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Hotel Rübezahl

Service: Hotel

Location: Schwangau, Germany

STROHBOID Product: Lounge Comfort

Industry: Tourism and Leisure

Installation: Spring 2022

Link: hotelruebezahl.de

STROHBOID: What are the challenges you generally face in your industry?

Alexander Thurn: The tourism and hotel industry faces numerous challenges, particularly due to constantly changing situations like wars and the impact of events like the COVID-19 pandemic. Guest expectations have also evolved, with a greater emphasis on sustainability, safety, and higher-quality vacation offerings. Furthermore, finding qualified staff to meet these expectations and remain innovative is difficult. This is why we chose to add a lounge in our garden and construct a multifunctional pavilion, aiming to provide guests with new experiences and generate additional revenue. Staying innovative and up-to-date is crucial in the tourism industry to remain competitive and meet guest needs.


STROHBOID: Were you actively seeking a solution for a problem, and if so, what exactly was it?

Alexander Thurn: We had the idea that we needed a new pavilion for our outdoor area. My mother stumbled upon an advertisement on Instagram by chance, which caught our interest due to the pavilion's design. After looking into it more closely, we decided within a week to order the pavilion, as the timing was perfect—toward the end of April, just before the start of the summer season in May. As we didn't want to disturb our guests during the ongoing season, we decided not to carry out any outdoor construction during that time. Therefore, it was crucial to have the pavilion set up before the summer season began. If that wasn't possible, we would have postponed the installation to the fall.


STROHBOID: What led you to choose to purchase the product?

Alexander Thurn: It was great to hear that the pavilion's design matched our expectations and that it was available in the right size. The quick delivery time of just 1 ½ weeks was another positive factor that aided our decision. In addition to all these benefits, the sustainability of the pavilion was a positive side effect. As a hotel that actively promotes sustainability, we're always pleased to find products that align with our environmentally friendly values.

However, it's important to mention that we would have purchased the pavilion even without these additional advantages. The design, size, and fast delivery time were the main factors guiding our decision. Nonetheless, we're glad that the pavilion also meets our sustainability standards, as we continue to strive for environmentally conscious choices and offer our guests a sustainable experience.


STROHBOID: What features are most important to you personally regarding STROHBOID?

Alexander Thurn: The pavilion's multifunctionality was another advantage that influenced our decision. The fact that it can be easily dismantled and moved to a different location makes it highly flexible and adaptable. We plan to optimize the first location since our garden area isn't fully designed yet. Thus, the ability to relocate the lounge later was a positive point, allowing us to place it elsewhere if desired. We greatly value this flexibility and look forward to using and enjoying the pavilion at various spots in our hotel in the future.


STROHBOID: How do you use the product? What new opportunities have arisen for your company through the pavilion/lounge?

Alexander Thurn: We now offer various options:

A romantic package for special marriage proposals, after-wedding photoshoots, or picnics with roses. It can also be booked for a romantic dinner for two or with the family.

A wellness package for coaching, Ayurvedic consultations and treatments, as well as couples' massages. The couple is treated side by side with a view of the mountains. The space can also be booked for meditation or private yoga sessions.

We've designed the furniture in the pavilion in a way that not everything needs to be dismantled for changes or adjustments. This should reduce the effort and time needed for modifications.

However, it must be said that the pavilion's multifunctionality sometimes requires planning and preparation, especially for private events like private dinners. In these cases, certain furniture or elements might need to be rearranged or adjusted to accommodate the space accordingly.

Nevertheless, we're convinced that the pavilion's flexibility and versatility are worth the occasional adjustments, as it allows us to create a space that can be used for various occasions and purposes. We're confident our guests will appreciate the versatility of the pavilion.


STROHBOID: How would you describe the product to a friend in 2 sentences?

Alexander Thurn: The modern lounge or pavilion provides us the opportunity to offer different activities and provide added value to our guests. This enables us to stand out from other hotels and create a special experience for our guests.

It's challenging to determine if the lounge will yield a direct financial return, as its benefits are more indirect and not easily measurable. However, we're confident that the value we offer our guests is crucial and will have a positive, long-term impact on our image and reputation. While it's relatively straightforward to measure the profit from hotel rooms, quantifying the benefit of a modern lounge or pavilion is complex. Our goal is to create a marketing asset and provide an additional experience for our guests that will be memorable and contribute to them recommending our hotel.

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