Winter-proof gazebo – this is what makes it stand out

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Winterfester Pavillon – das macht ihn aus

Only a winter-proof gazebo allows you to use an outdoor extension all year round. Depending on the location, the cold season brings with it very specific challenges. If a gazebo does not do this justice, this effects its versatility. If you want to use outdoor areas with a year-round gazebo, you should pay attention to several things when purchasing a gazebo.

In this article, we will tell you what these things are.

Heated gazebo for cosy outdoor moments

A heated gazebo pays off for all those who want to use their outdoor areas even in the freezing cold. Especially in the commercial sector, restaurateurs, hoteliers or event planners must be able to rely on the fact that the available space will not be impacted by the next cold front.

As a rule, gazebos are not massive buildings with side walls made of solid masonry. This affects the temperatures inside the gazebo – if it is not heated, it can quickly become uncomfortable.

Where in summer you will want to consider sun and UV protection or a mosquito net for the canopy, the winter months will call for a terrace canopy, party tent or event pavilion that is heatable. Efficient heating systems based on infrared radiation, for example, paired with wind-impermeable side walls, ensure reliable room expansion outdoors.

Wind stability of winter-proof garden gazebos

In winter, many places see different kinds of winds – depending on the location, they can be a real test for any garden gazebo. The safety of employees and guests is paramount!

If you want to prevent roof tarpaulins or side panels of pergolas or garden tents from becoming an unpredictable danger in strong winds, great importance must be placed on the gazebo's stability. On the one hand, this applies to the frame, but also to the anchoring and the membrane.

In the end, a gazebo's wind resistance depends on the wind peaks that are to be expected at a particular location. Therefore, when buying, make sure to choose a product that meets your specific requirements and is made of high-quality materials, which also benefits the UV protection, waterproofing and durability of your gazebo.

Snow load of winter-proof year-round gazebos

A winter-proof gazebo should be able to withstand a certain load of snow, so that it can really be used safely all year round. Again, it depends on where exactly you want to erect your outdoor extension. Does your region rarely see heavy snowfall, for example if you are in Verona, Siena or Milan? Or do you regularly see people freeing their carports, gazebos and pavilions from loads of snow of biblical proportions?

Be it a wooden gazebo, a hardtop gazebo with a fixed roof or an aluminium gazebo with a frame, powder-coated in anthracite, taupe or wood look: Manufacturers usually specify the snow load their products are designed for. Take this information into account when buying!

Folding gazebos, hardtop variants and the like – which gazebos are winter-proof

The variants of gazebos that can be used in winter, are countless. The best choice depends on several factors – including how you plan to use the pavilion. Should it only serve as a quick pop-up tent or an awning stand under during a smoking break, or should it serve as an atmospheric marquee?

Another thing to keep in mind is the maintenance effort, which, not least, depends on the materials used. Whether gazebo roofs made of polycarbonate or pavilion made of aluminium: The type of construction and the materials used determine the levels of maintenance needed to keep the object in shape in winter.

Last but not least, some pavilion designs allow you to assemble and disassemble certain components as required depending on weather conditions.

Conclusion: Requirements for a winter-proof gazebo

In summary, the following points should be factored in when considering the purchase of a winter-proof gazebo:

  • How wind-resistant is the gazebo?
  • Is the gazebo waterproof?
  • What snow load does the gazebo withstand?
  • Is the gazebo heatable?
  • What materials are used?

Winter-proof and heatable gazebo by STROHBOID

A very special example of a winter-proof gazebo is the one designed by STROHBOID. Made from renewable raw materials, the wind- and weather-resistant gazebo stands out thanks to its natural appearance. The special grid shell technology provides enormous stability. Depending on features and equipment, it not only withstands storms with wind peaks of up to 170 km/h, but can also withstand snow loads of up to 200 kg/m2.

The Comfort version is a deluxe outdoor extension – it is heatable, which ensures pleasant moments for your guests, and, in consequence, a stable revenue. In any case, its striking yet restrained design makes the STROHBOID gazebo a year-round eye-catcher in your outdoor area.

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