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Mathis Wiesenmühle

Service: Events

Location: Kettenheim, Germany

STROHBOID Product: 2 lounges

Industry: Tourism and Leisure

Establishment: Spring 2021

Link: mathis-wiesenmuehle.de/

STROHBOID: What is the STROHBOID product used for?

Owner Thierry Mathis: In the midst of our garden park, we have two lounges that seamlessly blend into the natural environment. Our lounges are more than just spaces – they are versatile oases that adapt to our guests' individual desires. They invite relaxation and offer an idyllic atmosphere for peaceful moments, while also serving as a refreshing outdoor bar where you can enjoy fine drinks with your loved ones.

Simultaneously, our lounges transform into creative idea spaces, where the possibilities of the photo booth are created, effortlessly converting into a playful children's tent that provides adventures for our youngest guests. For artists, these spaces serve as inspiring backstage environments where they can prepare and unfold, while for business meetings and group work, they provide the ideal backdrop for productive sessions.


STROHBOID: What are the challenges you generally face in your industry?

Owner Thierry Mathis: In our industry, we encounter diverse challenges. Authenticity is our guiding principle as we continuously strive to create new experiences that gift our customers unforgettable moments. It's central to us to take our responsibility towards the environment seriously and integrate sustainability into all our actions. Simultaneously, we keep our finger on the pulse of the times to ensure we fulfill and exceed the changing needs and expectations of our customers.


STROHBOID: What led you to choose the STROHBOID product, and what problems does it solve?

Owner Thierry Mathis: Already at the BOE Fair 2018 (Best of Events), we were captivated by the showcased pavilion. This initial fascination stayed in our memory and was revisited at the end of 2020, when we were seeking suitable ways to enhance our outdoor area in the garden park.

The product offered precisely the qualities we were looking for. As a result, today we are proud owners of two lounges that provide us with a weather-resistant alternative to continuously utilize our natural garden park.

This acquisition solved a crucial challenge for us: the ability to use our outdoor area regardless of weather conditions. The lounges have allowed us to provide our guests with a comfortable environment protected from the elements, without losing the charm and connection to nature. This has expanded our versatility and enabled us to create unique experiences and moments that profoundly impress our visitors.


STROHBOID: What new opportunities has the STROHBOID product opened up for your company?

Owner Thierry Mathis: The STROHBOID product has opened up a multitude of new perspectives for our company. It allows us to host events in a unique outdoor atmosphere amid nature. This option to design our events in harmony with the natural environment gives them a special touch and facilitates unforgettable experiences for our customers.

By integrating the STROHBOID lounges, we have also gained the opportunity to unfold our creativity and realize new visions. The expanded space and versatile usability of the lounges have enabled us to develop innovative concepts for events. Whether it's organizing inspiring workshops, cultural performances, or outdoor meetings – the flexibility of the lounges has allowed us to diversify our offerings and provide our customers with an even broader range of experiences.


STROHBOID: What qualities are most important for you personally and your company when it comes to STROHBOID?

Owner Thierry Mathis: For our entire company, several crucial qualities of STROHBOID are of paramount importance:

Innovation: STROHBOID's ability to continuously offer innovative products that are both functional and aesthetically appealing is perfect for us.

Uniqueness: The uniqueness of the lounge sets us apart from the crowd. The aesthetics of the lounges seamlessly integrate with our vision of creating unforgettable events in a unique environment. This helps our company stay memorable.

Sustainability: STROHBOID's commitment to sustainability aligns with our own values. The ability to conduct our events in an environmentally friendly setting is a significant aspect that appeals to both our company and our customers.

Excellent Customer Service: STROHBOID's customer service, based on quality, reliability, and responsiveness, forms a solid foundation for successful collaboration.


STROHBOID: What sparked your interest in STROHBOID?

Owner Thierry Mathis: First, the appealing design: Right from the start, the unique design of STROHBOID products caught my attention. The technical implementation and the ability to develop innovative solutions that simultaneously meet high standards of quality and durability impressed me. Also, the founder himself, whom I personally met in 2018, left a lasting impression on me. The passion and dedication he showed for his product were palpable.

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