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Weingut Klös

Service: Winery

Location: Gimbsheim, Germany

STROHBOID Product: Pavilion Comfort

Industry: Gastronomy

Construction: Spring 2020

Link: weingut-kloes.de/

STROHBOID: What sparked your interest in STROHBOID?

Managing Director Matthias Klös: We became aware of STROHBOID through an email. We found the design and concept intriguing. That's why we also visited a STROHBOID tent in Maria Bild and immediately decided to set up a pavilion at our winery.


STROHBOID: What new opportunities have arisen for your company through the pavilion/lounge?

Managing Director Matthias Klös: The pavilion has provided our company with new opportunities to showcase the winery as a unique feature and differentiate ourselves from the competition. The ability to plan and hold weather-independent events allows us to welcome guests and customers throughout the year, thus extending our business year. The pavilion can be used for wine tastings or seminars.


STROHBOID: What do you see as the greatest strength/biggest advantage of STROHBOID?

Managing Director Matthias Klös: I see several significant strengths and advantages of STROHBOID. Firstly, the design of our pavilion is an absolute eyecatcher—a highlight for our visitors. Another major advantage of STROHBOID is the pleasant indoor climate created by the use of natural materials. This creates a healthy and comfortable atmosphere. Another strength of STROHBOID lies in the construction of sustainable and environmentally friendly products.


STROHBOID: How would you describe STROHBOID to acquaintances in two sentences?

Managing Director Matthias Klös: I would describe STROHBOID as an innovative and sustainable project that combines appealing design to become an absolute focal point.

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