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Hotel Adula

Service: Hotel

Location: Flims, Switzerland

STROHBOID Product: Lounge Comfort

Industry: Tourism and Leisure

Installation: Spring 2022

Link: adula.ch/


» We are enthusiastic about the STROHBOID Lounge and believe that it fits perfectly with our portfolio. «

Paul Urchs

Paul Urchs

Hotel Adula

STROHBOID: What are the challenges you generally face in your industry?

Hotel Director Paul Urchs: As hosts, we are always responsible for continuously evolving and adapting to the ever-changing needs of our guests. Our guests seek experiences that exceed their expectations and provide them with a sense of comfort and well-being. Therefore, it's important for us to strive to understand their needs and offer them an unforgettable stay.

In this regard, we decided to make the STROHBOID Lounge a unique experience that will stay with our guests for a long time. We want to provide them an environment that appeals to their senses and takes them on a journey of discovery. Here, they can relax, feel cared for, and be inspired by new and exciting experiences.

We are convinced that the STROHBOID Lounge is a perfect place to bring all these things together. With the right design and furnishings, we can create a unique atmosphere that enchants our guests and gives them a feeling of security.


STROHBOID: Were you actively looking for a solution to a problem, and if so, what exactly?

Hotel Director Paul Urchs: The predecessor product to the STROHBOID Lounge was the transparent dome. It was unique and provided our guests with a way to stay outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, we were aware that it could only be used during the winter months and couldn't be utilized in the summer due to the heat.

That's why we embarked on a search for a solution that would allow us to further enhance the concept of the extended hotel room. We wanted to create something that could be used year-round and offer our guests an even more attractive experience.

After careful consideration and research, we chose the STROHBOID Lounge. It provides us with the opportunity to take the concept of the extended hotel room to a new level. The lounge is open and airy, allowing our guests to enjoy nature even during summer temperatures.


STROHBOID: What led you to decide to purchase the product?

Hotel Director Paul Urchs: We are thrilled with the STROHBOID Lounge and believe it fits perfectly into our portfolio. The design and quality of the product are impressive and convey a sense of luxury and style to our guests. The lounge is unique and offers an experience that can't be found anywhere else.


STROHBOID: What features are most important to you personally with STROHBOID?

Hotel Director Paul Urchs: Durability and longevity are of utmost importance to us, especially when it comes to providing our guests with an exceptional experience. The STROHBOID Lounge perfectly meets these requirements. The product is robust, durable, and can withstand the daily demands that come with regular guest use.

Furthermore, the STROHBOID Lounge is spectacular and exceptional, offering our guests an unforgettable experience. The lounge is uniquely designed and provides an inviting atmosphere that encourages our guests to relax and enjoy.

Maintenance of the STROHBOID Lounge is also easy and straightforward. We opted for high-quality materials and components to ensure the product holds up well even with frequent use. Additionally, we've developed a maintenance program to ensure the lounge remains in pristine condition and available to our guests at all times.

Overall, we are convinced that the STROHBOID Lounge fulfills all the needs of our guests and provides them a unique and unforgettable experience they will remember for a long time.


STROHBOID: How do you use the product? What new opportunities have arisen for your company through the pavilion/lounge?

Hotel Director Paul Urchs: The STROHBOID Lounge, as an extension of our "1001 Steilas Suite," offers our guests a unique opportunity to elevate the hotel room experience to a new level. The idea of sleeping outdoors and stargazing adds a romantic and luxurious touch to their stay.

This special overnight experience will also contribute to increasing our social media engagement and generating organic reach. Guests will undoubtedly make an effort to share their experiences with others, which will help make our hotel more well-known on social media.


STROHBOID: How would you describe the product to a friend in 2 sentences?

Hotel Director Paul Urchs: The STROHBOID Lounge is a truly special product, perfect for creating surprises for your partner.

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