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Waldtherapiezentrum / Centrum Terapii Leśnej Polska

Service: Retreat center

Location: Poland

STROHBOID product: 3 glampings

Sector: Tourism and leisure industry

Construction: Spring 2023

Link: http://www.waldtherapiezentrum.pl/

Forest Therapy Center in Poland is an oasis of calm and healing. Our STROHBOID glampings fit perfectly into the natural environment while offering the highest level of comfort. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the forest, experience sustainable luxury and enjoy an unforgettable break that indulges your senses and refreshes your spirit.

STROHBOID: What is the STROHBOID product used for?

Owner Ronald Wirner: In the form of a 5-day stay in the forest, we offer our customers the opportunity to reconnect with all 5 senses in nature and thereby experience healing for body and soul. The methodology follows Japanese forest medicine, which was developed through years of research by the physician Dr. Qing Li is recognized worldwide.


STROHBOID: What are the general challenges for you in your industry?

Owner Ronald Wirner: The biggest challenge is to create a therapy center in the middle of a natural "primeval forest" to offer customers the opportunity to connect with nature day and night without having to forego the cherished luxury of a warm shower or toilet. It's also about being able to sleep comfortably in a real bed, but still not having to spend the night inside in a tiny house or even in a hotel room on the edge of the forest.


STROHBOID: What led you to decide to purchase the product and what problems does it solve?

Owner Ronald Wirner: We were faced with the challenge of creating overnight accommodations in the forest. This means no structures that are firmly connected to the ground but can still withstand weather conditions such as downdrafts from the mountain and large amounts of snow.

At the same time, the forest suites should offer all hotel-level comfort.

After a long search, we came across ISTROHBOID and were able to modify it together so that it met the challenges.


STROHBOID: What new opportunities have the STROHBOID product opened up for your company?

Owner Ronald Wirner: We are now able to offer our discerning customers an incomparable experience in the forest, with all the desired comfort and yet right in the middle of the forest.


STROHBOID: What characteristics are most important to you personally and your company at STROHBOID?

Owner Ronald Wirner: STROHBOID products are characterized by their quality and longevity. This is of great importance to us as we need to ensure our accommodations can withstand the harsh conditions found in nature and provide years of enjoyment to our guests.


STROHBOID: What sparked your interest in STROHBOID?

Owner Ronald Wirner: What piqued our interest in STROHBOID is the unique combination of design and functionality it offers. STROHBOID's products have an aesthetic appeal that harmonises perfectly with nature while offering ultimate comfort and luxury. This is particularly important for our forest therapy center as we want to offer our guests a unique experience of nature combined with a high level of comfort.

We were also impressed by the sustainability component of STROHBOID. The use of renewable raw materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing are values that we share and that fit well with our vision of an environmentally conscious forest therapy center.

Overall, STROHBOID won us over with its innovative approach and high-quality, sustainable products that perfectly match our vision and requirements.

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