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Hotelcamp Reinsehlen

Service: Hotel

Location: Schneverdingen, Lüneburg Heath, Germany

Hotel Director: Helko Riedinger

STROHBOID Product: Pavilion comfort 70m² & 3 lounges comfort each 20 m²

Industry: Tourism and Leisure

Establishment: Spring 2021 & Late 2021

Link: campreinsehlen.de/en/

Hotelcamp Reinsehlen is situated in an absolute paradise for nature enthusiasts. Located near the oldest nature park in Germany, the Lüneburg Heath, offering a fantastic peaceful location and the expansive beauty of nature, this unique hotel stands out with its STROHBOID outdoor spaces. The pavilion is situated right next to the restaurant, and the 3 lounges are spread throughout the area. All these products have been present at Hotelcamp Reinsehlen since 2021. The nature hotel provides an ideal setting for conferences and seminars as well as a place to unwind and enjoy a vacation. We spoke with Hotel Director Helko Riedinger, who shared fascinating insights about the collaboration from his perspective.     


STROHBOID: How is the STROHBOID product being utilized?

Helko Riedinger: The lounges are used at two locations: right across from the conference hall and in the lobby garden. The goal is to offer participants in seminars at the hall and vacationers in the garden a unique, out-of-the-ordinary space for relaxation.

During conferences, it's important for seminar participants to have fresh air breaks, and the lounges also provide space for small group work or discussions.

The garden lounge is primarily intended for vacationers as a retreat. It's meant to create a casual and special atmosphere where both children and adults feel comfortable. This change of scenery offers leisure activities such as playing cards or watching the sunset.

The pavilion is located right next to the restaurant on a meadow, creating a beautiful space for events.


STROHBOID: What are the challenges in your industry in general?

Helko Riedinger: The STROHBOID outdoor spaces provide a solution for the hotel to enhance the outdoor area and offer guests a special place in the open to relax and enjoy nature. It's a way to adapt to guests' needs and the times, creating new incentives. Despite the absence of the sea and beach, the lounge can create a unique experience, providing vacationers and conference guests with a lovely outdoor space. It can also help manage staffing needs by creating new spaces for events and activities.


STROHBOID: What led you to choose to purchase this product, and what problems does it solve?

Helko Riedinger: The architecture was the deciding factor: the unique shape, construction, and curved design.

The lounges are used in the conference area to provide space for group work and to change the thought flow without needing additional rooms to rent. Changing the location stimulates creative impulses, and when combined with nature and fresh impressions, it yields better results for the participants. The lounges and pavilions are a unique feature that perfectly fits the natural environment with their nature-inspired feel.


STROHBOID: What new opportunities has the STROHBOID product opened up for your company?

Helko Riedinger: The STROHBOID product has opened up several new opportunities for our company. Firstly, it provides even more space for tranquility and retreat, aligning perfectly with our architectural nature concept. Moreover, we can offer our guests an extraordinary space that remains memorable and creates special moments. Additionally, its cozy and laid-back atmosphere fosters a pleasant working environment in the lounges adjacent to the seminar rooms. These advantages contribute to an enhanced overall experience and help us craft a unique and unforgettable journey.


STROHBOID: What qualities are most important to you personally and for your company regarding STROHBOID?

Helko Riedinger: For us, sustainability, functionality, and uniqueness are paramount when it comes to STROHBOID. The outdoor spaces allow us to offer our guests even more room for peace and retreat, which aligns perfectly with our nature concept. Both the lounge and the pavilion create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that lingers in memory. We also appreciate the versatility of the product, enabling its use for various events and purposes without the need to rent additional spaces. All these qualities make STROHBOID a valuable and essential part of our offering.


STROHBOID: What sparked your interest in STROHBOID?

Helko Riedinger: The architectural design and unique form of STROHBOID caught our interest. The use of natural materials like wood contributes to creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, the product's flexibility convinced us, as it can be used as a resting area or event location.


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