What are the costs of an event tent?

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Was kostet ein Eventzelt?

What does an event tent even cost? It is difficult to give an exact price range for a special event tent, as the costs depend on several factors. Depending on size, type and features required, the prices of individual products can vary greatly. Some inexpensive options, for example, can start at less than EUR100, while larger and more luxurious tents can come with a price tag of several thousand euros.

In this article, we would like to give you a brief overview of what costs to expect for an event tent.

What determines the price of an event tent?

The price of an event tent is determined by different factors. On the one hand, of course, it depends on the tent itself and on how it is made. High-quality materials and sophisticated technology usually come at a price – and inevitably so. However, delivery, assembly and maintenance as well as the selected accessories are also associated with costs.

Materials used

The materials used play a decisive role in a high-quality event tent. In order to provide a unique event location ready for as long as possible, it is worth investing in a high-quality event tent. After all, it should be able to withstand wind and weather – strong wobbles in every breeze or even a leaking roof do not leave a good impression.

Of course, sophisticated production technologies and the use of high-quality, ideally sustainable materials come at a price. At the same time, the sustainability of event tents plays an increasingly important role. In addition, high-quality production also improves the lifespan of your event tent, so that a new purchase won't be necessary after just a few celebrations.

Additional accessories

Depending on how you want to use your event tent for your perfect celebration, you will need additional accessories in addition to the tent itself. Depending on whether you order additional furniture, a specific floor or perhaps an additional stage, the price of your event tent will change.

There are hardly any limits with regards to equipment options for an event tent: Even heating or air conditioning can be found in event tents to ensure year-round usability.

Delivery, assembly and maintenance

The different manufacturers of event tents often have very different terms of delivery, maintenance and installation. Among other things, the price for delivery and installation depends on the complexity of individual cases. Of course, if you pick up an event tent of a manageable size from local retailers and set it up yourself, you will save costs

However, this is rarely possible with complex, professional and large event tents. Rather, it requires appropriate transport logistics, while assembly is often carried out by the supplier.

The maintenance costs for an event tent depend on the respective manufacturer and the type and frequency of use. If you call the tent your own, these costs are yours. However, this does not always have to be the case ...

Renting an event tent instead of buying it

Depending on what works better for you, an event tent can be bought or rented. The latter is often much cheaper than buying an event tent, and is especially worthwhile if you are not going to use the tent regularly. In this way, you get a high-quality, stylish, yet inexpensive location for your next event.

Some suppliers offer event tents both for purchase and rent – such as STROHBOID, which produces sustainable event tents with a strikingly inconspicuous design. In different sizes and designs, the weatherproof event tents cater to the most diverse events and are available for purchase as well as for rent.

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