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Dörrwalder Mühle

Service: Event Location

Location: Großräschen, Germany

STROHBOID Product: Pavilion 3 Connect Comfort

Industry: Event

Establishment: Spring 2021

Link: doerrwalder-muehle.de/

STROHBOID: What sparked your interest in STROHBOID?

Managing Director Anja Zschieschang: We are very impressed by the organic shape of the Pavilion 3 Connect, as it blends perfectly with our historic mill ensemble and enriches the experience for our guests. The pavilion offers us the opportunity to provide weather-independent outdoor activities while still enjoying the natural surroundings.

We find the unique design particularly impressive, giving the pavilion a distinct aesthetic that truly stands out. This organic shape harmonizes with the landscape, creating an inviting and inspiring atmosphere for our guests.

We are convinced that the Pavilion 3 Connect is a highlight for our guests and contributes to them cherishing our mill in their memories.


STROHBOID: What new possibilities have emerged for your company through the pavilion?

Managing Director Anja Zschieschang: The Pavilion 3 Connect has allowed us to expand our event capacities and become weather-independent. Especially as an outdoor registry office, we could compensate for pandemic-related distancing and hygiene restrictions by offering our guests a safe and comfortable environment.

Thanks to the pavilion / gazebo, we can now easily conduct weddings and other outdoor events even in bad weather, without our guests getting wet or uncomfortable. We are very grateful for this additional capacity and look forward to providing our guests with unforgettable experiences in our pavilion in the future.


STROHBOID: What do you see as the greatest strength/biggest advantage of STROHBOID?

Managing Director Anja Zschieschang: The design and sustainable construction of the Pavilion Connect 3 are truly unique. It's definitely an eye-catcher for our guests.

The delicate and airy construction creates a pleasant indoor climate, which our guests greatly appreciate. At the same time, the pavilion's sturdy and smooth structure makes it robust and resilient against the elements.

We are also very impressed by the product's sustainability. The use of renewable materials like wood, as well as the option to reuse or recycle the pavilion, makes it an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional building materials.

Overall, we can wholeheartedly recommend the Pavilion 3 Connect from STROHBOID and are proud to showcase it as part of our event offerings.


STROHBOID: How would you describe STROHBOID to acquaintances in two sentences?

Managing Director Anja Zschieschang: We value the innovative approach to sustainable architecture. The company exudes positive energy, and their creative ideas have truly inspired us.

It's fantastic to see how a young company like STROHBOID can succeed in the market with such an impressive product. We are confident they will achieve many more successes in the future and look forward to seeing what they will design next.

Overall, STROHBOID is a likable, innovative, creative, and dynamic young company that deserves support. We are proud to be part of their success story and to present their pavilion at our events.

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