Purchasing glamping accommodation: A comparison of returns

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Glamping Unterkunft kaufen: Die Rendite im Vergleich

Whether you are already familiar with renting glamping, camping and other holiday accommodation or are new to luxury camping, the purchase of glamping accommodation is a decision that should be preceded by thorough research. Only then, guests can be offered a glamping experience with comfort instead of uncomfortable sleeping mats. 

Without a doubt, one of the most important factors to be considered in the purchasing decision is the expected return on glamping equipment. This goes hand in hand with the question of how long it will take for the investment to pay off. We'd like to discuss this in more detail in this article, and take a closer look at different types of accommodation available.

Factors affecting the rate of return

There are a number of factors affecting the rate of return when buying glamping accommodation. They include:

  • Type of accommodation
  • size of accommodation
  • type of construction
  • furnishings
  • target audience

Overall, the type of accommodation has the biggest impact. Therefore, a comparative look at different glamping accommodations is worthwhile. After all, there are different types of glamping experiences and options that differ more or less.

Glamping Zelt kaufen - Faktoren, die die Rendite beeinflussen

Different glamping accommodation types in comparison

The type of glamping accommodation affects many aspects that play a role in terms of rate of return: What is the purchase cost of the accommodation? When will it have paid itself off? What care and maintenance does the equipment require? At what intervals should the property itself be renovated? What is the accommodation's expected lifespan? What materials is the accommodation made of, what is their quality? How many people does it accommodate? Which target group do I want address?

Glamping accommodation can be very individual. Nevertheless, when looking at different accommodation types, certain main categories emerge that can be compared with each other.

Teepee tents, safari tents, wigwams and the like.

Teepee, wigwam, yurt, safari tent, etc. – every type of glamping tent comes with a decisive advantage: They are quickly set up and comparatively inexpensive to purchase. The specific price heavily depends on size and equipment, so it is difficult to make a general statement. The choice is extensive and ranges from small teepees for solo travellers or minimalist couples to a spacious safari tents for families or groups, which are most comparable to a holiday home. A safari tent, for example, will come with an estimated price tag of roughly €15,000 to €20,000.

Generally speaking, it is estimated that any type of tent accommodation will have paid itself off after approximately two seasons. If the accommodation is a heatable model, the season may be extended, allowing you to practice glamping in winter, however, it has to be said that this is location dependent.

In order for you to be able to extent the tent accommodation's approximate lifespan of ten years, good care and maintenance are necessary. Utilising tents as glamping accommodation allows for flexibility but also requires regular restoration.

If the tents are small and do not offer space for separate spaces, for instance a living area and a dining area, they should ideally be located in a camping facility or a holiday park, both of which provide the necessary sanitary and other facilities. Additional services such as bicycle rental, sports facilities or a whirlpool serve to address an expanded target audience.

Mobile Homes

A mobile home is comparable to a tiny house, with the difference that it can be easily moved if needed – very similar to a circus caravan. In case of moving it is obviously necessary to ensure that the connection to the required infrastructure, such as electricity and water, can be reestablished at the new site.

Again, prices depend on size and features. Mobile homes start from around €50,000, however, some models can have a starting price of €150,000 or more.

Mobile homes have an expected lifespan of 15 to 20 years; they are robust and usually require less intensive maintenance and care than a tent. Mobile homes can be heated, and are thus utilisable throughout the year.

Mobilheim oder Mobile Home, Tiny Home

Domes, pods, chalets and more

Extravagant glamping pods glamping domes and glamping chalets – these are types of glamping accommodation that often come with a rather compact layout as well as solid walls. Due to sizing, it makes sense to place these types of accommodation in special locations, for instance surrounded by nature.

Glamping pods can differ greatly, both in looks and construction, and range from wooden houses in the shape of a wine barrel to tree houses to futuristic-looking geodesic domes. The prices for such special glamping experiences vary accordingly. You will be able to find what you are looking for at prices starting from around €5,000.

If maintained properly, glamping pods can achieve a long service life. Models made of wood, for instance, require regular care of the material.

Unlike tents or mobile homes, glamping pods and the like are usually permanently placed in their location – practically equalling a mini house. Depending on the specific model, a foundation may be required.

Domes, Pods, Chalets und mehr - Extravagantes Glamping

Glamping tents made of wood & tiny houses

Let's get to the last big group of glamping accommodations: Wooden glamping tents and tiny housed. Starting from around €20,000, they are not the cheapest option in the initial purchase. However, they score points thanks to their durability, which surpasses all the others and thus makes these types quite profitable.

Both the appearance and the space available attract a wide variety of target audiences. In addition, many models can be used all year round, being heatable as they are. Tiny houses can be two-storey, which increases the amount of space available despite the small footprint.

Providers such as STROHBOID use locally grown wood for the sustainable production of high-quality glamping tents that are weather-resistant and – depending on the model – winter-proof. They offer a service life of up to 100 years, with a 25-year warranty on the construction and a 10-year warranty on the membrane, all of which factor into a favourable ratio of investment and return.

Glamping Zelte aus Holz & Tiny House

Conclusion: Investing a higher sum pays off

Glamping is a field within the tourism industry that has experienced uninterrupted growth rates in recent years – globally. These days, you can find glamping almost all over the world – be it in Bavaria, Thailand or Africa, and everyone can find their dream destination. Glamping is attractive even for novices, as it can be taken up with relatively little financial commitment.

In the longer term, it is definitely worth making a bigger investment when starting out, as this will get you glamping accommodation with a longer lifespan and greater appeal in terms of comfort, equipment and design. Sustainability is another topic of increasing relevance for potential guests.

If the factors mentioned here can be combined to offer a stable range of glamping options, both guest loyalty and a reliable rate of return can be guaranteed. STROHBOID offers great glamping tents to buy, as well as gezebos for your accommodation needs.

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