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Veranstaltungszelt: Kaufen oder mieten?

If you are looking for an event tent, you will quickly come across two options: Should you purchase a tent, or is it better to rent one?

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages – and the final decision depends on various factors like, for example, the kind of event you are going to host. We took a closer look at the pros and cons of buying and renting an event tent or marquee.

Event tents – what they are suitable for

There is a suitable tent for every type of event. You will find a wide variety ranging from large events to private events to compact exhibition tents: Pagoda tents, tent systems, large tents, folding pavilions, ... – and countless options for roofing. Event tents are particularly flexible when it comes to offering space for guests while at the same time protecting them from wind, weather and sun. They can also be used as storage tents, thus replacing warehouses, so it's no wonder that these tents are so popular.

Whether it's a banquet, wedding, trade fair or concert, a company event such as a party or a company anniversary, sports events or something completely different, there are hardly any limits to the imagination when it comes to the use of an event tent for different events.

When it comes to deciding whether to buy or rent an event tent, the type of event is of great importance, as there are many questions associated with this: How many guests are usually expected at such events? Will there be regular events and are they always the same? Should the tent have certain characteristics, such as fire safety, in case you are planning to cook in it? Should it have the option to accommodate certain equipment?

Let's take a look at the different aspects in detail.

Buying an event tent – the pros

Let's start with buying an event tent. First of all, this is an investment. Depending on the specific purpose as well as your requirements for the tent, it can make sense to purchase.

One-time costs for diverse use

Especially if used frequently, event tents are worth buying as having to rent a tent again and again for regularly recurring events costs time and money.

The tent acquisition costs can be put into perspective under certain circumstances, namely when it can be used to welcome a larger number of guests. Outdoor catering is a good example, since in such cases a covered area can provide more space, but also more independence from the weather.

Last but not least, having your own event tent can also be a unique selling point. This is especially true for models that come with a striking design.

Customisable down to the smallest detail

If an event tent is purchased, there are significantly more options for individualisation. For example, a tent can be personalised by printing on your company's logo.

Set-up and other functions can be customised too. This includes the position and number of entrances or the ventilation options for the side walls, as well as the material used and much more.

Especially in case of a series of events, such as recurring corporate events or a regular cultural programme, it is worth buying because things like seating or event technology can remain inside the tent.

Spontaneous party? No problem!

If an event tent is rented, a certain amount of planning is required along with enough advance notice. Purchased event tents allow for greater flexibility as well as spontaneous happenings. This is particularly beneficial for events with a certain degree of uncertainty, such as sports events.

Renting an event tent – these are the advantages

Buying an event tent has many advantages – but this also applies to renting such a tent, and it is possible to incorporate various deliberations in the decision making process.

Lower total cost

The first deliberation is probably the most obvious one:Renting an event tent is significantly cheaper than buying one. This is especially true for events that are once-offs or happen very rarely. Renting also makes sense if the various events differ so much that different tents are needed.

No maintenance

When renting an event tent, it is a matter of course not to damage the tent and to return it in prime condition. Nevertheless, renting also means that you as the event organiser will not be charged with any maintenance costs. Maintenance costs only arise when buying a tent; this clearly is an aspect that speaks in favour of renting.

You have the choice

Last but not least, when renting an event tent, you have the option to try out different tent rental providers – you do not have to commit yourself. In this way, the full range of offers can be tested and used according to individual needs.

If you don't often host events and therefore decide to rent, you can test different tent variants and also change the provider, so you don't have to commit. As a result, it can be a large tent followed by a marquee or a folding pavilion.

You have the choice – buy or rent an event tent from STROHBOID

STROHBOID is a one-stop shop and offers event tents for sale as well as for rent. In combination with the range of different sizes and equipment, sustainable event tents can be used for almost any occasion. They are made of domestic woods, come from sustainable production and, depending on the model, are also heatable. Last but not least, the timeless, reduced design stands out clearly from what is available in terms of classic party tents, marquees or pagodas, and will leave a lasting impression at every event.

Our insider tip: The STROHBOID tents' special membrane ensures a very special light inside, making the tents ideal wedding tents.

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