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CampV | Nature camp

Service: Boutique Camp

Location: Naturita, Colorado, USA

STROHBOID Product: Pavilion Comfort 3-Connect

Industry: Tourism and leisure industry

Construction: Fall 2023

Link: https://www.campv.com/

CampV is a boutique camp in Naturita, Colorado that blends art, history, architecture, design, outdoor recreation and unique spaces to bring rural communities together, create inspiration and foster connections. The former mining camp was built in the 1940s and was recently remodeled and renovated to accommodate travelers, nomads and dreamers. The property also offers space to admire the artwork and history of the place. Perfect for anyone who appreciates a cozy place off the beaten track.


What is the STROHBOID product used for?

CampV founder Natalie Binder: We use the 3-Connect Pavilion for meetings, as a retreat, for events such as weddings and also for workshops. As we have these 240 m2 of covered space in the middle of nature, we and our guests have many options.

What are the general challenges you face in your industry?

CampV founder Natalie Binder: We are always striving to keep up with current trends, which can be a challenge when you are in the middle of business life. We hope to constantly evolve and stay rooted in our ethos.

What made you decide to buy the product and what problems does it solve?

CampV Founder Natalie Binder: We became involved with STROHBOID in late 2022 after receiving gap funding from Colorado Creative Industries. This project helps create arts programs and opportunities for our rural community. This allowed us to make the project a reality.

What new opportunities has the STROHBOID product opened up for your company?

CampV founder Natalie Binder: The opportunity to host unique gatherings.

What sparked your interest in STROHBOID?

CampV founder Natalie Binder: We were looking for something architecturally beautiful that would fit in with our surroundings. We have definitely found that now with the 3-Connect Pavilion.

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