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Landesgartenschau Höxter

Service: Events 

Location: Höxter, Germany

STROHBOID Product: 2 pavilion & lounge

Industry: Tourism and Leisure

Setup: Spring 2023

Link: landesgartenschau-hoexter.de/

STROHBOID: What is the STROHBOID product used for?

Madita Alberding: On the grounds of the Landesgartenschau in Höxter, two pavilions have been erected in the Archaeological Park. One of them serves as a visitor center where guests of the Landesgartenschau can learn about the region's attractions in detail. The other pavilion can be booked for corporate events or conferences and serves as a venue for small readings and concerts. The smaller lounges are primarily used as exhibition and sales spaces. One lounge, in particular, serves as a retreat for parents and children for diaper changing and nursing, holding a special function within the garden show area.


STROHBOID: What are the challenges in your industry?

Madita Alberding: The art lies in surprising, exciting, and providing unforgettable moments and experiences to the Landesgartenschau guests. At the same time, the newly created urban and green spaces need to be preserved in the long term, ensuring good living quality.


STROHBOID: What led you to choose this product and what problems does it solve?

Madita Alberding: The pavilions at the Landesgartenschau needed to have high recognition value, be sustainably produced, and practical. The guests of the Landesgartenschau should experience innovative and sustainable construction methods firsthand. We aim to showcase ways and solutions for more climate neutrality and not just talk about it. Alongside various other construction projects, the straw bales (Strohboide) make a valuable and illustrative contribution on the garden show grounds, demonstrating how CO2-neutral and ecological building with natural and pollutant-free materials works.


STROHBOID: What new opportunities have arisen for your company through the STROHBOID product?

Madita Alberding: The pavilion provides the opportunity to conduct readings, concerts, and interactive activities even in inclement weather. Especially during the prolonged cold spring, the pavilion has become a highly popular event venue within the garden show area.


STROHBOID: What attributes are most important to you and your company regarding STROHBOID?

Madita Alberding: The idea of constructing in an environmentally friendly and climate-conscious manner using natural, renewable materials from the region. Additionally, the minimalist construction fascinates us. It's impressive how an incredibly atmospheric space can be created with so little material.


STROHBOID: What sparked your interest in STROHBOID?

Madita Alberding: The extraordinary form and construction that captivates everyone immediately. Paired with the material-saving and sustainable building approach, the concept immediately enthralled us.

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