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Glamping is a real trend when it comes to outdoor holidays. Glamping equals luxury camping, as it offers certain advantages over classic camping. There are various types of glamping accommodation, ranging from mobile and lightweight teepees to fixed-location safari tents, camping pods or mobile homes.

Pop-up tents, tunnel tents or inflatable tents, such as those found on, often come with disadvantages: They are difficult to set up, the floor is not waterproof, or the space is insufficient. That being said, there is no need to miss out on the luxurious experience of glamping. What is Glamping? It combines extraordinary living conditions and the feeling of adventure with idyllic nature.

Camping in a teepee or wigwam

As a manufacturer of glamping tents, Nordisk shows how it is done: Nordisk teepees offer plenty of space, the tent poles are easy to set up and dismantle, and the teepees themselves are UV-resistant while also protecting against annoying insects. 

Most high-quality teepees have water columns starting from 3,000 mm and are therefore particularly waterproof. They are made up of an outer tent and an inner tent. The inner tent's overlapping surfaces prevent unpleasant drafts. 

Apart from Nordisk, other tent manufacturers like Tentipi and Grand Canyon offer luxury tents for every taste. Teepees are also great family tents: After all, which child does not dream of a night spent in a teepee?

Due to the ventilation being located at a teepee's tip, fires can be lit in some of them - size permitting. Teepees are available for four to fourteen people, which allows you to enjoy your time outdoors with your family. Looking for a suitable tent for trekking? Due to their low weight, they are also suitable as trekking tents. Wigwams or dome tents

are other possible alternatives.

Safari tent accommodation

The main advantage of safari tents is that they do not have to be set up while offering high comfort without diminishing the experience of being nature. You can comfortably sit under the awning until late at night. Outstanding offers a glamping experience that combines tent atmosphere with high-quality comfort. 

Safari tents manufactured by Outstanding are thermally insulated all year round, come with practical window closures with zippers and are made of a combination of tarpaulin and wood. Yala is another notable manufacturer specialising in luxury camping.

Glamping holidays in a glamping pod

Glamping pods are insulated and impregnated sleeping cabins that significantly extend the camping season. In addition, they usually have electrical connections and sanitary facilities – a fully equipped outdoor hotel room surrounded by nature.

Glamping tent manufacturer Nawalo offers a wide range of glamping pods and safari tents. Similarly, English manufacturer Lune Valley Pods offers glamping pods in different designs. 

Mobile homes as glamping accommodation

Being on the road with your own home allows you to wake up in a different place every day, all without having to renounce comfort: This is the concept of Mobile Home, compact residential units on wheels that can be moved at any time and thus offer the ambience of a home with the greatest possible freedom.

If you do not want to purchase your own mobile home, Nawalo offers you to try and test the concept. Reminiscent of an old trolley, as they were used by jugglers and traveling peoples, they allow you to enjoy nature in a mobile living unit. Thanks to their structure, the small houses offer durability and are family-friendly. Vital Camp is a comparable provider; here you will find mobile homes in different design and price ranges.

Dream holiday in a luxury tent

Luxury tents combine the feeling of nature with that of of spending the night in your own home or hotel. A notable manufacturer is Yala. Yala offers camping lodges, but also safari tents, and relies mainly on wooden construction.

As a manufacturer of glamping tents, STROHBOID turns camping holidays into special experiences. Fancy camping tents, sustainably manufactured and of high-quality, are one of the flagship products of the Austrian glamping tent manufacturer. In addition, STROHBOID relies on a natural design in the development of glamping tents, which is why the manufacturer's outdoor solutions blend in with their surroundings and allow for unobstructed views of nature.

Manufacturer examples at a glance

Teepee &⁠wigwamSafari tentGlamping podMobile homeLuxury tent

Nordisk; Tendtipi; Grand Canyon

Outstanding; Yala

Nawalo; Lune Valley Pods

Nawalo; Vital Camp


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