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You can enjoy a comfortable holiday and still be very close to nature, just a short walk from the beach, if you go glamping (luxury camping). Glamping promises adventure and relaxation, an experience of nature and a very special time. 

Some of the most beautiful places for a glamping holiday are by the sea and on the beach. In order to make your stay at a glamping accommodation on the beach unforgettable, we have compiled some practical tips in the following article.

Tip 1: Find out about different types of glamping

First of all, you should decide on the specific type of glamping you would like to experience. There are different glamping variations.

For a glamping holiday with a group of friends or the entire family, safari tents are a very suitable glamping accommodation: They are often generously sized and in many cases divided into separate areas such as sleeping area, living area and dining area in order to ensure privacy. 

A covered terrace keeps you sheltered even in case of rain. Depending on the equipment, safari tents score points with comfortable single beds or double beds, as well as their own bathroom and kitchenette.

Families travelling with children are often opting for glamping accommodation in a holiday home in a resort or holiday park. Here, they will find everything that is needed for a joyful glamping holiday – from local leisure activities and gastronomic offerings to interesting excursion destinations nearby where even the youngest ones can discover a lot.

More adventurous families can look for teepees, yurts, wigwams or a glamping tent. The smaller the floor plan of these accommodations, the more likely they are to be in places that are particularly close to nature. This is great for thosewho want to treat themselves to some extra peace and quiet, ideal for solo travellers and couples.

Not least, modern glamping pods promise a special experience. Despite its compact layout, this type of accommodation often comes with excellent facilities that make clever use of the available space; in addition, they are also real design highlights.

There are hardly any limits to your imagination when it comes to glamping. There are many unusual accommodations that add a special touch to your holiday. If looking for a truly special destination, it is worth searching for camping barrels, lodge tents, beach houses, tree houses, wooden huts and tree tents.

When travelling with pets, it is best to check in advance whether they are allowed or not. With the right pitch, glamping in a mobile home is another option. For this type of camping holiday, sanitary facilities and other equipment, such as a kitchen area with microwave, kettle and more, are often available on site. There are more and more glamping sites for this type of travel.

Tip 2: Compare glamping providers

There are many glamping providers. In order to make the right choice, it is worth comparing the different types of accommodation offered, the different destinations – in Germany, Europe or elsewhere. It is also worth considering what you expect from a holiday – peace or action, as well as prices? Is a provider sustainable?

Knowing your preferences will make it easier to choose the right glamping provider and the perfect destination.

Tip 3: Consider the amount of luxury you would like to have

There is a huge difference between glamping and camping accommodations, and the same is true for the levels of comfort offered. In order for everyone to be satisfied and relaxed at the end of the holiday, it is definitely worth considering how much service and equipment you would like to have.

Resorts and larger accommodations often come with a wide range of options such as bike rentals, hot tubs, excursions, activities like yoga classes, and more.

If you want to take it easier, you will also find what you are looking for. Smaller glamping pods and other accommodations in nature offer fun in nature and hiking opportunities, but may not be as richly equipped. This kind of glamping is more rustic and natural.

Tip 4: Set your budget in advance

There is not only a large selection of glamping accommodations and destinations but also a huge range catering to different budgets that are affected by a number of factors.

On the one hand, the accommodation's price is often determined by the destination. For example, if it is a particularly popular and touristy beach, the price of a glamping accommodation may be higher than elsewhere. On the other hand, costs can depend on when you intend to travel: Outside peak season, prices can drop even at popular destinations.

It's all in the mix: Given the right combination of destination and travel time you will have a lot of room to manoeuvre in terms of price, and glamping can be enjoyed on any budget. Tip: Set a fixed budget when planning.

Tip 5: Research the weather and best time to visit the respective country

Some people love to soak up the sun on a glamping holiday, walk on the heated sand of the beach and then plunge into the water for a refreshing dip. How about Italy and the Adriatic Sea or Croatia? Others like it cooler and enjoy the waters of the sea the most when they show their rough side. The Netherlands, for example, and the North Sea in general are great destinations.

In order not to be met with any unpleasant surprises, it is best to research the climatic conditions before choosing the destination and the time of travel. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for rain-free holidays, but you can adjust to all kinds of circumstances.

Tip 6: Check whether the glamping resort provides umbrellas and deck chairs

In many cases, a beach chair and umbrellas make a glamping holiday on the beach perfect and truly relaxing. In addition, a lounger is ideal for a nap, and you can keep all things needed on the beach close by – towels, drinks, snacks and much more.

Tip 7: Pack correctly

What do you need to take with you? That's probably one of the most important questions before you start. Of course, swimwear and sun protection are particularly important when glamping on the beach, as are towels. 

Will it be windy on site? Wind is not unusual, especially by the sea. Even if the thought of bright sunshine makes you forget it: Warmer and, if necessary, weatherproof clothing should be brought along.

Tip 8: Take a hammock with you

We have a special tip for what should not be missing in your luggage: A hammock! Especially if you have never really been in a hammock before, now is the perfect time to give it a try. 

Not only does it ensure a deeply relaxing feeling that invites you to nod off immediately, it also provides you with the perfect beach feeling right next to your outdoor hotel room. If you are equipped with a delicious cocktail and a good book, a hammock can be the icing on the cake on a beach holiday.

Tip 9: Packing outdoor equipment

You have chosen your glamping spot and want to go and explore nature? The more natural a glamping spot, the more attention should be paid to the equipment on site. If necessary, the appropriate outdoor equipment can be taken with you, such as a headlamp, gas cooker or mosquito repellent. In this way, the holiday becomes an adventure that you will always remember fondly.

Tip 10: Bring a good book or puzzle

If you enjoy relaxation more than action and have chosen a place very close to nature for your glamping holiday, you should think of a few things that will make your break perfect. A good book, your favourite magazines, puzzles, games, a table tennis set, the handheld – anything that brings joy. 

Finally you get to enjoy the things that you often don't have time for in your everyday life. If you'd like to purchase a glamping tent or gazebo, STROHBOID is the manufacturer you want to know about.

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