenious system of usually several tents, each of which serves its specific purpose and which together form a unit. The specific requirements for tent systems also depends on the type of sport.

Companies such as Intersettle offer solutions specifically tailored to sports events. Here, for example, you will find what you are looking for when organising a running event that not only attracts numerous athletes, but also spectators.

10. Sustainable tents for different applications

Depending on the intended use, event tents must be able to offer a lot of space and protection, ensure safety and ideally offer a special atmosphere. The sustainability of these tents is another point that should not be neglected. Fortunately, there is an increasing focus on sustainability in the event sector.

Providers such as STROHBOID are leading the way: The modular structures of their sustainable event tents make them suitable for almost any event of any size, and, thanks to heatable models, they can be used throughout the year. Domestic wood is used in the manufacturing.

The innovative construction of the tents not only ensures maximum safety, but also resource-saving production. The durability of a glamping tent is decisive in terms of sustainability. The tents are also very durable: Depending on the model, they have a service life of up to 100 years – thanks to the high-quality materials used.

Outdoor events are something very special, with the outdoors often offering the most attractive event location. Events benefit from what nature gives us: Sunshine, clear air, green meadows. That is why it is only logical to take nature into account when planning events and to incorporate aspects of sustainability into any event plans.

By the way: In many cases, event tents can be rented. The rental option contributes to sustainability. So the question is, whether it is better to purchase or rent an event tent.

At a glance – a tent for many applications

Every event is different and every event is individual. However, the STROHBOID Pavilion event tent meets a whole range of requirements and is therefore suitable for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • private & smaller events
  • recurring events such as trade fairs or concerts
  • show cooking & outdoor catering
  • sales events
  • Large-scale events

STROHBOID is a manufacturer of glamping tents, gazebos and lounges.

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